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FIWC Munich Regionals announced - Esportsranks
FIWC Munich Regionals announced

The next and final iteration of qualifying EU regionals for FIWC will happen in Munich from June 9 to June 15. 50 players will battle it out for 10 spots at the grand finals in London. The format for the FIWC Munich regionals differs from previous versions where now there will be 5 groups per division.

The information about how this regionals will work is lacking, with FIFA.com stating the top four (4!) from each group of 5 will advance to the knockout rounds after a playoff. What we predict from deciphering the information, is that the top 4 of each group will play one knockout game to see who actually advances. 1st place will play 4th, and 2nd will play 3rd. The winner of those games advancing to the proper FIWC Munich regionals knockout stages.

The addition of this “knockout before the knockout” seems to be overkill, but time will tell if this is a successful formula.

FIWC Munich Regionals XBOX division

FIWC Munich regionals xbox

The Xbox division has always been considered the “stronger” of the two. This side of the coin contains many professional football team sponsored players, such as PSG DAXEE and S04 TIM LATKA, who both face off in group 1. HASHTAG TASS, season 1 EU regional champion and also perennial favourite, joins these two competitors.

Group 2 contains the self proclaimed best player in the world, KURT0411. Having been denied, some say unfairly, participation in season 1 and 2 EU regionals, he is out to cash the checks he has been writing all year. Group 3 also contains the clearest fan favourite in THEE BULLOCK.

The 4th group is competing with group 1 for the label of “group of death”, with EPSILON FULLY, A HUGEDRAGON X, and also AFC AJAX DANI all participating in this group. If only two advance from this group, it seems like those names will come from the above.

The fifth and final Xbox group at the FIWC Munich regionals includes master dabber, HASHTAG HARRRY. He is joined by FUTWIZ PRICEY, who is also out to show everyone what he really is made of after a poor showing at the recent Madrid Regionals.

FIWC Munich Regionals PS4 Division

FIWC Munich regionals ps4

The groups in the PS4 division are more straightforward than the Xbox division. Group 1 in the PS4 division contains crowd favourite TONYKOKNL, and season 1 EU regionals PS4 champion S04_CIHAN. We expect both players to advance from this group.

Group 2 has ||_BRUMA_||, who has always been in the top 100 of the PS4 FUT champions weekly rankings. He is another player looking for redemption after a poor showing at the Paris regionals.

HASHTAG BORAS and Madrid regionals champion PRINSIPE will duke it out in group 3. DRENHANOX who is also a great player with something to prove after Paris, joins the two in the group.

Crowd favourites SALZOR and AGGE both are both competing in group 4. The 5th group contains debutant MO_AUBAMAYANG. As with previous regional events, some relatively unknown players can come out and surprise us. Will MO_AUBAMAYANG be another xSHELLZZ? Wait and see the FIWC Munich regionals – starting June 9.