Going Pro in CSGO – How to Focus your Skills and Join a Pro Team

Many people don’t realize that to become a CSGO pro takes real talent. If you’ve never done well at FPS shooter games, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to start out in CSGO and become a pro player somewhere down the line. Besides talent, there’s also the question of time and dedication, all of which the game demands. Becoming very good at CSGO will require hundreds of hours of play, or rather, thousands, actually.

The faster the reaction time you start with, the better you will be after months of practice

The problem is that you will actually spend a lot of time playing CSGO before you can decide whether you are talented at the game, or not. This means that CSGO requires a considerable investment of time before you can even decide whether you’re good at it.

You must really enjoy playing the game before you make the attempt to go pro. A passion for the game is really the key to success. While one cannot really measure passion, a fair key to whether you have it or not is how many times you can play the game in a single playing session without tiring of it.

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A national background for the game

This is, sad to say, quite important. The amount of support CSGO has in your country will affect your chances of success. If a country fields more pro teams, or has a very competitive esports environment, there is of course more chance of a player being picked up by a professional team. A country that is passionate about CSGO also has more people to train with. Other things also affect how well your game goes, such as the quality of the internet connection available.

Your finances and mental health

These things can be more important to whether you excel at CSGO than you think. Since CSGO demands intensive play through the week, it is important that you continue to enjoy the game. If you stop enjoying it, it could well affect your chances of success. At the same time, you must not become so immersed in CSGO that you have no external life left.

Balancing CSGO and other things in your life can be quite difficult, and you must attain a mental state where your external life does not distract you in game, as this can disastrously affect your playing form. Remember that only a very small percentage of people actually succeed at reaching the top in professional CSGO, so you must not sacrifice your education or career to practice along the way. Balancing CSGO practice with an education or career can of course be extremely difficult.

Remember that CSGO is an investment from which you get no return until you are well into the pro levels. Similarly, excellence at CSGO does not give you an additional qualification outside esports, as do many other sports and athletic pursuits.

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You hardware doesn’t have the be the most expensive or the most exceptional on the market, but it should also be good enough to serve your purpose. You don’t really require a special chair to play CSGO in, or a very expensive monitor, or an extremely high end computer. This doesn’t mean to say that you must play with substandard equipment, but play with what you can afford, and learn how to use it to the best of your ability. A gamer who wants to get into the pro leagues must learn to be able to adapt, and do the best that he can with what he has.

In CSGO, the really important pieces of hardware are your mouse, your keyboard, and your mouse pad. A good set of headphones can help you to have a reasonable sound stage in CSGO, and detect the approach of enemies, as well as giving you several other advantages, so you will need to get yourself one of these as well.

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Trust reality, not ads

Do not go for the hardware recommended or advertised by the pro team that you like best, as they are paid to make those advertisements, and even if they use the product, it has been provided to them by their sponsor. I’m not saying that the equipment used by a pro team isn’t good, because it undoubtedly is. I’m saying that it is most likely out of your price range, and will not necessarily provide as much of an advantage as dedicated practice on a mid range set of equipment. Don’t look at price alone, of course, but instead, learn to become an informed buyer.

You should know what difference a monitor’s refresh rate can make, or the DPI of a mouse. When you make a purchase, you must be sure to test the product that you’re buying before you buy it. This can be crucially important.

By learning about the hardware that you are going to buy, and by using it yourself in a demo test, you will make sure you get the best hardware that you can afford without spending more than you should.

It goes without saying that advertisements are not to be trusted, even if they have been made by your favourite player. Most advertisements are aimed at immature youngsters, and will usually feature equipment that has an emphasis on black and LED lighting, rather than on performance, which is all that really matters with hardware.

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Setting hours for practice

This is an excellent way to ensure that CSGO doesn’t take away so much from your life that you don’t have time for other things. You can put aside a certain number of hours every day to your CSGO practice. You must practice dedicatedly during those hours, but stop playing as soon as the hours you’ve put aside are done. At this point, you need to interest yourself in other things. All this contributes to your balance, steadiness and mental health, and actually improves the quality of your game.

How to practice for professional CSGO

Remember that one can’t attain the highest levels of pro play in CSGO with just a few days practice. You’ll need to set up a regular practice routine, and then stay dedicated to it. As we’ve already said, you must not give all your time to CSGO, rather focusing a certain amount of time, and making it count for the most.

While you spend time on practice, you must ensure that you are practicing exactly what you need

This includes practicing against opponents of the right calibre, working to correct your own weaknesses, improving response time and muscle memory, as well as working on team play and game tactics. CSGO is a highly tactical game, so you should not waste your time going to useless death matches, or playing PUBS. If you fire up the game, you should do so for a specific reason, or to improve some specific aspect of your gameplay.

Watching a great deal of professional streams can also help a lot

Try not to watch streams that are useless from the point of view of improving gameplay, instead focusing on pro play, and the top professional teams. It goes without saying that you should ignore any community drama, and other useless trash. If you are going pro, focus on your play, period.

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Strong nerves

If you plan to go professional in CSGO, you’re going to need very strong nerves. Not many people will mention this, but CSGO is an extremely fast paced game, and you have to think very clearly and calmly, and as each rapid round proceeds, will have to go through a lot of data that the game keeps throwing at you. You will need a calm and balanced mind to do this.

Getting to know people

Not everyone enjoys networking, but it seems to be what’s needed in just about every industry, and esports are no exception. To enter the pro leagues, you’ll need to be part of a team, and most pro teams out there don’t just pick a player randomly. So, if you want to go professional, you’ll need to make contacts in the esports industry, as well as improving your levels of play sufficiently that you are actually noticed by a professional team.

Your strategy is to play professionally as part of a smaller team, and to play exceptionally enough that you’re noticed, and get an offer from a larger team, and then from an even larger one, and so on. That’s the only path there is to the top. How successful, and how easy or difficult this is, to a great extent depends on what nation you live in. That’s hard to live with, but it’s the truth.

When you’re starting out at professional CSGO, you’ll need to approach sites that belong to various lower-tier teams first. Try as much as you can to develop good contacts with people on the same skill level or higher, and especially with members of professional teams.

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Working with others is important

Sometimes, the first professional team that offers you a contract may be one that is actually on a skill level that is lower than the one you are used to playing at. This doesn’t mean that you don’t accept their offer, because you should.

What’s important is that you attend events as part of a professional team, and if your skill level is very much higher than the rest of your team, some analyst, or team manager out there WILL notice it, and you will get better offers.

It’s all about building your reputation.

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