Galaxy Battles Grand Finals Sets Stage For Epic Rematch

The Grand Finalists of the ESL One Genting Tournament, Newbee and Planet Odd, will meet again tomorrow at the Galaxy Battles Grand Finals for what will surely be another epic series.

A Quick Recap

Planet Odd, then still known as Digital Chaos, took home the ESL One Genting 2017 trophy with a 3-2 win over Newbee. But, January was over five months ago, and both teams have had drastically different trajectories since.

After the tournament, the ESL One Genting 2017 runner-ups, Newbee, would finish 3rd and 1st at the Dota 2 Asia Champions 2017 and Dota 2 Professional League Season 3 – Top respectively. In fact, save for a slight stumble at the Kiev Majors 2017 where they finished in 9-16th place, Newbee have placed no lower than 3rd-4th since their matchup with Planet Odd. 

On the other hand, the ESL One Genting 2017 champions were dropped by Digital Chaos a few months ago only to reform as Thunderbirds before Planet Odd eventually signed them. The team hasn’t had much success since their big win back in January.

A Rematch of a Rematch

Newbee struck the first blow earlier today, securing their spot at the Galaxy Battles Grand Finals with a 2-1 win against Planet Odd at the upper bracket finals. Planet Odd would have another chance, however, in the lower bracket finals. There, TNC Pro Team, the team who clawed their way out of the lower brackets, were waiting for them.

TNC Pro Team and their hyper-aggressive playstyle looked like it was too much for Planet Odd to handle after the first game. The ESL One Genting 2017 champs, however, would find their footing and bounce back. In Games 2 and 3, Planet Odd found a way to neutralize TNC Pro Team’s mid lane player, Kuku, to take both games and win the series.

Their win over TNC Pro Team gave Planet Odd their first Grand Finals berth as a team. But, more importantly, it sets them up for a chance to avenge their earlier loss against Newbee. 

Galaxy Battles Grand Finals

Galaxy Battles Grand Finals

Image via Dota 2 Blog

We can’t really say for sure if whoever ends up winning the Galaxy Battles Grand Finals gets a direct TI7 invite. There’s really no telling what Valve may decide to do for The International 2017. However, unlike Newbee, who’s had a consistently successful run in 2017, Planet Odd needs to take home the title, regardless of whether it helps get them an invite or not.

Winning the Galaxy Battles Grand Finals will give Planet Odd some much-needed momentum heading into TI7. This, of course, bodes well for MiSeRy’s impressive record of having attended every Valve event so far.

The Galaxy Battles Grand Finals will start tomorrow. English broadcast courtesy of Moonduck TV