FUTWIZ signs Samer96_, now FUTWIZ SAM, to Esports team

FUTWIZ has announced today that they have signed professional FIFA 17 esports player Samer96_ to their Esports team. Samer96_, who will now go by the name FUTWIZ SAM, is an Australian based professional FIFA 17 player. Sam plays on the PS4 console and is a newcomer to the professional FIFA 17 scene.


FUTWIZ SAM is a newcomer to the professional FIFA 17 scene, emerging early in the game cycle as a competitor to watch. He qualified for the 1st season regionals of FUT Champions, competing in his native country. He did not make it out of the group stage, finishing with a record of 1 win and 2 losses.

The taste of competitive FIFA and Sydney pushed FUTWIZ SAM to continue his path, securing a place at the second regionals, this time held in Vancouver. FUTWIZ SAM avenged his earlier group stage exit by going on to place second in the division, losing to eventual division winner – FIFANTOMCR.

fifantom samer

Courtesy EA SPORTS

FUTWIZ Sam walked away with 12,000$ in prize money, but unfortunately just missed out on a seat at the grand finals in Berlin.

We expect FUTWIZ Sam to be a household name come FIFA 18 and wish him the best of luck.

What’s next for FUTWIZ SAM?

Since Australia falls under the “Rest of the world” category in FUT Champions, there are no more spots up for grabs for the finals in Berlin. The final regionals tournament, for the EU, will take place this weekend in Madrid.

SAM has recently posted a picture on twitter of an Xbox one with the caption “My journey begins on Xbox”.

He answered us thru twitter stating “Ill be playing on both ps4 and xbox until i decide which one to focus on more by fifa 18”. If rumour proves true, legends may be switching consoles in FIFA 18. This may weigh heavily on Sam’s decision on which console to continue on.

The owner of FUTWIZ, Dan, has expressed his excitement with the new signing. Sam joins his compatriot, GOAT, and EU based players Pricey and Louie on the roster. FUTWIZ Pricey will be going to the Madrid regionals this weekend and will hope for a strong showing.

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