Fortnite World Cup Week 5: Ghost Issa Qualifies, Bizzle trolls in weekend blighted by bugs

Players headed into the Fortnite World Cup Week 5 Qualifiers with trepidation. The reintroduction of the Drum Gun, the vaulting of the Pump and the beginning of Season 9 meant players were playing with a different meta from previous weeks, but that is nothing new in the world of Fortnite but what proved to be insurmountable for many of the pros was the game-breaking bugs, old and new, that reared their ugly head in Week 5.

The first up was the Combat Shotgun, already detested based purely on the fact that it was the replacement for the seminal Pump. Ninja was the most high profile player who struggled with it. He failed to qualify for the Sunday after a poor performance the previous day and while he felt he hadn’t performed at his best, looking back he will feel that Epic did him dirty. 

TSM’s Daequan was the one that brought it to everyone’s attention in his usual hilarious manner, essentially the Combat Shotgun would dish out very different damage on the same shot. Epic confirmed the bug but it was too late for many.

Another game changer was the disabling of all vehicles on Sunday due to a bug making it impossible to get out of them. It was bad news for Ghost Bizzle who had spent the Saturday games trolling, using just a baller and a loadout entirely without weapons he qualified easily for the finals.

There were also numerous reports of issues with mini-maps not showing the correct storm position, random CTD’s and ghost queueing – which cost Solary Kinstaar his 10th and final game.

One group of players who benefited the most from the meta changes was controller players. The Drum Gun becoming the defacto best weapon in the game favoured the aim-assist given to controller players. Two qualified from EU – Ghost Issa, in particular, impressing coming 1st on Saturday and 5th on Sunday.


Fortnite World Cup Week 5 – Europe Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup Week 5

The final standings for Europe (Top 8 Qualify)

Fortnite World Cup Week 5 – NA East Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup Solo Qualifiers WEek 5 NA East

The final standings for NA East (Top 6 Qualify)

In NA East NRG Zayt added a solo qualification to his already secured place as a duo with Ghost Saf.

MSF Clix again showed his class by “qualifying” for solo’s again. The 7th player to do so. 

FaZe Dubs is quickly becoming the poster boy of consistency. He has finished 2nd, 6th and now 1st in each of the Solo weeks – who said it was impossible to be consistent in a BR?

Fortnite World Cup Week 5 – NA West Final Standings

Fortnite World Cup NA West Solo Week 5 Final Standings

The final standings for NA West (Top 2 Qualify)

Liquid Riversan is another of those players that has now qualified twice as a solo. He came 2nd in Week 1 of the NA West and he went one better this weekend finishing 1st.

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