FUT Champions Manchester: How Day 1 Unfolded

The first day of the FUT Champions Manchester cup has come and gone and the tournament is shaping up to be the best one yet.

On the schedule for the day was 5 rounds in the first stage of the tournament. Keep in mind there are 7 rounds in the first stage, and the objective of the players is to win 4 games before losing 4. Each round you would play someone with the same record as yourself. This style made for some very interesting matchups.

FUT Champions Manchester

The first round started off with totally unexpected results. Current champion Unilad Gorilla and tournament favourite FaZe Tass both lost their opening games. Many of the other games went according to the script but these two anomalies really set the tone that this tournament would not be one that you can predict easily.

As the day progressed, a matchup between Kurt and Barcelona champion F2tekkz came up. The latter eliminated the former in Spain on the way to the tournament championship. The first match ended 1-0 in favour of the 16-year-old phenom. Kurt, however, bounced back and obliterated F2tekkz 6-2 in the next match to claim the tie.

FUT Champions manchesterThe theme of the day was goals goals goals. Scorelines with over 5 goals scored in the game was the norm. Coming back from 3 goals down to win by 3  – a 6 goal swing – was totally possible on the day. Most of the competitors have said that the game feels faster than usual, and this could easily be the reason for the free-flowing goals.

As the FUT Champions Manchester tournament continued, it was plain to see that many of the big names might be having problems. Unliad Shellz had a dismal day, ending 1-4 overall, and crashing out of the tournament.

The day also features games in which friends and even teammates faced off against each other. With Hashtag Agge already qualified, teammates Hashtag Ryan and Harry faced off against each other in round 5. The winner would progress in the FUT Champions Manchester cup along with Agge, and the loser faced having to win one of two games on the second day. In the end, Harry came out on top and secured passage to the next round.

FUT Champions manchester

Who’s in, Who’s out

Xbox – Unilad Gorilla came back from that early loss to end the day 4-1. F2Tekkz showed that the loss with Kurt was just a blip and both ended with the same score as Gorilla. In what you can say is a major surprise of the day, the two who ended 5-0 are Janoz from the Americas, and Msdossary from the ROW region. No EU player will finish undefeated. Msdossary was our outside one to watch pick in our preview for the FUT Champions Manchester cup.

Incredibly, someone expected to perform well this tournament – VfB Marlut – was knocked out with 4 straight losses. Another shock – Vitality Brian also ended his tournament today.

PS4 – Nicolas99FC (Barcelona Runner-up) and Deto ended the day 5-0, which means they will play each other tomorrow to see who will top the PS4 division. Other notables thru on the PS4 side are Hashtag Agge, Mo Aubameyang, TheStrxngr, and Lev Vinken.

Players who failed to make the cut, and are eliminated on the first day include Unilad Shellz, Raphinoo and FC Besiktas player BNY.

Talking Points

FUT Champions manchester

94 R9 – Even before the event, some of the competitors were saying they would choose 94 icon Ronaldo over his 96 version. You can see in the photo above, BattleRyan used the 94 version in his team. Does the 94 card really perform better than the 96 version? We like to think its just used for the hair.

Production – Night and day. That’s the difference between the production in Manchester compared to Barcelona. Could it be because its an English speaking country? Probably. We believe its just down to the production team who learned immensely from the hiccups in Spain. Having a smooth production like today give the competitors only one job – focus on winning. More of this, ‘please.

Will the real EU please stand up? – The day ended with only 1 EU player scoring a perfect 5-0. 2 Americas and 1 ROW player make up the rest. Could we finally see an end of EU dominance? Probably not now, but it’s good to see other regions catching up.

Stay tuned on twitter for live updates from the event. We’ll have a daily recap here as the tournament progresses.