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FUT Champions Cup Bucharest Preview: Everything You Need To Know - Esportsranks
FUT Champions Cup Bucharest Preview: Everything You Need To Know

The first FUT Champions Cup kicks off this month taking place in Bucharest, Romania from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December. This is the first of 6 FUT Champions Cups for the revamped FIFA 19 season. The FUT Champions Cup Bucharest will be running the new FIFA patch which looks to fix issues around unreliable finishing and OP overhead kicks.

This is the first major competition of this season, so far there has only been the PlayStation only Continental Cup. The competition in Bucharest will be fierce as live events are essential to gain the necessary points to qualify for the end of year Global Series and FIFA eWorld Cup.

The event will be run by PGL studios.

The Format

The FUT Champions Cup Bucharest will be run in the following format.

  • All matches are two games, with the aggregate score of the two games deciding the winner. If the match is drawn on aggregate following the second game, extra time and penalty kicks, if needed, will be used to determine a winner.
  • Each platform will have a 32 player “Swiss Group Stage.” The top 16 players from each Swiss Group Stage will advance to the playoff bracket for their platform
  • Each platform will have a 16-player single elimination playoff bracket to determine that platforms finalist.
  • Cross-platform Grand Final, played between the last remaining player of each platform bracket.

They will be competing for a top prize of $50,000 and a potential 1,500 Global Series points. Everyone attending will walk away with at least 150 Global Series points and $500 in cash.

Placement Prize Money + Global Series Points
1st $50,000 + 1500
2nd $30,000 + 850
3rd-4th $15,000 + 625
5th-8th $7,500 + 450
9th-16th $3,500 + 275
17th-32nd $1000 + 150
33rd-64th $500 + 150

Prizing is listed in US dollars.

The Participants

FUT Champions Cup Bucharest Spencer Ealing

The popular Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing has qualified for his first live event of FIFA 19.

The full list of participants has been released. And well in advanced too which is very unlike EA. This is down to the fact that these players qualified back in October – with just a few places still to be confirmed.

Among the names are ex-World Champion Spencer ‘Ealing’ Gorilla, Nicolas ‘Nicolas99FC’ Villalba of Basel FC and Dani ‘Ajax Dani’ Hagebeuk. We also have the usual raft of Germans with Megabit, TheStrxnger, NRaseck and Mohammed ‘MoAuba’ Harkous making their way to Bucharest. The full list of participants is below.

Also in attendance is Joksan Redonda, last months Continental Cup winner, who will be keen to push on after an impressive start.

One thing that will be interesting to see is how many events the average player qualifies and attends. This is an entirely new format for FIFA 19 and qualification to events is harder than ever. With plenty of big names not making it to this event… is it a case of goodbye? We’ll know more as the season progresses.

Playstation Players

Region Country

Player ID

EMEA Netherlands AjaxLev63
SA Brazil Allancastello—
EMEA Spain AndoniiPM
EMEA Malta ChristianSpiteri
EMEA Germany Cihan_Official
EMEA Germany Denii_10
NA United States of America doolsta
EMEA Denmark EpokSnusFC
EMEA Germany eSports_It4Chi
SA Brazil Fifilza7
EMEA Belgium Gilles_1996
EMEA Spain gravesen_1
NA United States of America Joksan–
EMEA Germany Kaihtbraa
EMEA Germany Lukas_1004
EMEA France MaestroSquad
EMEA Denmark Mikkelhjorthbach
EMEA Germany mo_aubameyang
EMEA Italy NBD2699
SA Argentina nicolas99fc
NA United States of America OvO__6IX
NA Canada PhilB94_
EMEA Portugal RastaArtur
APAC Korea, Republic of Serryworld
SA Brazil SPQR_Tore
EMEA Germany TheStrxngeR
EMEA United Kingdom TheTruthSZN
EMEA Netherlands TonyKokNL
APAC Japan v3v-ss
EMEA Germany VfBDrErhano
EMEA Sweden Zimmmeghj

Xbox Players

Region Country

Player ID

NA United States of America AFC Ajax Joey
EMEA Netherlands Ajax Dani 46
SA Colombia Bia11Cono
EMEA United Kingdom BlatantCorn63
EMEA Italy Ciroaurinluck
EMEA Germany CodyDerFinisher
EMEA Germany DullenMIKE
EMEA United Kingdom F2Tekkz
NA United Kingdom Fifa Is Too EZ
APAC Australia FUTWIZ Jamie
EMEA United Kingdom Hashtag Ryannn
EMEA United Kingdom HelpfulTurtle12
EMEA United Kingdom HUGE G0RILLA
EMEA United Kingdom Jamboo
EMEA Germany KevinAssia
EMEA United Kingdom Lynas 7
EMEA United Kingdom Lyricz vs Luck
SA Brazil M10 Resende
APAC Australia MarcusGomesFIFA
EMEA Germany MegaBit98
EMEA Germany NRaseck 7
EMEA United Kingdom Poacherrrr
EMEA Germany prooooownez
EMEA France Rafsou
NA Canada Rogue GM21
NA United States of America Roma Alek
EMEA Saudi Arabia the roy4i
SA Brazil The SpiderKong
EMEA Bulgarian un42n8 knight
EMEA Germany x Hensoo


So what do you think of the first FUT Champions Cup? Is Bucharest a good destination? Will Joksan continue to impress? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.