FUT Champions Cup Atlanta Day 2 – Kurt silenced, Stefano Pinna and Deto out

Things heated up at FUT Champions Cup Atlanta Day 2. FIFA bad boy Kurt “Kurt04011” Fenech was sidelined from the broadcast once again, with rumors that even if he were to defeat Saudi Arabia’s TheRoyal he would have been kicked out the competition. This stems from an instance where he interrupted an interview being held with Castro that was broadcast live on stream. He later posted this on Twitter.

Ultimately he didn’t beat TheRoyal in the quarter-final setting up a match against his compatriot Mossad “Msdossary” Aldossary

The other side of the Xbox bracket saw Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt continued his impressive form, he beat Khofolo and Felipe Abd on his way to the semi-final. He’ll play Michael “Megabit” Bittner who has also impressed this weekend.

FUT Champions Cup Atlanta Day 2 – Playstation Knockouts

FUT Champions Cup Atlanta Day 2

MoAuba Vs Nicolas was one of the most exciting games of the day.

Mohammed “MoAuba” Harkouz played one of the games of the day, defeating FUTWIZ Marko 4-3 with a last minute goal from Pele sending him into the knockout stages. He would be knocked out by Nicolas “Nicolas99FC” Villalba who performed well throughout the day seeing himself into the semi-finals on Day 3 where he will play RastaArtur.

Stefano Pinna’s tournament ended with a quarter-final loss against pauloneto999. A relative unknown, Paulo will play another surprise package tuga810 in the semi-final.

Day 3 Predictions

On the Xbox side, you’d have to fancy Tekkz to defeat Megabit. This is about Megabit’s level and going on past performances he’ll not make it to the final. Msdossary should defeat TheRoyal which is a repeat of a game in FUT Champions Cup 2 where Msdossary won on the way to winning the entire tournament.

The matchup of Tekkz vs Msdossary is a hard one to call, but Tekkz should edge it booking his place in the cross-console final.

On the PlayStation side, Nicolas99FC has been the standout player of the tournament, he should beat RastaArtur and whoever wins out of the Pauloneto999 and Tuga810 semi, booking his place in the cross-console final.

This should set up the no.1 rated players on both consoles for a Tekkz vs Nicolas99FC final. Nicolass99FC has been performing better and he will be very keen to win a FUT Champions Cup this season, having only won an LQE so far, so I fancy him to take it.

End of the Road for Deto?

FUT Champions Cup Deto Wollin

Deto has got to seriously be considering his future after his performance this weekend.

Kai ‘deto’ Wollin entered the tournament as the oldest player at 30, and the lowest ranked at 673 in the world. He took part in Day 2 but only because the PlayStation group stages ran into it. He looked a shell of the player he used to be when he was beaten by JAS NV 4-0. He has already taken to Twitter to state he will be coming back in FIFA 2020 bigger and better, but at one point do you call it a day?

For one of the legends of the game it really looks like his best days are over.

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