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Who's a Good Bet in Day 2 of the Dota Pit LAN? - Esportsranks
Who’s a Good Bet in Day 2 of the Dota Pit LAN?

Later today at the Dota PIT LAN finals we’ll see OG finally make their LAN debut as they take on Vici Gaming while Fnatic will try their luck against Virtus Pro and to end the day, we could see a potential OG vs Virtus Pro rematch.

With that said, let’s get right down to business and see which teams are worth betting on.

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OG vs Vici Gaming

OG vs Virtus Pro

Image via OG

If there’s one thing that Vici Gaming’s lone LAN appearance at the Starladder Minor has taught us, it’s that talent, on paper, doesn’t translate to success. At least, not right away. Suffering back to back series sweeps is not a good look, especially not when the first came against SG e-sports

Of course, that applies to OG, who arguably field one of the most talented rosters in the world. But, between Vici Gaming and OG, the latter has a more established winning pedigree and chemistry — 4 out of 5 of their players have played together for more than a year — making them the safer bet.

If you’re willing to take the risk, OG to win 2-0 at 13/8 (bet365) isn’t exactly the worst of odds.

Betting: OG to win at 8/15 (bet365); Total Maps Over 2.5 at 10/11 (bet365)

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Virtus Pro vs Fnatic

Similarly, Fnatic’s talent-laden roster hasn’t exactly panned out well so far. Sure, having the PGL Minor Champions, Mineski, playing gatekeepers in Southeast Asia doesn’t help, but, a roster with this much talent, led by Jacky ‘EternaLEnVy’ Mao, should at least remain competitive. But they exactly haven’t.

With that said, betting on Virtus Pro to lose to a squad that just went 0-3 at the ESL One Hamburg Major, which is where they also won their first Major LAN title, isn’t just risky, it’s downright foolish.

Betting: Virtus Pro to win 2-0 at 4/9 (bet365)

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OG vs Virtus Pro (Potential Rematch)

Should #dreamOG win against Vici Gaming in the first series of the day, you can pencil in an OG vs Virtus Pro rematch.

In that particular matchup, the wise man will bet against OG as the four-time Major champs aren’t exactly in good shape. And, even when we consider their history in post-patch tournaments, it’s not like Virtus Pro aren’t just as known to adjust quickly enough to meta changes.

Betting on OG to win is a prayer, but one that might just pay off. Even if you do bet on them to win just 1 game, it will be, by no means, a bad bet.

Of course, if Vici Gaming does win, well, that doesn’t really change anything. No way does Virtus Pro drop to the lower brackets this early on in the tournament. And yes, we’re saying that Fnatic have no chance of taking down Virtus Pro.  

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