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FNC vs H2K - FNC Going to Worlds After Sweeping H2K - Esportsranks
FNC vs H2K – FNC Going to Worlds After Sweeping H2K

H2K were well and truly beaten by the FNC roster. FNC were the best team in the regular season, but they got crushed in the semifinals by Misfits. They were forced to take the long road. Still, they managed to ensure a spot in the 2017 World Championship play-ins after a 3-0 sweep vs H2K.

H2K looked distraught at the end of the second game, after throwing a massive lead. They had a fantastic run, 3-0ing Splyce and 3-2ing UoL. When you lose a game like that, by throwing a massive gold lead, it’s very difficult to bounce back and this was evident in the final game of the series.

FNC strike first, despite some good play by H2K

It seemed as if H2K’s bot lane was again falling victim to Rekkles and Jesiz. Just as in Paris, in their third place game, FNC started the snowball rolling early on in the bot lane. Chei and Nuclear both went down 2v2.

Caps also picked up Asol. He used it to roam around the map and snowball top lane. H2K looked as if they were under some pressure. FNC established control with a 15-minute gold lead. H2K looked desperate to get back into the game.

The lead in both the top and the bot lane began spiralling out of control. Rekkles was feeling incredibly confident on Tristana after the early lead.

A baron steal by H2K and a 5 man shockwave finally turned the game on its head. FNC had a strong late game presence in Tristana and triple Infernal drakes, however. In the end, Rekkles was way too strong and FNC took game 1.

H2K throw a big early game lead

H2K were definitely in a do or die mode in game 2. They have really struggled against FNC this summer. Losing the third place game in Paris probably stung the most. They lost in the cross-group phase of the regular split too. They were also playing from a 1-0 deficit at this point. The pressure was felt through the screen.

Febiven was looking impressive on Cassiopeia. It looked as if he was planning on solo carrying H2K into worlds. H2K took a small lead in the early game and slowly, but surely, took it into a good mid-late game lead.

Unfortunately for H2K fans, FNC turned around a massive gold deficit after securing both barons of the game and in the end, FNC won to go 2-0 up. Broxah was out-jungled in the early game, but he stole a 50/50 nash from the LCS veteran Jankos. When a similar thing happened against G2 in the semifinals, H2K never recovered.

H2K were beaten in the 2nd game

H2K looked beaten after the end of the 2nd game. The looks on their faces didn’t bear well for the final game. Indeed, FNC seemed to be very much in the driver’s seat. Rekkles was having a stellar series. This continued into the third game.

In the end, the final game was a bit of a stomp by FNC. H2K seemed to not be able to bring it back. The reverse-sweep dream was shattered. FNC had consistently beaten them over the regular splits and in the third place game of the playoffs.

FNC, on the other hand, looked dominant. Fitting for the team going to the worlds. We’ll see you there boys.

FNC vs. H2K ended in a 3-0 sweep

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