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FUT Champions Barcelona Day 1 Recap - Esportsranks
FUT Champions Barcelona Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of FUT Champions Barcelona kicked off slightly late, but not any less excitingly. Shellzz, who won 100% of his qualification games, came out of the gates not so much running but galloping. One very important thing to note is that the first day was goals galore. There were easily more goals being scored per game than there were at FIWC17. Finishing is considered to be really overpowered right now, with some players having incredibly high finishing skill points. S04 Tim Latka managed to completely destroy Unilad_Gorilla.

Overall, in the 2 legs which they played against each other, the German was 8-2 up against the British representative. Gorilla later tweeted that he was playing incredibly badly:

However, it is worth taking note that Gorilla didn’t start FIWC17 off particularly strongly either, and yet he ended up winning the whole thing. It’s safe to say that it’s still too early; he has good backroom staff and a strong team behind him. Although it’s incredibly important to start off strong, winning is what matters in the end.

Either way, some players looked particularly dominated at FUT Champions Barcelona. Vitality Rocky and Vitality Bryan both also went 2-0. Futwiz also had a good day, with two of its players (HoneyBadger and Zelonius92) also finishing strongly 2-0. With the Swiss style format, a 2-0 on what was a chaotic day 1, could mean everything going into the second day. If you can then start the second day off strongly, you are very likely to qualify for the next round.

Keep in mind that these players are playing for high stakes. The top 16 from FUT Champions Barcelona will advance to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018.

FUT Champions Barcelona


FUT Champions Barcelona Tactics

Tactics make a hell of a difference in competitive Fifa, and the meta changes all the time, but what most agree with is that finishing is so strong in the game, as shown by Gorilla. As they say, the best defence is a good offense, so it’s highly likely that we’ll see a strong finisher win FUT Champions Barcelona. Also worth taking note is that the penalties seemed either a lot harder to take, or a lot easier to save. The penalty shootout between Tass and Sib_Wolf is a good example of this. They only scored 2 of 8 penalties, which is a very bad record considering both are paid professionals.

The other thing which can shake the game up is the fact that you get to pick your players. There are certain players who you have to pick. For example, every player has Ronaldo on their team, but other than that, it depends on who’s playing. Many FIFA players pick people who are are from their country, or from teams they support, which is hardly a surprise. Either way, there’s a good balance between meta and personal preference, which just goes to show that the game is somewhat balanced.

For example, while every player has Ronaldo on their team, the rest of the picks aren’t always Messi, Ramos, as others have even picked Harry Kane.

Technical Difficulties

Players were left frustrated for a number of reasons on the opening day of FUT Champions Barcelona. Tension ran high when a number of in-game and organisational problems plagued the day. This was mainly the result of technical difficulties, certain AI complaints and one bizarre own goal scored by De Gea simply dropping the ball into his own net. Although FIFA has perfect offside calling, and the AI referees don’t make mistakes, it’s not unusual for there to be complaints with the programming of the game.

Day 1 of FUT Champions Barcelona was initially delayed by 2 hours, as position cards were unavailable for selection. Then PSN (Playstation Network) which caused day 1 to be called short, and for the rest of the rounds to be played tomorrow. There were also noticeably long pauses between each and every game, which wasn’t so at the FIWC17. EA and the organisers will likely take some flack for this, but the FIFA being played more than made up for it..


The players went through hell today. The technical difficulties they faced left them unsure of what exactly was happening. The large gaps between games clearly affected their mentality, as evidenced by some players losing winnable games. Hopefully, tommorow goes a bit more smoothly, just like FIWC17 did, so players can focus on playing the game.

As for the favourites, Rocky looks like he could win the whole thing. Then again, we can never say for sure. There are still plenty of very ystrong players left in the tournament, after all. As of now, it’s still difficult to predict which FIFA player is going to win FUT Champions Barcelona, especially since the players only got to play half of the intended games scheduled for the day. Barring technical difficulties, we should have a much clearer understanding tomorrow.

Don’t forget to check out our preview of the event right here.

Which FIFA player’s performance from Day 1 of FUT Champions Barcelona surprised you the most? Do you think Gorilla can recover and win the tournament? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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