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FUT Champions Cup Bucharest Day 2 Recap: Agge and Joksan Impress, as FC Basel and Werder Bremen Duo Falter - Esportsranks
FUT Champions Cup Bucharest Day 2 Recap: Agge and Joksan Impress, as FC Basel and Werder Bremen Duo Falter

It’s been a tournament of upsets, with players who impressed the most on Day 1 coming up short in the knockout rounds with two of the major organizations represented in the game having a poor showing. The action from the FUT Champions Cup Bucharest Day 2 was a showcase of all that is great with competitive FIFA with upsets, top performances and nailbiting games.

First up was Mohammed “MoAuba” Harkouz who was going into today after a perfect Day 1. He faced Andoni “AndoniiPM” Payo Martin in the last 16 and frankly looked lost against the Spaniard, the Werder Bremen player was dismantled across two legs. His colleague Michael “Megabit” Bittner also had a hard time against Daniel “Ajax Dani” Hagebeuk – The Dutchmen never really looked like losing that game. The team at Werder Bremen will wonder what went wrong, what is clear is that these two players sometimes struggle with the mental side of the game, sailing through qualification before their performances drop off as the pressure ramps up.

A similar story played out for the men from FC Basel, Nicolas “Nicolas99FC” Villalba and Tim “TheStrxnger” Katnawatos are widely regarded as players at the very top of the game, but both found themselves out in the first knockout round. The Argentinian Nicolas99FC looked extra distraught to lose to Tore from Brazil, while TheStrxnger was utterly dismantled 8-2 by Phillip “PhilB” Balke.

There are shocks and then there is the unexplainable and these results fell into the latter.

GoalMachine Lives Up To His Name

Rogue Goal Machine Day 2

GoalMachine looks a better player under his new org.

Where some players struggled with the pressure one in particular thrived.

The only other player heading into Day 2 with a perfect record, Nawid “GoalMachine” Noorzai looked the man to beat. He sailed into the semi-finals beating Resende and Kevin Assia. He will play Ajax Dani in the semi-final. The decision by Team Bundle to release GoalMachine increasingly looks like a mistake and one that Rogue will have been all too happy to capitalise on.

Playing with an unorthodox 4-3-2-1 which allowed him to flood the box, noone seems to have found a way to stop the goal machine.

Rounding out the Xbox bracket, wonderkid Donovan “F2Tekkz” Hunt took his place in the semi-final, he’ll play Marcus Gomes whose semi-final game vs proownez was an instant classic.

The game was back and forth and was taken to ET after Marcus Gomes scored with the last kick of the ball. Proownez took the lead in ET before Marcus Gomes levelled the score again taking the game to penalties. Marcus Gomes would eventually win the tie after 15 penalties when Proownez hit the post.

On the PlayStation side, Joksan “Joksan” Redonda defeated RastaArtur and AndoniiPM on the way to the semi’s. Tore looks a star in the making, defeating Nicolas99FC and PhilB earlier in the day – he’ll face Maestro on Day 3.

FUT Champions Cup Bucharest Day 2 – Player of the Day

FUT Champions Cup Bucharest Day 2

Agge has found a new lease of life in FIFA 19.

For a player that has been in the game as long as Agge has, it would be easy to dismiss his ability and experience as a benefit in a game that no longer exists. What with the changes in the game – in both the meta and the competitive environment it wouldn’t have surprised anyone to see Agge unable to cut it at this level anymore.  However, this fact seems to inspire Agge rather than act as the ready-made excuse it would be for a less professional player.

He played Day 2 with a determination and never looked like losing on his way to the semi-final. Defeating Ajax Lev 5-4 and Gilles_1996 5-3. He’ll have to beat Joksan to go the Playstation final, and if he does that he might just go all the way.

Looking Towards the Finals – Predictions

FIFA FUT Champions Cup Day 2 Xbox

Prediction time… which has been a dangerous game this weekend but here we go.

With Goalmachine’s form you would have to pick him vs Ajax Dani. On the other side, Marcus Gomes looks lucky to be here after that semi-final. F2Tekkz has been playing with confidence so I can see him making the final.

GoalMachine to make it the cross-platform final.

Fut Champions Cup Day 2

Not an easy one to call, but  Joksan’s win in the Continental Cup last month gives him the edge in his tie vs Agge. SPQR Tore vs Maestro. I like Maestro as a player but I have been very impressed with Torre, he’s defeated good players on the way to the final including Nicolas99FC so that gives him the edge in that tie.

Joksan to reach the cross-platform final.


So what did you think of Day 2? Did Megabit and MoAuba performances surprise you? Who will win the tournament? Let us know yuur thoughts in the comments below.