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TNC Pro Team Claw Their Way Out Of The Lower Brackets In Galaxy Battles Day 2 - Esportsranks
TNC Pro Team Claw Their Way Out Of The Lower Brackets In Galaxy Battles Day 2

TNC Pro Team have proven that they just do not know how to quit, clawing their way out of the lower bracket in Galaxy Battles Day 2.

All About The Lower Brackets

Unlike the first day when the tournament practically lasted all day, Galaxy Battles Day 2 was relatively short. Day 2 solely featured lower bracket matchups to see who would come out on top.

In their first matchup of the day, Mousesports and TNC Pro Gaming quickly dispatched their opponents. The latter, in particular, didn’t waste any time against Infamous as they quickly dispatched of the Peruvian team in ~22 minutes, giving up only five kills all throughout. Meanwhile, Mousesports was just as dominant. Albeit, they took roughly five minutes longer with HappyFeet, finishing the game in~36 minutes.

Both would advance to the next round of the lower brackets where the Chinese teams, Vici Gaming and iG.Vitality awaited them.

In the first game of their matchup, TNC Pro Gaming were caught like deer in headlights as iG.Vitality were able to play to their strengths and finish the game in just ~22 minutes with a score of 33-6.

In Games 2 and 3, however, TNC Pro Gaming were able to dictate the pace more and play according to their style. While neither of the following games were as lopsided as the first, the Filipino team, led by their new captain, Theeban “1437” Siva, still came away with the series and would go on to the lower bracket semi-finals.

Mousesports’ matchup with Vici Gaming went pretty much the same way. Like iG.Vitality, Vici Gaming would dominate the first game, tallying a total score of 35 kills over mousesports’ 10. However, in similar TNC Pro Team fashion, Mousesports would bounce back in Games 2 and 3.

A Battle of Former Underdogs

TNC Pro Team shocked the world and put themselves on the proverbial map by taking out OG in TI6. Mousesports too went through their own success story after finishing as runner-ups and making a surprise run at the Boston Majors back in 2016.

It would seem only fitting then that the two former underdog teams would find themselves against each other in Galaxy Battles Day 2. And boy, was it a hard-fought series.

While TNC Pro Gaming may have swept through mousesports, the series score does not tell the whole story as both games went well into the late stage. Games 1 and 2 lasted for roughly 1 hour and 5 minutes, and 53 minutes respectively.

With the loss, mousesports bids adieu to the tournament and will likely be seen again next at the TI qualifiers.

As one of the underdog teams featured on our list, we have great hope that the five Greeks will find their way at Dota 2’s biggest stage this coming August.

Galaxy Battles Day 2 Recap

After having clawed out of their way of the lower brackets, TNC Pro Team have secured themselves a top 3 finish. However, they surely want more.

While we don’t have yet any idea how the TI7 invites will go, taking home the title here at Galaxy Battles will definitely boost their chances of receiving a direct invite.

The first matchup for tomorrow will be between Planet Odds and Newbee. The winner will secure a top 2 finish and a spot at the Grand Finals on Sunday. Meanwhile, TNC Pro Team awaits the losing team at the lower bracket finals.

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