GESC Dota Minors Cancelled, Unannounced Major Rescheduled

Two GESC Dota Minors, originally scheduled for January and March 2018 respectively, have reportedly been cancelled. Another Major scheduled for March 2018 was also dropped and replaced with another unannounced Major, which will see its schedule moved from February to March 2018.

It was already announced earlier last week that the now-cancelled GESC Dota Minors would be rescheduled at a later date. Many then wondered when, as the Pro Circuit schedule leaves very little wiggle room for additional events. However, this latest announcement clears everything up. Because of the cancellation, the Pro Circuit is now down to just 14 Minors and 10 Majors for the entire season.

GESC Dota Minors In Trouble

With two less Minors and one less Major in the schedule, teams will miss out on as many as 2,100 Qualifying Points for The International 8. Although the points may not even matter much in the grand scheme of things, the cancellation of the GESC Dota Minors does raise quite a few alarms. Case in point, how exactly did GESC land 4 Pro Circuit Minors?

If the reason is for smaller organisations to get a chance to prove themselves, then it makes sense. However, to give 4 Minors to a relatively unproven organisation seems a bit too much. Especially when such events play an important role in Dota 2’s biggest annual event, The International. One or two would’ve been enough.

GESC have yet to clarify what exactly led to this situation. In their announcement, they only claimed that it was due to “factors beyond our control”. Valve themselves have yet to release a proper statement as well. Although they have since removed the cancelled tournaments from the schedule.

Do you think we will see more Pro Circuit tournaments dropped from the schedule? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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