FIWC ROW Regionals Recap: 4 More Names Added to Finalists Going to London

The action in the desert of Doha all went down the last two days. NagaiFC, Marcus_7170, AaMeghassib, and S_O_N_Y_528 have won their respective divisions on their respective days to book their tickets to the Grand Finals in London. Here is Esportsranks’ full recap of the FIWC ROW Regionals.

FIWC ROW Regionals XBOX Division

Japanese player NagaiFC was the first player thru as he won the Xbox final on the first day. He showed his strength throughout, topping his group and easily dispatching his semifinal competitor. The final was a high scoring affair with a final combined scoreline of 5-6. NagaiFC came out on top and with that a ticket to London.

From start to finish AaMeghassib showed his strength in the same way as his Xbox compatriot the day earlier. He topped his group and then smashed his semifinal competition 4-1. The final was a little more tense affair, but AaMeghassib endured, closed out at 2-1, and earned his ticket to London.

FIWC ROW Regionals

Courtesy FIWC

FIWC ROW Regionals PS4 Division

Eventual champion Marcus_7170 had a tougher road to the finals. He finished second in his group with a negative scoreline. His opponent in the semifinals – FUTWIZ sponsored Samer. Marcus was clearly the underdog but eventually beat Samer with a scoreline of 2-1. It turned out that this scoreline would appear again in the Final. Marcus_7170 beat Fruitballymay in the PS4 final and booked his spot in London.

S_O_N_Y_528’s group finished with all 4 players even on 7 points. He placed 2nd based on goal difference. After a closely contested semifinal, which ended 4-3, he faced off versus InfamousShadow9 in the finals. He won the first match 2-0, but had to defend an onslaught all of the second match. Sony came out on top with 2-1 scoreline.

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