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Fnatic, UoL, Splyce or H2K? Worlds 2017 #3 EU Seed Final Showdown! - Esportsranks
Fnatic, UoL, Splyce or H2K? Worlds 2017 #3 EU Seed Final Showdown!

The 2017 EU LCS Regional Qualifiers Kick Off Tomorrow

Also known as the gauntlet, the EU LCS Regional Qualifiers are here! They are a grueling affair, with one team coming out on top. It’s a great way to give more than one team the chance to make it to worlds. It also gives the best teams a slight advantage over other contenders.

Teams will definitely be feeling the pressure. Fnatic have to secure the final seed at worlds, otherwise their entire season will end in one huge disappointment. They are also seeking redemption, after their loss to Misfits in the playoffs semifinals. Players such as Rekkles and Soaz are big names in the world of EU LCS. If they don’t make it to worlds, not only will they be massively disappointed in themselves, their fans will also be hugely disappointed.

EU LCS Regional Qualifiers 2017

Twitter @LoLesports

Splyce vs. H2K Round 1: FIGHT

The first series is tomorrow, September 8th at 17:00 CST. It will take place between Splyce and H2K. H2K will definitely be the favourites going into the game. However, no team in the gauntlet can ever be counted out. It all depends on how they perform on the day. If the Splyce boys can perform as they have been at times during the regular split, they could see themselves going into the next round. ‘

H2K had a decent regular split. However, they were consistently outshone by other top teams such as G2 and Fnatic. However, some would argue that H2K could potentially put in a better performance at worlds than, for example, Misfits. Many people will want to see H2K at worlds and will therefore be hoping that they can overcome the first obstacle in the EU LCS Regional Qualifiers.

Unicorns Seek Redemption

The second series takes place on September 9th at 17:00 CST.

Whoever wins in the first round has some tough competition waiting for them. Although UOL have often performed very well, they lack consistency. Their midlaner, Exileh, has often been criticised for his poor performances.

EU LCS Regional Qualifiers 2017 UOL

Flickr @lolesports

Exileh tends to die a lot more than should be expected of a LCS midlaner. On the other hand, when they are working together, the Unicorns are one of the best team fighters in the EU LCS, and even some would argue, in the West.

If they are capable of finding this form on the day, H2K or Splyce will definitely struggle to get past the them.

Fnatic Face Their Final Test

The final series for the winner and EU LCS #3 2017 Worlds seed is scheduled for September 10th at 17:00 CST.

Fnatic fans will be nervous, yet excited for the final. They have every right to be nervous, after Misfits destroyed them in the semifinals of the playoffs. Most people thought, even expected, Fnatic to sweep Misfits, but the opposite happened. This will have left many Fnatic fans with jitters and worries.

Fnatic would have to put in one of their stellar performances to defeat any one of these teams. However, Fnatic fans can take some comfort. During the regular summer split, Fnatic had defeated every single one of these teams in a best of three series. On the other hand, in the world of Esports, anything can happen.

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