FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 2 – Ryan and Timon Advance

The second day in the FIWC Europe Qualifiers has concluded and there are two new names travelling to London. XL_Ryan and Timon have booked their tickets by winning the PS4 and XBOX groups. As with last Friday, the official FIWC Facebook page started the broadcast at the semifinal round. Viewers were treated with actual commentary today, in the form of the excellent Brandon Smith and Richard Buckley. A much welcome change from last Friday’s “boof”-fest. Here’s the full recap of the FIWC Europe qualifiers day 2.

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 2 – Group Stage


Name Points Goals for Goals against Difference
Kurt0411 10 12 5 7
XL_Ryan 9 13 7 6
FUTWIZ_Richy 7 8 11 -3
MIL Maestro 1 6 9 -3
OLRafsou 1 6 13 -7


Kurt came to play. After months of sitting on the sidelines, being excluded from FUT Champions, this was Kurt’s time to shine. Since the group stage matches were not broadcast, those wishing to finally see Kurt in action had to wait for the semi’s, should he go thru. And boy did he go thru. Topping the group with 3 wins and 1 draw, Kurt was guaranteed some TV time.


Name Points Goals for Goals against Difference
GAMBIT Timon 7 10 7 3
Osszen 7 8 8 0
Zimme 6 6 6 0
ll_BRUMA_ll 5 9 8 1
Preet123 2 7 15 -8


The PS4 group of the FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 2 was much more tightly contested than the other division. The games were open and free flowing, with an average of 4 goals scored per game. Unfortunately for Preet, 15 of the 40 goals scored were against him. Timon, representing Russia, topped the group, followed by two Swedes and a Dutchman.

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 2

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 2 – Semifinals


Semifinal 1 – Kurt0411 vs. Mil Maestro (on screen)

With a long delay before the first game kicked off, Kurt looked visibly eager to get things going. This might’ve put him off his game as Maestro scored two quick goals in the first match. In the second game, Kurt came out of the blocks roaring to find the two goals he needed to save the tie. He scored one with Ronaldo early on. Going all out for that second goal, Kurt was hit on the counter again, and again, and with that the tie was virtually over.

Game 1: Kurt0411 0 – Mil Maestro 2

Game 2: Kurt0411 1 – Mil Maestro 3

Mil Maestro progresses to finals (1-5)

Semifinal 2 – XL_Ryan vs. FUTWIZ_Richy

Game 1: XL_Ryan 1 – FUTWIZ_Richy 1

Game 2: XL_Ryan 4 – FUTWIZ_Richy 3

XL_Ryan progresses to finals (5-4)


Semifinal 1 – Osszen Vs. Zimme (on screen)

In what was a very controversial match, Zimme actually went up 1-0 in the first match, but the game was restarted due to both players agreeing that there was “Lag”.

Game 1: Ossen 1 – Zimme 0

Game 2: Ossen 0 – Zimme 2

Zimme progresses to finals (1-2)

Semifinal 2 – Bruma vs. Timon

Game 1: Bruma 1 – Timon 1

Game 2: Bruma 1 – Timon 1, Timon wins by Golden Goal

Timon progresses to finals (2-3)

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 2 Timon

Courtesy FIWC

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 2 – Finals

Xbox Final – Mil Maestro vs. XL_Ryan (on screen)

What a high scoring affair this turned out to be. The first match entered the half with Maestro leading 2-1. Around the 75th minute XL_Ryan evened the score with the assist coming from his halftime sub – TOTS Aubamayang. The same player assisted another goal soon after. Thats how it ended.

XL_Ryan opened with a goal early in the second match, his chances to advance looking very good. Maestro tried to get a goal back, but was unable to before the half. Mil Maestro was unable to find the goal he needed and bowed out of the competition.

Game 1: Mil Maestro 2 – XL_Ryan 3

Game 2: Mil Maestro 0 – XL_Ryan 2

XL_Ryan (2-5) wins the divisional title and advances to the FIWC London Grand Finals.

PS4 Final – Timon vs. Zimme (on screen .. barely)

The first match saw equally matched competitors go at it. Zimme opened up the scoring, while Timon equalised late on in the game. The second match started with Timon smashing in two quick goals. A penalty came for the Russian, which he placed wide left. Zimme pulled one and chased the rest of the match for the equalising goal, but it never came. Timon claims the win and the all important ticket to London.

Game 1: Timon 1 – Zimme 1

Game 2: Timon 2 – Zimme 1

Timon wins the divisional title (3-2) and advances to the FIWC London Grand Finals.

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