Fnatic Obliterate G2 and Win the 2018 EU LCS Spring Finals

The 2018 EU LCS Spring finals match between Fnatic and G2, which we’ve been looking forward to for what seems like a year, has finally happened. The ups and downs, the rookies taking over, the multiple comebacks by struggling teams – it all boiled down to this one showdown between Europe’s best teams.

All we can say is that the hype was all quite well deserved. While we, alongside most of the analysts, were expecting the match to go all the way to game 5, it was still full of bombastic plays which sent the crowd screaming and roaring with adrenaline.

Perhaps the most solid and exemplary player of the match was Fnatic’s ADC: Rekkles. That’s quite fitting since he received the MVP of the Split award for this season as well. His plays were extraordinary, and the 3-0 victory for his team could be attributed exclusively to him. Though that’s not to say that his team did not perform well.

Rekkles Come Up Big at the 2018 EU LCS Spring Finals

It was clear from the start of the season that Rekkles was going to be the main shot-caller for his team this season. He played true to this unofficial title, and went out of his way to secure victory for his team.

He was always put on a carry, and his team tried to play utility champions that would either peel for him or shield him. In return, Rekkles lit the stage with outrageous plays that had G2 running for their lives.

The first game was the only one in which it seemed that G2 had a chance. Rather, for the first 20 minutes of the first game, it looked like G2 were the vastly superior team. Perkz was living up to the hype that had been created for him prior to the match. The entirety of G2 were playing hyper-aggressively, and were far ahead in gold and kills.

This all changed after G2 tried to go for an early Baron. In what seemed like an impossible team fight, Fnatic actually managed to come back from definite defeat and destroyed G2. From that turning point onward, Fnatic didn’t let up. Despite the fact that G2 had a team fighting composition, even with a Jinx on Hjarnan, they still couldn’t best Fnatic in a single 5v5.

This was the game where G2 had tried to shut down Fnatic’s bot lane threat by providing a stronger carry than the one on Rekkles. While Rekkles had his Tristana, Hjarnan’s Jinx was predicted to overtake him in the late game. In terms of drafts, G2 had Fnatic surrounded in every way. However, with superior tactics, Fnatic didn’t let that happen. Caps came out huge; from his survivability during his laning phase to the huge amounts of damage he dished out – he was unstoppable.

Caps Played Like a Beast

That wasn’t Caps’ main goal though. His main goal was to provide Rekkles with massive shields that could sustain him during long, drawn-out fights. Using this, Rekkles was able to survive longer. He also had the utility that Tristana provided him with. He could move around as much as he liked by getting multiple jump resets during fights. Hjarnan, on the other hand, could do no such thing.

He had no crowd control, and couldn’t get away. If he stayed on the back line, his front line would take too much damage, forcing Hylissang to protect them. Using this gap, Fnatic would repeatedly delete Hjarnan, making him absolutely useless during the game.

The other two games went somewhat similarly. Although, at this point, it was clear how far ahead Fnatic was from G2. Rekkles had gotten an unofficial pentakill during the first game, and we knew that Fnatic’s overall gameplay was better than G2’s. They had somehow managed to come out ahead even though they didn’t have their main toplaner, sOAZ.

Bwipo played Sion for all 3 of the games of the 2018 EU LCS Spring finals. Fnatic didn’t trust themselves with any flashy tactics but instead put their hopes on Caps and Rekkles. Even when Wunder went for a late game damage dealer, Bwipo still opted to go with the Sion. He did have less-than-enjoyable laning phases, but he performed well during the mid to late game.

Hjarnan Couldn’t Match Rekkles

G2 tried their best to focus on the bot lane. When their first attempt at besting Rekkles didn’t work, they resorted to banning out any hyper carries that could be used by Rekkles. This didn’t work out for them in the slightest, with Rekkles hopping on Sivir, ready to deal even more damage than he had done so in the previous game.

Caps was a complete monster alongside Rekkles during this match. His amazing outplays on his Zoe makes us think that she’ll be back in solo q pretty soon. During the third game, G2 turned their focus from the bot lane, and tried to out-damage Rekkles once more. Hjarnan was on Sivir, which looked like a direct attempt at copying Rekkles from last game.

This time, Hjarnan did manage to overtake Rekkles in terms of damage. Rekkles had opted to answer the Sivir pick with a Tristana, just like in game 1, when he answered the hyper carry with a utility ADC that did just as much damage. While the third game started out well for G2, it soon spiralled out of their control like the other games. After the 20 minute mark, Fnatic stepped up, and completely asserted their dominance.

Final Thoughts

They established firm control over the Rift during each of the games and provided us with a match worth watching. Again, while many of us had hoped that the overall feel of the games would be similar to game 1, which was far less one-sided, the 2018 EU LCS Spring finals were still entertaining to watch. The end result was that G2 was finally dethroned, and by Fnatic themselves, no less. We’ll be hoping for a Silver Scrapes showdown in the next tournament to come.

What do you think of the outcome of the 2018 EU LCS Spring Finals? Were you disappointed that it did not go all five games? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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