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FUT Champions Cup Barcelona Day 2 - Rockyy Crashes Out - Esportsranks
FUT Champions Cup Barcelona Day 2 – Rockyy Crashes Out

After technical difficulties riddled day 1, slowing down the pace of play, day 2 started off much better. There were a lot less technical difficulties, and the main commentators, Richard and Brandon, could spend time talking about important things, instead of filling in the downtime. The FUT Champions Cup Barcelona broadcast started on time, which was a great start compared to yesterday’s fiasco.

The Stars Going Forward

Day 2 saw the emergence of some of the players as dominant forces in the tournament. Kurt showed some bold tactics throughout his game vs. PSG Fiddle, which were certainly interesting. A lot of people will watch this tournament and think “why aren’t they playing the best players possible?”. For example, De Gea has a higher rated in-form card and his normal card. These players have played around 900 games each to qualify for this tournament, and personal preference, or superstition, make for interesting tactics and card picks. Kurt, for example, took the normal gold De Gea, as he (and many others) believe that that card performs better than his TOTY version.

Rockyy crashes out

Rockyy was beaten by NSE SpiderKong which was a massive upset. SpiderKong moved to 3-0, and now needed one more game win to be in the last 32. He managed to beat Rockyy in a penalty shoot-out after 210 minutes of FIFA couldn’t separate the two players. It was a good game between the Frenchman and the Brazilian, but SpiderKong edged out in front.

Rockyy’s woes continued as MegaBit piled the pressure on. Vitality Rockyy won 2 games on the first day, but was being completely destroyed in the second day. MegaBit managed to really rile Rockyy. This is bad, especially for someone representing one of the most well-known esports organisation. Vitality are expecting him to do well, and especially to do better than he did at FIWC17, where he was knocked out in the quarter-finals. If he doesn’t at least top his performance in FIWC17, then questioned will definitely start to be asked about Rockyy.

Megabit wasn’t exactly easy competition, however, as he won all 160/160 of his qualification games. Rockyy was considered to be the tournament favourite, but towards the end of the day was struggling to stay in the competition. He went 2-1 down in the first leg of his final qualification match. He eventually lost, and the biggest upset of the tournament was completed.

FUT Champions Barcelona Day 2

Vitality_Rockyy crashes out of the tournament in a shocking sequence of events

Afterwards on Twitter, Rockyy posted a very blunt statement in French, criticising the tournament organisation and announcing his departure from the game. Will this be the last we see of Rockyy? We definitely hope not.

IcePrinsipe was one of the first players to secure his place in the next round, after winning all 4 of his games. 4 players were qualified in the first 4 rounds, which means 4 also went home each round. The rest had to continue battling it out in rounds 5, 6 and even sometimes 7. Kurt1, Nraseck7, SpiderKong and Sakul were the first 4 players to go through in the Xbox category. Marcuzo, Salzor, RBL Cihan & IcePrinsipe went through first from PS4 division.

FUT Champions Cup Barcelona – The Struggling Stars

xShellz, a finalist in last years FUT Champions Berlin, is struggling this time around. He started off with a strong win, but was sitting at 1-2 at the beginning of the 4th round. If he lost 2 more games he would’ve been out of the tournament. This would be devastating to a player who is just starting his career in FIFA. He was a relative unknown last time around, but has been building a name for himself ever since. xShellz was battling it out in order to stay in the competition. He took on eisvogel and beat him, in what could have been his last game. However, now he was sitting at 3-3, with one game left to decide his fate. Could he manage to win his last game? In the end, he did manage to qualify after a very good run.

FUT Champions Barcelona Day 2

Unilad Shellz managed to get through after a great run.

Newly signed to FaZe Clan, Tass was struggling after day 1, but  managed to fightback on the second day and was sitting at 3-2 after round 5. If he could win just one more game was going through. This would complete an impressive comeback from a player who is considered to be one of the best in the world, but hasn’t shown it at FIWC17 or on the first day of FUT Champions Cup Barcelona. He managed to dominate 4 games in a row, and ended 4-2, ensuring that he wasn’t leaving the tournament just yet. FaZe Tass eventually went through to the next round, after a great run.

Round 5 onwards

Unilad Gorilla managed to get through to the next round with ease. Despite dropping a game on the first day, he managed to win 3 games today to propel him into the next round. Gorilla is definitely still one of the favourites for the tournament, as he was so dominant in the final of the FIWC17. He is a player who will keep scoring no matter what, and whoever faces him in the next round will have to be at the very top of their game.

FUT Champions Cup Barcelona #1 Day 2

Unilad Gorilla won FIWC17

Salzor was undefeated at the end of the 6th round, at 6-0. He was looking incredibly dominant and was definitely the one to beat. If he could continue this form in the knockouts, he would surely be a tournament favourite. A perfect record in the Swiss-style format, at the absolute highest level of FIFA, is not easy at all. Especially considering the fact that you have to play the people who have the same amount of wins as you, so he was facing the toughest competition the tournament could throw at him.

Unfair advantages?

It must have been exceedingly frustrating yesterday, especially for players such as Rockyy. At 2-0 on the day, Rockyy was looking to cement his position in the next round. However, as previously mentioned, because of technical difficulties day 1 was cut short. Both SpiderKong and MegaBit beat him, when (potentially) Rockyy could have beaten them yesterday, or faced a different opponent, which he may have beaten.

Furthermore, there are players who were 1-1 or 0-2 on the day such as the only Japanese representative at this tournament, dix009. He was playing under the name Curl at the tournament, and it appears that after a frustrating first day, he came out swinging in the second. This led him to qualify for the last 32 in the PS4 division from the Rest of the World region. An impressive feat for a relative unknown, who hasn’t been signed, yet. Players will definitely have grievances at the fact that day 1 was so messed up. In the end, however, it’s a tournament and you have to be ready for anything.

Check out the … action … from day 1 here.