Fortnite World Cup Week 5: Five Things To Look Out For ft Pump Vault, NickMercs and more

It’ll take a lot to top the excitement of last week’s duo competition but with the release of v9.0 and with it the updated map, battle pass and a complete mix up of the weapon pool including the headline-grabbing vaulting of the pump shotgun! A move that has already got the competitive scene up in arms. So with everything that has changed as of today, there is probably no better time for our weekly preview of the things to look out in the Fortnite World Cup Week 5 Solo Qualifiers.

For the full patch notes check here.

1) Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye My Friend

Pump Shotgun vaulted Season 9 Fortnite World Cup

Let’s get straight to what has got everyone riled up. The pump shotgun and all its variants are now gone! So what does this mean? A lot of angry competitive players is one thing. A lot longer time to kill is another. Epic defended their decision by stating that 26% of kills are by Pump’s – the highest percentage wise in the game, with the 2nd gun not even coming close. 

To replace it they have added the semi-automatic Combat Shotgun – think a buffed up Tac. It won’t have the one-shot capability of the pump, hitting a maximum of 137.7 in optimum conditions (Headshot + Legendary + 9 Pellet) so expect to see a lot of Shotgun + SMG/Drum loadouts.  

“But is that so different from what we had before?” I hear you cry.

Well… yes. The time to kill has been increased substantially which lends weight to the criticism that Epic only cares that ‘Little Timmy’ has a chance to kill someone – no matter his skill level.

So what can we expect this week? A lot of whingeing from pros is guaranteed. In fact, it has already has started on Twitter.

But what if we are like Epic and we drown out the noise of pro’s pushed to the edge of their sanity maybe with Zeke’s hyperactive commentary? If we were in that more sober headspace, with some time to reflect, we might well expect less kills across the board this weekend.

The quick-edit, shotgun battles that typify the endgame of competitive Fortnite will be less lethal and potentially more costly in HP for the winner.

Players will likely be less aggressive in the endgame knowing that an aggressive push and flush shotgun shot might not be enough to down the enemy – and that’s good for no-one.

For the statheads here are the newest shotgun stats.

  •  Combat Shotgun
    • Semi-Automatic
      • Holds 10 Shells.
      • Fires 9 pellets per shot for 73 / 77 / 81 base damage.
      • Tight spread and fast fire rate.
      • Headshot multiplier of 1.70x.
      • Reloads 2 shells at a time.
    • Available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants.
    • Available from Floor, Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines
  • Adjusted Tactical Shotgun damage
    • Base damage increased from 66/70/74 to 71/75/79

2) Drum Gun is back from the deadDrum Gun Season 9 Fortnite World Cup

Democracy is a great thing, eh? The purity of the idea that everyone gets a vote to decide the future of something. The dream of a fair society where everyone has a voice! It’s noble, maybe the most noblest thing ever!

But having said that it has been known to go wrong at times.

I mean… there was the Nazi’s… Trump… Thatcher… Brexit… And you can probably add to that reintroduction of the Drum Gun. Who would have thought that you give a player base of mainly kids and teens a chance to vote for a gun to be put back in the game they would vote for the most OP piece of shit ever?!?! Well actually, most people thought that! Epic thought that! And here it is – THE DRUM GUN IS BACK!

Sorry, I am a little angry…

To be fair to Epic it was a canny move, like a newly-crowned dictator they wanted to do what they wanted to do but still wanted the kudos of being legitimate so they made the player base vote for it. But crucially, every other option had barely been in the game before or wasn’t even a gun.  And I mean who votes for a pad that makes you bounce when you can vote FOR A GUN!?!? 

So what to expect this week from this gun? It’ll be used, a lot! That’s obvious. 

But will it be used the way Epic want it to be used?

Now, this is maybe more a hope than expectation but when you have a democracy sometimes radical things need to be done to hold power to account. So don’t be surprised to see an already qualified player or just an absolute legend run a loadout of four of these destroying everything in their path and making a mockery of the whole thing à la the Winter Royale and the Infinity Blade. 

We can only hope.

3) Neo Tilted and Mega Retail

Neo Titled MegaMall Fortnite World Cup Week 4 Solo Qualifiers

It’s been only a week but they’re back. And they’re shiny. Titled Towers in now Neo Towers and Retail Row is now MegaMall. The loot pool is largely the same they just have the newly added slipstreams.

Expect to see a few top players drop in, grab what they can, and use the Slipstreams to dip out.

4) NickMercs Goes West in Fortnite World Cup Week 5

Nickmercs Fortnite World Cup Week 4

NickMercs’ has been grinding hard for a World Cup spot. (Image courtesy of Scuff Gaming)

Europe and NA East is where the excitement is for many viewers of the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. It’s where, of course, you’ll find the best European players and also the best of the USA with the majority top organization and their players residing in the East.

But there are some treats to be had if you stay tuned for the last qualifiers of the weekend – NA West. NickMercs, one of the games most beloved personalities, made a tactical decision to relocate out west for the Qualifiers hoping that the overall skill level being lower means he stands a better chance of qualifying. And he’s come close but as of yet not quite there. But whether he makes it is almost secondary. He’s refreshing – no bitching, no moaning. Just a controller player trying his hardest to make it the World Cup and you can’t help but will him on to win.

There is a catch if you can call it that, you have to watch from his stream. Whether he qualifies or not, as the pressure builds over the 10 games, and he pops off – there are few more genuinely exciting moments in esports.

If you are a fan of competitive Fortnite. Tune in. You won’t regret it.

5) Geyser’s out. Slipstream’s In.

Fortnite SlipStreams Season 9 Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers Week 4

The new Slipstreams have taken the place of the Geysers. (Image courtesy of Epic)

Season 8 saw the introduction of Geysers – hot air streams created by the volcano that could send you high into the sky. They’re gone for the most part only to be found in the immediate vicinity of the Volcano which has been revamped and called Pressure Plant. 

There are three Slipstreams in the game two of them run around the rebuilt Retail Row(MegaMall) and Titled Towers (Neo Towers) and a third, much larger one runs down the middle of the map. They will send you flying around the map and you can jump out at any time but you are majorly exposed whenever you use them.

There is also the addition of Apex like spaceships. Fixed in one place, they can be dropped on and usually have a couple of weapon pickup’s if not much else, so not ideal for an initial drop location. They also have Slipstreams which can be used to launch off.

The Slipstreams will be used and often and seem like a relatively tame addition. The spaceships, on the other hand, could prove to be a menace for casual and pro players alike. They tower high in the air,  are indestructible and you can build off them. That, alongside the slipstreams, mean they will be a hotly contested platform of destruction in any end-game scenario. 

Looks like just the place for a guy like Tfue to do his best work.


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So will the changes in Season 9 effect the Fortnite World Cup Week 5? Will the removal of the pump change the game irrevocably? Can NickMercs qualify? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.