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FUT Cards - Where Did FIFA Get It Wrong? - Esportsranks
FUT Cards – Where Did FIFA Get It Wrong?

With every new FIFA, there is a brand new batch of FUT Cards, and while a lot of noise is made for those players that receive big buffs(see: Mbappe and Salah this year) on the flip side there are players who are downgraded and often unjustly.

Usually, the stat guys at FIFA deem them as too old, injury prone or just not as good as they once were. Sometimes they are right but sometimes they are so very very wrong. So we’re gonna look at the beaten down guys, the ones that leave us scratching our heads and ask ourselves – “WTF were FIFA thinking?”

Arturo Vidal

FUT Cards Vidal

Vidal isn’t the box-to-box beast he once was.

Vidal is up first and with this one there is a hint of conspiracy around it. The Chilean midfielder has seen his pace drop a whopping 18 points from his FIFA 18 card. From a respectable 75 to one step above using a stroller, 57. Fans of the fiery midfielder were shocked – was it a mistype?

Perhaps it should have come as no surprise. Some fans pointed out Vidal’s recent injury record that reads like an insurance scam and a controversial year that included a drunk-driving incident while on duty international duty with Chile all reasons the FIFA gods may have found reason to downgrade him.

Another motive may have been his recent move to F.C Barcelona, and the “Barcelona Tax” that comes with it. Fans of the game have often felt that players of teams that are licensed in rival football game Pro Evolution Soccer are unfairly judged. F.C Barcelona is PES’s marque Licensed team with their players adoring the cover all over the world so maybe it isn’t such a crazy theory after all.

Vidal can’t have too many qualms though he’s still the 39th best active player in the world.

Leonardo Bonnuci

FUT Cards Bonnuci

Bonnuci’s passing has taken a hit.

Widely regarded as one of the best ball-playing CB’s in the world Bonucci could feel a little miffed to only have 69 for passing. The Juventus man has had a strange year – a move to Milan never quite worked out and he quickly found his way back to his Old Lady. However, it seems his time at Milan has coincided with FIFA having a dimmer view of the Italian’s qualities – albeit only slightly.

His overall passing stat has dropped just one with his Short Passing being nerfed from 79 to 77. For a man renowned for his passing the argument could be made that the previous year’s 79 was low already.

He has also taken a hit in his Physical stats – dropping from 81 to 80. The biggest change here was his pace dropping 6 points to 62.

There is hope for him yet – his TOTY card for FIFA 18 was an absolute monster. Coming in at 96 OVR with 99 short passing and 99 long passing along with others buffs giving him an overall 92 passing. His pace and physicality are up there with the best as well coming in at 80 and 96. Hopefully, the move back to Juventus will see him reach these dizzying heights once again.

Raheem Sterling

FUT Cards - Sterling

How many goals does Sterling need to score to be taken seriously?

The Man City man is like marmite. You either love or hate him and it seems like this year FIFA might hate him. But… but Daniel his he went from 82 to 85 doesn’t that dispel that notion? Not quite… Sterling played in the swashbuckling Guardiola side that broke record after record in the Premier League including a personal best goal tally of 18 for the England star. So for FIFA to sum up his shooting to just 73 seems rather harsh. His biggest gain was in positioning where he gained 6 points to take him to 81.

And it hasn’t been just a small increase he has been downgraded elsewhere. His Physicality dropped 5 points to 56 and his Strength dropped a whopping 12 points to 54! He might be small but he is well known for being able to hold his own against bigger players. A mindboggling decision by the developers.

Arjen Robben

FUT Cards - Robben

Robben’s day has a triccky speedster are numbered.

Ah, Robben. The Bayern Munchen man has been tearing down the left wing for the German club for 9 years now. He is the original speedster and many would still say the best. Or at least the higher-up’s at Bayern feel so. Younger players signed to replace him like Douglas Costa and Coman have come and gone or been quickly benched for the flying Dutchman.

So why is it that FIFA has decided to make it so much slower this year?

It can’t be based on performances. Robben has scored 3 goals in 4 games in the new Bundesliga season and if anyone saw his performance against Benfica in the Champions League where he had Grimaldo, no slouch himself, on toast for the entire 90 mins it beggars belief why FIFA would so seriously nerf his pace.

He has gone from 86 to 79 Pace with his Sprint Speed, in particular, dropping 10 points to 76! He has also had one or two points taken off his Shooting, Dribbling and Physical. The only reason we can see for that is him being a year older. It definitely has nothing to do with his performances.

He’s been Robbe-d (We’ll see ourselves out.)


Are there any other players ratings that have left you baffled? Is the Barcelona Tax real? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!