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Flop or Top: New TSM Roster - Esportsranks
Flop or Top: New TSM Roster

Welcome to a new series of articles, Flop or top. This series is designed to discuss the new NA LCS 2018 Rosters. Riot have recently brought in new franchising rules, which are discussed at the end of the article. First up is the new TSM roster.

New TSM Roster

After their poor performance at Worlds 2017, it’s not hard to see where their logic lies. They have signed some players with previous experience in playing at the highest level. They say goodbye to Doublelift and Biofrost in the bot lane. Although they performed incredibly well in the NA LCS, they weren’t up to scratch on the international stage. Doublelift was famously memed for not using his flash against Misfits. Although this wasn’t individually the reason they performed so badly at worlds, it seems that the TSM management lost faith in them, and instead picked up a more experienced duo.

TSM’s new roster is certainly bold. It was rumoured very early on that Sven was going to be moved, in order to open up a new import slot. Thanks to Bjergsen no longer being classed as an import, as he’s been playing in the NA LCS for more than 4 years, Zven and Mithy have both been brought in to sure up the roster.

Zven and Mithy: Experienced Bot Lane Duo

Zven and Mithy have been known as the best bot lane in the West. Although they didn’t have the Worlds 2017 performance they would have liked, they did take one game away from SKT T1 at MSI in the final. This was long before there was any talk of SKT’s dynasty being over, as it is now. G2 were the only Western team in the quarter-finals and so that experience is probably what TSM are looking for.

TSM New Roster

Day 5 of 2017 Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage at Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 14 May 2017.


MikeYeung: Rookie of the split

On the flip side, replacing Svenskeren is MikeYeung. Although MikeYeung doesn’t quite have the same experience as the rest of his team-mates, he was Rookie of the Split Summer 2017. MikeYeung definitely has the potential to really showcase his talent in 2018. There is some worry around the way junglers are forced to play around Bjergsen when they’re on TSM. Some argue Svenskeren would have played better if he had been allowed to play his comfort picks. If MikeYeung is allowed some freedom then this could be the star team of 2018.

TSM New Roster

MikeYeung wearing his new team’s hoodie

Flop or top?

This team certainly has a lot of potential. With the new franchising system brought into place by Riot, a lot of players have been moved around. This has probably brought about the biggest shift in rosters we’ve seen in a long time. It’s definitely hard to call, but this TSM roster will likely be at the top. European players often fair well in NA, and this bot lane is likely to give most bot lanes a run for their money.

They definitely have a lot to live up to. It is considered a bad split if TSM don’t secure first place. Furthermore, they will have the weight and expectations which follow every TSM roster when they compete internationally. The logic behind this roster change is to move on from being regional powerhouses to being world beaters.