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FIWC Group stage early games - Favourites find it hard - Esportsranks
FIWC Group stage early games – Favourites find it hard

The finals have finally arrived at the Central Hall Westminster for the beginning of FIWC17. The atmosphere among the coaches and friends is tense as re-runs from the Berlin final between xShellzz and Rockyy are replayed. xShellz will be hoping to repeat his success of in Berlin, run but this time manage to win the whole tournament. The competition is tough, with 32 of the best players in the world all meeting here to battle it out today in the FIWC group stage. Quick highlights from the first half of the day in the FIWC group stage.

Before the tournament starts the players start training for the FIWC group stage. This involves pre-game coaching as well as other things. They also have to select their teams, which are the squads that they will be taking into the tournament. They have access to all the players, unlike people who play the game online who have to open packs in order to get better players. This gives a fair playing field for the 32 players.

Playstation Group 1

TimoX, Expectsporting, xShellzz S_O_N_Y528, Iceprinsiple, deto, nicolas99fc, rein10

Ones to watch: TimoX vs Expectsporting, xShellzz Vs Timox, Expectsporting Vs TimoX

Playstation Group 2

Timon, ManiiKa, lucasrep98, TheStrxnger, Tonykoknl, Marcus_7170, Mo_Aubameyang, Zezinho23xx

Xbox Group 1

CodyDerFinisher, Marlut, R Stackzz x, Janoz, SUBARDIAS, Gorilla, Rafsou, Aman

One to watch: Marlut Vs R Stackzz x, Gorilla Vs Marlut, Gorilla Vs R Stackzz x

Xbox Group 2

Joey, Rafifa13, Dani, Joey, Tass, Rmeghessib, FilthyP94, Thee Bullock, RockKy

Ones to watch: Tass vs Rockyy, Tass vs Rafifa13, Rockyy vs Rafifa13

FIWC Group Stage – Select Game Highlights

Gorilla Vs Stackzz

First half

First game of the tournament, nerves already showing. Nervous passing to start the game and a few half chances from both players. The newer player, R_Stackzz, had the first chance from a corner but hit the side netting. Gorilla took it straight back at Stackzz and had a couple of chances of his own but nothing came of it. Stackzz then hit the post twice in a short period, unbelievably unlucky for him. Unfortunate, but he can be happy with his work so far as a newcomer to the scene playing against a legend. At half time it’s was safe to say that Stackzz looked good.

STANDOUT STAT: 8 shots by Stackzz to Gorilla’s 2.

Second half

Gorilla looked to use his experience in the scene to shine over Stackzz. Gorilla’s defence definitely looked stronger in the second half. Midway thru only saw a couple of shots, but then suddenly a fantastic through ball to Suarez by Gorilla led to the first goal of the game. Gorilla is 1-0 up and you have to think that Stackzz now has a mountain to climb. With 10 minutes to go Gorilla created a chance out of nothing and with some fancy footwork from Ronaldo goes 2-0 up. Gorilla won his first game of the tournament, despite a rocky start. Unfortunate for Stackzz who had a good first half but this competition is all about scoring goals.

Gorilla attributes his first win to his change of tactics after his slow start. Stackzz was originally exposing his flanks but using his experience and tactical knowledge of the game. Gorilla struck twice and turned the game on its head.

FilthyP94 Vs Tass

Tass – one of the most famous players in the Fifa pro scene – has to deal with a large amount of pressure to perform from fans and sponsors. On the other hand Filthyp94 comes from Canada and you could say that the pressure isn’t on him to perform. He has a reputation as a great player in the scene and there could certainly be an upset here.

First half

The game started with total domination from Tass. FilthyP94 gracefully soaked up the pressure from his opponent who was in his half most of the game.

Suddenly at the stroke of halftime FilthyP94 smashed it into the back of the net. 1-0 to FilthyP94 is how the half ended. Scenes.

Second half

FilthyP94 kicked off the second half by scoring another goal. It is all set up to be a shocking upset for Hashtag_Tass from a relatively unknown player. The fairytale was not to be. In the 70th minute Hashtag_Tass smashed the ball in with Ronaldo from 25 yards. The keeper had no chance, and the game fully kicked off from here.

Tass managed to net an equaliser at the very end of the game and shows why you can’t count him out. That’s two points potentially dropped by FilthyP94 which he will be disappointed with.

FIWC Group stage – Game notes

Gorilla goes 1-0 down after just a few minutes and then concedes another goal after 12 minutes. After his first game he didn’t look incredibly strong but managed to win that one. However, he certainly has a mountain to climb now. It would be an upset for him to lose to Janoz. Gorilla makes a few tactical changes and hopes that this will help him push through into either a draw or a win. But of course Gorilla has masses of experience and uses this to score a goal to start the comeback. This game is shaping up to be a close one. After going 3-1 down Gorilla scores another goal and is now one goal away from getting a crucial point. Gorilla is fighting hard to bring it back but Janoz’s defence is looking very strong. A few good chances for Gorilla but it seems as if the game is going to finish in favour of the Colombian. The game ends with Gorilla losing 3-2.

xShellz currently leads Principe 2 to nothing. xShellz is definitely looking strong. He overturned a 2-0 deficit in his first game and managed to end the game with a draw. Now he comes into his second game and is doing well. He concedes a late goal which will bring back memories of his losses in Berlin. The pressure gets to him and xShellz must be gutted after again conceding a 90th minute equaliser which will be incredibly demoralising. Prinsipe has done really well to comeback and bring it to 2-2. Many had Principe counted out but maybe because of xShellz crumbling or maybe because of a strong performance by Prinsipe the game is a draw and xShellz loses 2 potentially crucial points.

FIWC Group Stage – Summary so far

Playstation group 1

The biggest upset so far is that ExpectSporting is bottom of his group. He was one of the strongest players coming into the tournament and many would expect him to be doing a lot better. xShellz is also struggling after throwing away a 2-0 lead. The thing about Esports and specifically FIFA is that everything is still to play for. Each player in these groups still has the chance to make a comeback and stay in the competition.

Xbox Group 1

The biggest surprise for some of this group is that Janoz leads the group with a comfortable margin of two points. The two English players in the group (Gorilla and Stackzz) are within the cut-off point of advancing to the next stage. With 2 games played each the group is beginning to heat up and this group is looking very competitive.

Xbox Group 2

The so-called ‘group of death’ has had a slower start. With one game played each every single player is currently sitting on one point as they all drew. A great comeback from Hashtag_Tass means that he stayed competitive in this group and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next stage. Thee Bullock, the other English player in this group managed a draw also.