Flash Wolves Blitz AHQ! – LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals

LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals was nearly a reprisal of Spring Split. However, AHQ didn’t get a single win – Flash Wolves took home a sweeping series victory with back to back convincing 3 match wins.

Maple really uncorked on Corki in all three matches. Also, Betty on Tristana proved to be an insurmountable obstacle. All Flash Wolves players performed very well overall.

This dominant performance once again proved Flash Wolves’ undisputed domination over the LMS scene. As we already know, both teams were already in the World Championship 2017 Group Stage seeding prior to Finals.

The outcome only affected teams’ pride and prestige really. The convincing loss surely stings AHQ, but it’s too late now.

By the way, check out the action of LMS Round 2 if you haven’t.

Game 1 – LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals

AHQ maintained a slight team gold lead in the first half of the game. However, Wolves made it clear who was in charge as they staged massive and strategic objective plays.

The stalemate ended as quickly as it started. The tempo finally swung into Wolves’ favour shortly after the 15-minute mark.

What followed was a barrage of systematic objective-oriented plays and tower destructions, resulting in a quick half-hour finish.

An easy 1-0 lead for Flash Wolves set up the stage for the next two games.

Game 2 – LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals

AHQ opened up on an equal footing in the second game. Wolves were quick to destroy the first tower, but AHQ parried them in the first 10 minutes. However, the equilibrium was quickly melting away as Wolves were slowly establishing their overwhelming pace.

The first hard hits came around the 15-minute mark. Wolves picked the second tower, slaying the Herald and finally killing the dragon and the third tower shortly after.

From that point onward, it was all Wolves. SwordArt was doing the usual support work on Blitzcrank, Karsa and Maple assisted heavily on Gragas and Corki respectively, while Betty on Tristana was capitalizing on his team’s setups with killing blows.

2-0 for Wolves in a little over 32 minutes.

Game 3 – LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals

The back-to-back defeats in the first two games seemed to have finally taken their toll on AHQ. Once again, they parried equally in the first half of the game.

But then, it looked like they just gave up, thinking: “We’re going to worlds anyway, who cares about another loss?” They allowed Wolves free rein in lanes, losing a bunch of towers in the process.

Obviously, Wolves are not the team to miss the chance of quickly seizing the openings like that, smashing through the lanes almost effortlessly.

One final teamfight in the base ended up with Wolves almost acing AHQ. Obviously, this was GGWP for AHQ.

LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals

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LMS 2017 Summer Playoffs Finals Outcome

Overall, this was a dominating 3-0 for Wolves in a little over an hour and a half of playtime. Both teams made it clear who the #1 and #2 LMS 2017 World Championships seeds are.

Despite the results, Flash Wolves still have one annoying chip on their shoulder, an important milestone to reach.

AHQ’s and Flash Wolves’ regional and international history is intertwined. AHQ had a World Championship debut in 2014. Flash Wolves followed suit next year.

The two rivals have been among the most prominent LMS teams lately. Wolves took the limelight last year, overpowering AHQ in Round 2 of the playoffs, and dispatching J Team in the finals.

Apparently, this meant very little on the worlds stage. Both teams appeared to be middle-of-the-pack contenders so far. However AHQ placed higher than Wolves in all 3 years of teams’ shared worlds history.

Is 3rd time the lucky charm for Flash Wolves? Can they finally put a nail in the coffin and prove they are better than AHQ, both regionally AND internationally? We’ll find out in a little over a month.

Worlds are close. Stay tuned for LMS Regional Qualifiers winner and LMS #3 seed.