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Fortnite World Cup Week 4: Five Things To Look Out For - Esportsranks
Fortnite World Cup Week 4: Five Things To Look Out For

If the Fortnite World Cup Week 4 Qualifiers are anything like Week 3 we are in for an absolute treat. Last weekend was an instant classic with Tfue qualifying in 1st in NA-East and a strong showing from a number of young gods such as Benjy making it a must-watch for any fan of competitive gaming. There was also the small issue of a qualified player being caught cheating, enraging the community and causing Epic to bring out the ban hammer.

Now we are almost at the halfway point which means that the pressure is ramping up as the games’ top players vie for the remaining spots. So let’s take a look some of the big issues going into Week 4.

Take note Oceania, Asia and Brazil have no spots to be won in this weekend’s qualifiers.

For all the information about the format and rules for the Fortnite World Cup click here.

1) Cheating Doesn’t Pay, But Did Epic Go Far Enough?

XXIF wasn’t a total unknown before he finished 2nd behind only Tfue in the NA East qualifiers. He had appeared in a number of tournaments, including the Fall Skirmish LAN with his duo partner and fellow Rise teammate – RonaldoTV. But to finish 2nd, at this level, put him in the spotlight and suddenly people were interested in how he did it.

Under this scrutiny, it is probably no surprise that he was caught. It was a player called RBK HighSky who did the detective work and it quickly became clear that XXIF had enlisted his friends to feed him kills.

The video evidence was damning and Epic had to act – it took them most of the week but on Friday morning they announced that, after an internal review, XXIF had been banned from the qualifiers for 2 weeks. There will be better times to debate the length of this ban but when you remember FaZe’s Funkbomb and Natehill earned themselves a 5-week ban for calling out enemy positions from Epic’s own live stream, XXIF seems to have got off lightly.

Serious questions have to be asked of Epic’s ability to police these online qualifiers.

If RBK HighSky doesn’t go all Sherlock Holmes on this, looking into a player who is in his region and is suddenly overperforming, would XXIF have taken his seat at the Fortnite World Cup? Probably.

Is there other players out there, doing the exact same thing? Definitely.

It’s a big problem and a complete review of every player who finishes in a qualifying position must be taken from here on out.

There is a couple of positives to take from all this though, XXIF has been given a ban. He, alongside his teammate and co-conspirator Ronaldo, were both dropped from Rise and the qualification place has been awarded to MSF Clix, a player who has genuinely impressed in recent weeks having already qualified as a duo in Week 2. He was in 1st place for much of the last weekend and so it’s great to see earn his spot.

So take heed folks – cheating might be easy in Fortnite but it can be very costly too.

2) The Old Guard of Team Liquid Need To Shut Up And Step Up

Team Liquid Poach 72Hrs Chap Vivid Fortnite World Cup Week 4
(Image courtesy of: Team Liquid)

The stable of players at Team Liquid were the first true stars of competitive Fortnite. 72hrs, Chaps, Vivid and Poach became the yardstick which you would measure every other player after a strong run of results in the Summer and Fall Skirmishes. Since then things have been rather different with Chaps and 72hrs, in particular, more known for their incessant complaining about whatever is riling up the competitive community that week.

The reason for all the complaining may well be to distract from the performances. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think these four are feeling the heat from the younger generation of players who are out making a name for themselves.

From the four original players Vivid is the youngest at 21, and Chap the oldest is 34, that’s like 62 in Fortnite years! And with the removal of age restrictions in official competitions, the old guard may see the writing on the wall.

Not all of Team Liquid are performing so poorly. Out of the three players signed before the World Cup, two of them have already qualified as Solos – Cented from NA West and Riversan from East and it may be that these are the future of Team Liquid

But it is the original quartet that showed the world how to play the game and how we would miss them if they didn’t make the World Cup.

Please Team Liquid, shut up and let the results do the talking.

3) Shadow Bombs = Meta?

Shadowbomb Fortnite World Cup Week 4 Duos

This weekend’s patch was relatively tame (a blessing really) with just one new item entering the fray – Shadow Bombs, dropped in stacks of 3, they temporarily make you invisible. You can’t pick up weapons/mats, edit or build. You can go a little faster and jump a little higher. Whether these have a use in high-level play has yet to be seen, if it’s anywhere it’ll be in those late game rotations.

Keep an eye out for them in Week 4.

4) Cloak Needs A “Hot Carry”

Tfue Cloak Fortnite World Cup Week 4New York

Another duo that simply has to be there is Tfue and Cloak. Their win at Fall Skirmish LAN was the stuff of legend, winning $500,000 and cementing their status as the No.1 duo in the game. Cloak did the heavy work that weekend racking up 23 kills across the series, while Tfue, probably the more naturally gifted of the two, struggled to reach his full potential. So much so that Tfue spent his post-series interview letting the world know just how much he thought Cloakzy had carried him.

Many expected Tfue and Cloaky to dominate from then on. But between deciding to not compete in some tournaments and failing to qualify in others – they have been pretty quiet.

Their Week 2 duo performance saw them finish on just 57 points putting them in 87th place. And frankly, Cloak’s confidence looks shot.

But Tfue’s qualification last weekend, as 200,000 viewers watched live on Twitch, may just be the jolt the duo need.

If Tfue owes Cloak one, now would be the time to repay the favor.

5) The Respawn Vans Will Be Back In Fortnite World Cup Week 4

Reboot Van Week 4 Duos Fortnite World Cup

They were bugged going into Week 2 and were patched out but now they are back. A welcome addition to the game and super useful if one of your duo dies early game – effectively reducing the “RNG” of a dropzone.

Better players will qualify because of this and that’s all that matters.

So what has you most excited for Fortnite World Cup Week 4? Will Team Liquid regain their magic touch? Will the Shadow Bombs make an impact? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.