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Germans Dominate FUT Champions Cup 3: Bucharest RECAP - Esportsranks
Germans Dominate FUT Champions Cup 3: Bucharest RECAP

16-year old Dullen “DullenMike” Mike become the youngest ever FUT Champions Cup winner when he defeated Hasan “Haso” Eker in FUT Champions Cup 3: Bucharest in an all-German final. The youngster takes home $50,000 and 1,500 Global Series points, catapulting him up the rankings, where he now sits 5th on the Xbox.

DullenMike of SK Gaming was one of three German players to make it to the console finals, a group that consisted of Haso and Niklas “Nraseck” Raseck. On the way to the final, he defeated Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing and Dani “Ajax Dani” Hagebeuk.

DullenMike is one of a new batch of German players who are outperforming more experienced players from a country that has consistently produced great FIFA players, but who have always struggled in the latter stages of competitions. DullenMike’s win is the first time a German has won a FUT Champions Cup.

The tournament was characterized with a number of top players failing to perform with both Haso and DullenMike having relatively easy paths to the final.

Consistent Performers – FUT Champions Cup 3: Bucharest

Stefano Pinna FUT Champions Cup 3: Bucharest

Stefano Pinna has performed at a high level all season.

Two players we have seen perform at a high level throughout the year are Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt and Stefano Pinna. In Bucharest this weekend Tekkz reached the semi-final of the Xbox bracket whilst Pinna made it all the way to the final of the Playstation bracket before being beat by the eventual winner, DullenMike.

Tekkz has qualified for every event so far and won both the FUT Champions 1 and the PGL Cup. Coincidentally this tournament fell on the same weekend of his first major win in FIFA – last year’s FUT Champions Cup Barcelona. It’s a year that he will look back on fondly and while he didn’t go all the way here, he still took home a respectable $7,500 and 450 Global Series Points.

Stefano Pinna has finished in the top 4 of every competition he has qualified this year and has all but guaranteed his place in the Global Series Playoffs. He left Bucharest $15,000 and 625 Global Series Points better off.

What Happens Next?

FUT Champions Cup 3: Bucharest

The Global Series is hotting up and February is set to be the biggest month so far.

We are finished for January, but next month is a jam-packed month of qualifiers and events.

We have another Gfinity LQE kicking off on the 2nd February and the FIFA eClub World Cup starting on the 8th!

From February 11th the ePremier League Club Playoffs begin. Players will be competing for the chance at representing their Premier League club of choice in the inaugural ePremier League season!

We also have the qualifiers for FUT Champions Cup 5 which will take place in April and of course, FUT Champions Cup February. Hosted by ELEAGUE in Atlanta, USA. It is set to be a stellar tournament and one we can’t wait for!


What did you think of FUT Champions Cup 3: Bucharest? Is this the beginning of German domination? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.