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FUT Champions Cup Barcelona Grand Finals - DhTekKz wins in Style - Esportsranks
FUT Champions Cup Barcelona Grand Finals – DhTekKz wins in Style

The third and final day of the FUT Champions Cup was a very exciting affair. Tournament favourite Rockyy was already out, so it was pretty much anyone’s ball game. And, just like in the past, DhTekKz, a relatively unknown player, pulled off an xShellz, coming out of nowhere to tear up the competition and win the whole thing. As for Shellz himself, he found himself knocked out of the tournament in the quarter-finals.

At the end of the day, DhTekKz stood tall, winning the FUT Champions Cup, which saw the Grand Final being played on the Xbox exclusively. This was definitely a disadvantage, but none-the-less, well played to DhTekKz.

FUT Champions Cup Grand Finals

An incredible early game by DhTekKz showed that the massive long break between the Xbox final and this grand final hadn’t affected him. A goal from kick-off set the tone of the game, as DhTekKz smashed it passed Nicolas’ goalkeeper. DhTekKz didn’t stop the goals coming. After the first half of the first leg, he was 3-0 up. However, Nicolas managed to score 2 late goals in the second half making it 3-2 to DhTekKz going into the final leg.

The second leg started off almost exactly as the first, with DhTekKz scoring another great goal. Could DhTekKz hold on? No. But he could continue completely smashing Nicolas99fc. Quite a strange goal, but a goal none-the-less gave DhTekKz his 2 goal advantage back. DhTekKz was playing with such confidence, and it seemed as Nicolas99fc was outgunned. DhTekKz just didn’t stop scoring, and it definitely seemed as if the 16-year-old had just won himself $22,000.

By the end of the first half of the second leg, the aggregate was 8-2. The damage was done, and despite everything, the technical difficulties, the fact that the entire grand final was played on Xbox (DhTekKz’s preferred console) DhTekKz takes home $22,000 and is crowned FUT Champions Barcelona champion.

FUT Champions Cup Barcelona Final

FUT Champions Cup – Xbox Finals

DhTekKz took on Nraseck7, who had just beaten Unilad Gorilla on penalties. This was definitely going to be an exciting game and it did not disappoint. 2 early goals, one for each player, showed that both players were ready to play. One thing that was definitely sticking out in DhTekKz play was his use of the l-stick to dribble inside the box and his unbelievable short passing game. After some unbelievable play, the 16-year-old from the UK was 3-1 up.

The confidence of this youngster was unbelievable. A lot of the FIFA professional players try to play FIFA like Barcelona, passing the ball into the back of the net. This young lad was playing FIFA like Barcelona and using all the skill moves which will make him the envy of the tournament. Furthermore, his defending was on top form, making him a complete package.

In the second leg, DhTekKz looked a lot more fragile. He almost evened things up in the first half of the second leg, making it 3-4 on aggregate. DhTekKz held on, and at the very end of the game he scored a “sweaty” goal (passing it from one player to the other square in the box) and sealed his spot in the grand final.

FUT Champions Cup – Xbox Semis

Unilad Gorilla took on Nrseck7 in a tightly contested affair. The game went to extra-time as Gorilla’s relentless attacking ensured he came back from a 2-0 deficit. Both players were looking to stamp their dominance on the game, with Nrseck7 pushing in the first half, and Gorilla applying massive amounts of pressure in the second. Extra-time couldn’t separate them, so the game, of course, went to penalties. Gorilla failed a couple of penalties, and Nrseck7 managed to book his place in the divisional finals.

Despite the loss, Gorilla remained mostly positive, as evidenced by his tweet below:

At the same time, MegaBit took on DhTekKz in a close-run affair. The first 1st leg was being won by MegaBit until a beautiful piece of FIFA from a free-kick made it all equal. DhTekKz took the lead fairly soon after, and then scored yet another goal and was leading on the way into the second leg. DhTeKkZ was scoring goal after goal and was making it look easy to be perfectly honest. Had DhTeKkZ been learning from Gorilla perhaps? This attacking style definitely has its roots in the previous FIFA eWorld Cup (FIWC). DhTekKz ended the game at 10-6 on aggregate, an impressive feat all things considered.

FUT Champions Cup – PS4 Final

In a strange series of events, the semi-finals of the PS4 division were moved to the Xbox instead. The PlayStation Network was down (again) and therefore they had to make the decision to move it onto the opposing console.

Nicolas got TheStrxnger in the PS4 final, which was being played on Xbox. A quick goal by Nicolas was almost immediately answered by TheStrxnger. Both of these players were very capable of scoring goals, but it was the Argentinian who was outscoring the German.

There was little difference between the first and second legs, as Nicolas continued to put goal after goal past TheStrxnger and eventually managed to book his spot in the final vs. the young prodigy DhTekKz.

FUT Champions Cup Berlin Finals

Nicolas99fc in Barcelona

FUT Champions Cup – PS4 Semis

MoAubameyang and TheStrxnger took each other on in one of the semi-finals. The massive break which the players had been forced to take because of the PSN problems will definitely be called into question, especially by players who will lose these semi-finals. The Strxnger overcame an early deficit, in order to make the game interesting.

It’s never over when MoAubameyang is playing, however, so TheStrxnger was playing on his guard. At 6-5 on aggregate into the second leg, tensions were running very high. However, TheStrxnger not only held on but smashed a goal in right at the end, ensuring this comeback was out of reach of MoAubameyang.

FUT Champions Cup – Quarter Finals

Hashtag Ryan was the best performing Hashtag player, but he was knocked out of the tournament by young and up-and-coming player DhTekKz.

He was very humble in defeat and will be incredibly happy to have qualified for the playoffs.

FCB TheStrxnger showed up in his quarter-final vs. YimmieHD. He was clinical in possession, and when he was near the opponent’s goal, he would always slip the ball in. A late goal gave him a cushion of error, which was quickly removed by YimmieHD. However, TheStrxnger managed to hold on and progressed to the semi-finals.

Deto who was the other finalist, beaten by unilad_gorilla, in the FIWC17, took on Nicolas. Nicolas frustrated Deto in the first leg, beating him 2-0. Nicolas eventually managed to beat Deto, with some great FIFA.

Sakul was handed his first and only loss of the tournament, as he stumbled and fell in the quarter-final knock-out format. As the only player who hadn’t lost a game up until this point, people were betting on him as a heavy favourite. MegaBit beat him, however, and set up a semi-final between MegaBit and DhTekKz.

Don’t miss all the action from Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 3 of the FUT Champions Cup definitely turned out unexpectedly, with yet another out-of-nowhere championship run from a relatively unknown player. Which matches do you think were the highlights of the entire tournament? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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