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FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 5 - Mo_Aubameyang and Codyderfinisher Last Ones Thru - Esportsranks
FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 5 – Mo_Aubameyang and Codyderfinisher Last Ones Thru

At long last we reach the end of proceedings at the FIWC regionals in Munich. The final daw saw the last 10 competitors compete for the final 2 European spots at FIWC London. With a mix of German, Swedish, German, English, among others, the final day was truly an international affair. In the end, Mo_Aubameyang and Codyderfinisher complete the list of all the players that qualify for the main in event in London via Munich. See our full FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 5 recap below.

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 5 – Group Stage


Name Points Goals for Goals against Difference
Epsilon Sneaky 10 12 8 4
Codyderfinisher 9 3 2 1
Hashtag Harry 6 7 6 1
Megabit 4 5 6 -1
FUTWIZ Pricey 0 4 9 -5

Epsilon Sneaky, incorrectly labelled AS Monaco Sneaky in promotional materials, topped the group in convincing fashion. Crowd favourite Hashtag Harry was willed on by the crowd, but could only muster a 3rd place finish. Unfortunately for FUTWIZ Pricey, he takes home nothing but an unwanted statistic. Out of all 50 competitors, he was the only one not to earn a single point in the group stage.


Name Points Goals for Goals against Difference
Mo_Aubameyang 10 12 3 9
Marcuzo 7 10 7 3
Lukasinho 7 7 6 1
Gotzery 3 4 10 -6
Bryanhercales 1 4 11 -7

The PS4 division had two clear favourites in Germans Mo_Aubameyang and Gotzery. Since they finished 1st and 4th respectively, that meant that they would face off against each other in the semis. The other two competitors who progressed were Marcuzo, from Denmark, and Lukasinho, from Sweden. They would face off in the second semifinals of the FIWC Europe qualifiers day 5.

FIWC Europe Qualifiers day 5

Courtesy FIWC

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 5 – Semifinals


Semifinal 1 – Epsilon Sneaky v. Megabit

Game 1: Epsilon Sneaky 1 – Megabit 2

Game 2: Epsilon Sneaky 2 – Megabit 2

Megabit progresses to finals (4-3)

Semifinal 2 – Codyderfinisher vs. Hashtag Harry

Game 1: Codyderfinisher 2 – Hashtag Harry 0

Game 2: Codyderfinisher 4 – Hashtag Harry 1

Codyderfinisher progresses to finals (6-1)


Semifinal 1 – Mo_Aubameyang vs. Gotzery

Game 1: Mo_Aubameyang 2 – Gotzery 2

Game 2: Mo_Aubameyang 5 – Gotzery 1

Mo_Aubameyang progresses to finals (7-3)

Semifinal 2 – Marcuzo vs. Lukasinho

Game 1: Marcuzo 3 – Lukasinho 1

Game 2: Marcuzo 1 – Lukasinho 1

Marcuzo progresses to finals (4-2)

FIWC Europe Qualifiers day 5

Courtesy FIWC

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 5 – Finals

Xbox Final – Megabit vs. Codyderfinisher

Game 1

Fittingly enough, it was an all German final in Munich. Megabit made his way here by beating group winner Epsilon Sneaky. Codyderfinisher lived up to his name by finishing Hashtag Harry’s dream in the competition.

Codyderfinisher opened the proceedings with a well worked goal by Messi in the 15th minute. As we have seen so far, getting goals off Codyderfinisher is not an easy task, and giving up an early goal is akin to a disaster. Megabit found a way, however, courtesy of a fantastic Neymar volley from close range just as the half came.

The second half was a back and forth affair as the players changed tactics and formations in the 73rd minute. Soon after, Megabit hit the crossbar with Suarez and the game sloshed on. Megabit’s De Gea then pulled off two brilliant saves towards the end of the match to ensure that the game ends as a draw and that we have a thrilling finish to the whole event.

Game 2

A long break was caused because of multiple changes of tactics, formations, and players. Even then, right after kickoff there was more adjustments being made to the teams. Megabit had the best chance to break the deadlock 30 minutes in, but his shot was dragged wide of the goal. It was Megabit who broke the deadlock with a Ronaldo tap in just before the half.

Right after the second half kicked off, Codyderfinisher got one back thru a Neymar tap in after a scrap in front of the goal. Megabit had an immediate answer by way of a Ronaldo goal. 2 guesses as what would happen next. Codyderfinisher smashed one in with Messi. The next goal would go to the same player, as Suarez tapped in his own rebounded shot. A few minutes of panic in front of Codyderfinisher’s goal didn’t lead to anything, which secured him the ticket to London.

Game 1: Megabit 1 – Codyderfinisher 1

Game 2: Megabit 2 – Codyderfinisher 3

Codyderfinisher wins the divisional title and advances to the FIWC London Grand Finals. (3-4)

PS4 Final – Mo_Aubameyang vs. Marcuzo

Game 1

Mo_Aubameyang, the 3rd of the German finalists, was one of the early favourites in his division. Strong online performances leading up to the event had boosted his chances, and more importantly, his morale.

The German versus the Dane was the first televised final of the day. The first half was a back and forth affair, both players looking for that important first goal. Marcuzo’s FK late in the half was blocked and the half ended with that. Both players set out to attack, but were very cautious.

Marcuzo again came close in the 62nd minute, but his shot on the breakaway was blocked. Mo_Aubameyang came close in the 74th minute as a cross was misjudged and the ball fell to Messi. The shot didn’t have enough power and was easily scooped up by the keeper. Right after, Mo_Aubameyang scored an absolute screamer from outside the box with Modric. A 90th minute scramble for Marcuzo led to naught, and the match ended 1-0 in favour of the German.

Game 2

Mo_Aubameyang knew a tidy 90 minutes would see him achieve the ultimate goal, the coveted ticket to London. He didn’t sit back tho, attacking from the left, right, and centre looking for another goal to effectively kill off the tie. Amazingly, in the 45th minute Marcuzo was clear on goal with Ronaldo, and blasted it over the bar! He was visibly shaken, scratching his head as soon as the halftime whistle blew.

Straight after kickoff it was clear that Mo_Aubameyang wanted that second goal to kill the tie off. His attacking play was rewarded in the 67th minute, as Ronaldo was allowed to shoot from inside the box. The ball nestled in the back of the net and the ticket to London was flew into Mo_Aubameyang’s pocket.

Game 1: Mo_Aubameyang 1 – Marcuzo 0

Game 2: Mo_Aubameyang 1 – Marcuzo 0

Mo_Aubameyang wins the divisional title and advances to the FIWC London Grand Finals (2-0).

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