FIWC Interview Series – Gorilla UNILAD, Stackzz, Deto, Joey

The first two days of action in at the FIWC finals in London has been full of drama, suspense, and action. Our FIWC interview segment brings some assorted quotes from the players at the event about the event itself, the game, other players, and some things outside FIFA.


When asked about AI and its role in the game

“FIFA and EA have made massive improvements but there are still a few issues. Without the AI you can only control one player and football is a team sport, unlike other Esports. It can work. EA just need to work out something to do with the AI. EA know what they need to do. It’s not an issue it just has to be adjusted. It needs to be downgraded. The issue most players have is when you’re not in control when conceding a goal. Players have conceded by no fault of their own, or the players won’t make a tackle etc.”

How did the deal with UNILAD come about?

“The deal with UNILAD, Kurtis [UNILAD Esports manager] was joining UNILAD and we’ve been friends and spent a lot of time together at Epsilon and we have been working together for a long time and it felt like the right decision and Kurt was a big part in me joining them but also the right plan was in place.”

About the future, with UNILAD and GORILLA, “It’s up to them what they want to do, and there’s a lot of big things coming up. A lot more content creation. People see me as someone known in the community and that’s based on my performances, and I’ve only been playing for 3 years. Sounds like a lot but that’s not that long for FIFA. I’m looking to develop my Gorilla brand.”

We will bring more information about Gorilla and UNILAD’S Esports plans in the coming days as they are made available.

gorilla fiwc

LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 16: Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing of England in action during day one of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 on August 16, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Ben Hoskins – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

FIWC Interview with Deto

Why do you think Germans seem to be showing up so strong

“I think that German’s are good at football and FIFA in general for all the years.

The competition in Germany is very very good, I knew the Germans would do an amazing job here but not as good as they were.”

FIWC Interview with R Stackzz

How was the game vs Gorilla?

“I think I started off pretty well against Gorilla, I was quite unlucky to lose but I lost and I never really recovered from that, I bounced back a couple of times. It happens.”

How do you feel about next year?

“Next year just looks amazing, not just for game play but also for icons, I look forward to using my favourite player of all time, Henry because I’m an Arsenal fan, the opportunities are looking great.”

Will you be back next year?

“Definitely i’ll be back.”

Any favourite streamers?

“To be honest, i’m new to the competitive scene so i’m relatively new but i’ve recently got into watching youtube channels like Hashtag United, Hashtag Harry who has really interesting games.”

Who’s your favourite player (opponent)?

“Gorilla is a great player he can go on to it easily to win, my favourite for the tournament is Janoz. I’d love Gorilla to win it obviously but if it’s not Gorilla then I’d like Janoz to win it.

I’m just taking a break from FIFA 17, I’m going on holiday with my family as I’ve been practising so hard for this.”

stackzz fiwc

LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 16: Ryan “R Stackzz X” Pessoa of England during his game against against Florian “Codyderfinisher” MuŸller of Germany during day one of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 on August 16, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Ben Hoskins – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

FIWC Interview with Epsilon Joey

How do you feel about being knocked out by Gorilla?

“I feel proud about how I performed but I’m disappointed I tried my best and what happened happened.”

What are your plans for FIFA18?

“Come back stronger, practise, grind, play everyday a lot of hours and do my best.”

Are you going to have a vacation?

“To me this is a vacation, coming to London, but I’ll [have to] go back I work full time… Everybody’s been telling me that London’s nice probably will get a chance to go round London but tomorrow i’ll be here for the grand final.”

Favourite streamer?

“My favourite streamer to watch, non-FIFA is Dr Disrepect, but for FIFA – my homie Mbone, I watch Gorilla’s stream, Rockyy, Tass, it’s just crazy I got to play them honestly. My favourite to win the whole thing is Gorilla, but who I want to win the whole thing? I want FilthyP94 to win. Representing North America.”

Stay tuned to twitter and twitch as we bring the Grand Finals action live as it happens.