FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 3 – Prinsipe and Thee Bullock are going to London

The FIWC qualifiers are in full swing as we enter the mid point of the EU event. The previous two days have come and gone and already 4 players have booked their tickets to the main event in London. Hashtag Tass and TONYKOKNL were the two winners on the first day. Yesterday saw XL_Ryan and Gambit Timon triumph. Today we were treated with the PS4 division’s “Group of Death”. In the end, it was Prinsipe and Thee Bullock who emerged victorious. They join the 4 mentioned above, along with the 8 already qualified, at the main event in London. Here is Esportsranks’ full recap of the FIWC Europe Qualifiers day 3.

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 3 – Group Stage


Name Points Goals for Goals against Difference
Flaggo95 7 8 7 1
Julianooo 7 6 5 1
SY Vicente 6 7 6 1
Thee Bullock 4 4 5 -1
XL_Painter 2 3 5 -2


The Xbox group was by far the most closely contested group stage so far in the FIWC Europe qualifiers. Paris standout Thee Bullock could only manage fourth. Even more disastrous was professionally sponsored XL_Painter finishing dead last in the group with just 2 draws. Fortunately for team XL, they still have a player in the running as XL_Ryan won his division yesterday. Relative unknown Flaggo95 topped the group based on goals scored.


Name Points Goals for Goals against Difference
Prinsipe 10 8 3 5
Drerhano 7 5 3 2
Hashtag Boras 5 4 4 0
Raphinhoo 4 6 6 0
Weirdgaming 1 2 9 -7


With big names such as Prinsipe, Drerhano, Hashtag Boras, and Raphinhoo all in the same group, this was clearly the PS4 division’s “Group of Death”. As expected, it was those four who progressed in a more straightforward group than the other division. Prinsipe, the FUT Champions Season 2 overall European champion topped the group. Drerhano and Hashtag Boras, both seasoned FIFA competitors, also went through and would face each other in the semifinals. The FIWC Europe qualifiers day 3 was shaping up to be a banger.

FIWC Europe day 3

Courtesy FIWC

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 3 – Semifinals


Semifinal 1 – Thee Bullock vs. Flaggo95

Game 1: Thee Bullock 2 – Flaggo95 0

Game 2: Thee Bullock 2 – Flaggo95 1

Thee Bullock progresses to finals (4-1)

Semifinal 2 – Julianooo vs. Flaggo95

Game 1: Julianooo 2 – SY Vicente 1

Game 2: Julianooo 1 – Flaggo95 1

Julianooo progresses to finals (3-2)


Semifinal 1 – Prinsipe vs. Raphinoo

Game 1: Prinsipe 4 – Raphinoo 2

Game 2: Prinsipe 1 – Raphinoo 2

Prinsipe progresses to finals (5-4)

Semifinal 2 – Drerhano vs. Hashtag Boras

Game 1: Drerhano 0 – Hashtag Boras 0

Game 2: Drerhano 2 – Hashtag Boras 1

Drerhano progresses to finals (5-4)

FIWC Europe

Courtesy FIWC

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 3 – Finals

Xbox Final – Thee Bullock vs. Julianooo

A delayed stream announcement led us to miss the first half of the first game. The players went into the half with the score tied 1-1. The second half was brought to life in the 75th minute when Julianooo scored a goal with Aubamayang. The match ended with the Frenchman Julianooo taking a slim 1 goal lead to the second match.

As expected, Thee Bullock started the second game on the front foot looking for that all important goal. The Bullock special came through in the 12th minute with SBC Torres of all players. Julianooo came back with a scrappy goal due to the keeper parrying the ball straight onto an onrushing attacker. FUT players are all to familiar with this type of goal scored. The second half started with the offside trap bug happening right at the kickoff. Fair play to Julianooo who didn’t take advantage of the bug and kicked the ball out of play.

Thee Bullock had a Ronaldo shot partially saved by De Gea, and as the ball trickled towards goal the audience were on their seats. Julianooo was able to clear the ball off the line and 1-1 it stayed. The game’s deadlock was broken when Thee Bullock scored with his halftime substitute, the amazing Ousmane Dembele. Thats how the game ended, so off to extra time we go.

Extra time (golden goal)

The first time extra time that has been televised at the FIWC Europe Qualifiers came in this game. The format is one we have issue with, with the “extra time” coming as another full 90 minute match, with additional time on top of that. A potential 120 minute extra time session. Nonetheless the new match kicked off and Julianooo pushed from the onset almost scoring from an early goalmouth scramble. The game continued to be end to end with both players looking for the important golden goal. Thee Bullock spectacularly won it with an amazing curled Suarez shot from the edge of the box. An amazing finish to an amazing day.

Game 1: Thee Bullock 1 – Julianooo 2

Game 2: Thee Bullock 3 – Julianooo 1

Thee Bullock (4-3, golden goal) wins the divisional title and advances to the FIWC London Grand Finals.

PS4 Final – Drerhano vs. Prinsipe

The Madrid regionals champion versus the hometown hero is how the match was billed. It was the Italian who opened the proceedings by scoring with Kante (!!) within 20 minutes of kickoff. Prinsipe then showed his true talent by scoring soon after with Nainggolan. 2 goals from 2 midfielders. Just before the half Prinsipe made it 3, dashing any hope for another German in the FIWC London Grand Finals. Drerhano managed to fight back and get a goal mid second half. The first game ended 3-1 in favour of the Italian.

The second game started with Drerhano pushing hard to find one of the two goals he needed. Not even an early formation and tactic change could help Drerhano as Prinsipe scored around the 30 minute mark with Messi. At this point the tie was effectively over and Prinsipe was assured his spot in London. Prinsipe: Job done at the FIWC Europe qualifiers day 3.

Game 1: Drerhano 1 – Prinsipe 3

Game 2: Drerhano 0 – Prinsipe 1

Prinsipe wins the divisional title and advances to the FIWC London Grand Finals.

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