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G2 Esports Win the EULCS Summer Playoff Finals 2017 - Esportsranks
G2 Esports Win the EULCS Summer Playoff Finals 2017

EU LCS Summer Split Final G2 Esports vs. Misfits

G2 Esports were successful in solidifying their reputation as the undisputed best team in Europe with a 3-0 sweep of Misfits. They have won 4 titles in a row now, dominating the European scene for 2 years. G2 Esports have continued to show their dominance, and they will be representing Europe in the World Championships as the number 1 seed. Misfits looked good and they battled hard throughout, but they were outclassed and out skilled in the end of the day.

G2 Esports off to a great start

The first game had a slow start. Misfits were here to play and tried their best to continue their unbelievable run. From challenger team to the Summer Split Finals in one season. Despite Misfit’s best efforts, G2’s superior shot calling and team fighting led to a good mid game lead.

Perkz was showing up as he had been all split. The Leblanc pick proved too much for Misfits to deal with. Furthermore, the pressure from the double teleport was also too much and G2 took the first game after an impressive game from the kings of Europe.

G2 Esports dominance continued

G2 were looking to reaffirm their dominance in Europe in the second game. If they could sweep Misfits they would go into worlds with a decent amount of momentum. G2 were evidently hungry. The first step was to sweep Misfits under the rug and then hope to replicate their international success at MSI.

First blood again went to Misfits who weren’t going to go down without fighting. Despite this, Perkz who gave it away, was one of the main carries of game 2. A great taunt by Alphari meant that the game was stalled around a failed baron attempt by G2. However, G2 ended the game from the first baron of the series and they went G2-0.

Misfits with a mountain to climb

Misfits were now very much on the back foot. It was now or never for the ‘upstarts’ of Europe. G2 definitely had the advantage but in League of Legends anything can happen. If G2 could finish Misfits off in three games it would be the first time in EU LCS history that a final ended in a 3-0. Could G2 make history?

Misfits were willing to try new things. Despite it being a comfort pick for Hans Sama, the Draven pick was definitely unorthodox. If anyone could make it work, however, it was the French ADC playing in his home country. The last time this pick was seen by Hans Sama it was on patch 7.13 in the Spring Split. With their backs against the wall, it was time to bring it out.

Despite giving up first blood, Misfits fought back with some great team play. Yet again Perkz picked up a few kills on the Lucian pick which was definitely a scary prospect for Misfits. The tension around the Draven pick was paramount. If Hans Sama could cash in his stacks it would almost certainly mean a win for Misfits. Every single team fight the main point of conversation was whether Hans Sama picked up the vital kill or not.

A double kill for the Draven at 24 minutes after a baron bait led to an extension of their lead. The main problem for Misfits was the late game Kog’maw with an ardent censer support. A great baron play by G2 led to Misfits losing their lead and eventually the game. It was a great showing by Misfits and they should be happy with their spot at worlds.