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FUT Champions Cup Bucharest: Ones To Watch - Who will win?
FUT Champions Cup Bucharest: Ones To Watch

With the FUT Champions Cup Bucharest just a week away, this is the first FIFA esport major of the season and when things really kick off. While some players have already accumulated points from Weekend League and the PlayStation-only event, held in October, this will be the first time both players from Playstation and Xbox will be able to get serious points on the board. Placing high and earning points is an important part of qualifying for the two end of season tournaments the Global Series and the FIFA eWorld Cup – so players will want to be starting with their best foot forward. With that said we thought it would be a good idea to profile the best players you will see in action next weekend in our FUT Champions Cup Bucharest: Ones To Watch.

FUT Champions Cup Bucharest: Ones To Watch

Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing

Spencer Ealing Bucharest

Spencer Earling is without a club after leaving FaZe at the end of the year.

World Champion back in 2017, Spencer Ealing had a less than stellar in FIFA 2018 – with his best performance coming in the FIFA eWorld Cup, where he was defeated in the Xbox semi-final. At the start of the season, the sounds coming from his camp were positive and he seemed determined to reclaim his place at the top. However, in the months since release, he has been one of the most vocal critics of the game and you can’t help but feel that will have can have an effect when it comes to the crunch time. One thing that can be said though, when it comes to LANs Gorilla turns up.

Spencer missed out on qualification for the 2nd Fut Champions Cup so he will be hoping to make this one count.

Global Series Points: 20

Joksan Redonda

FUT Champions Cup

Joksan won the first LAN of the season.

This year’s surprise package and the top scoring playing on the Global Series board. It’s been quite a few months for North America’s Joksan Redonda. He beat TheStxnger to the Continental Cup title and 20,000 Euros in a thrilling comeback and he will be keen to push on and increase his profile with another big win. He’s qualified for FUT Champions Cup No.2 so whatever happens here we will be hearing the name Joksan Redonda for a while yet.

Global Series Points: 865

Nicolas ‘Nicolas99FC’ Villalba

FUT Champions Cup Bucharest Nicolas99FC

Nicolas will be hoping for a major win after heartbreak at the FIFA eWorld Cup.

Widely regarded as one of the best FIFA players in the world Nicolas was unlucky not to reach the final of the FIFA eWorld Cup last year. He seems to have responded well to that setback. Now signed to FC Basel and qualified for the four eligible tournaments including Decembers FUT Champions Cup and the League Qualifying Event in January. This is his first Global Series LAN of the year and he will be looking to make a big statement. Known for his suffocating possession game if he is feeling it expect him to go all the way.

Global Series Points: 20

Tim ‘TheStrxngeR’ Katnawatos

Another FC Basel player – TheStrnxger has started his season in blistering fashion only narrowly losing out to Joksan Redonda for the Continental Cup.  Timo will be hoping this is the year he transforms his performances into big wins – so far he has only taken home the Virtuelle Bundesliga title, and after the disappointment on his face after the Continental Cup you know he is desperate to remedy that.

Global Series Points: 470

Dani ‘Ajax Dani’ Hagebeuk

Two-times eErdervise winner Dani Hagebeuk is an experienced player searching for his first major win. He finished in the top 6th of the FIFA eWorld Cup so clearly comfortable at this level. Doesn’t seem to be fazed by the cameras either. Was recently knocked out by Spencer Ealing in qualifying for FUT Champions Cup No.2 so if they meet here expect fireworks.

Global Series Points: 20

FUT Champions Cup Bucharest – Who else is there?

FUT Champions Cup Bucharest: Ones To Watch

There are 32 players from both Xbox and Playstation competing to win, and the guys above are just a few of the big names to look out for. The usual contingent of German players will, of course, be there, Mohammed “Mo Auba” Harkouz and Niklas ‘Nraseck’ Raseck are confirmed and Andoni ‘AdoniiPM’ Martin of Spain who has started his season well will also be in attendance.

There will be up to $50,000 and 1500 Global Series points up for grabs so it is set to be an exciting weekend in Bucharest.

For a full list of participants and points up for grabs check our FUT Champions Cup Bucharest Preview.

You can watch all the action live on Twitch or YouTube and it kicks off on November 30th, we’ll be following all the action so check back for more FIFA goodness.

So who do you think will win the FUT Champions Bucharest? Can Joksan do it again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.