FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 1 – Tony and Tass win big

“The Group of Death” is what the XBOX 1 group had been labelled before the tournament. Boasting top names such as Hashtag Tass, PSG Daxe, S04 Tim Latka, and Monaco Rayziaah, this was the group to watch. However, FIFA enthusiasts woke up to the news that there was no live stream, and that only one of the semifinal matches and the final match for each division would be available live on the FIWC official Facebook page. Here is the full recap of what happened at the FIWC Europe qualifiers day 1.

FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 1 – Group Stages

The group stages kicked off in the morning of June 9. The XBOX “Group of Death” and the first PS4 groups went up against each other in a round robin format. The player who finished in the bottom was immediately eliminated while the rest would compete in a playoff to determine the ultimate winner of the group. 1st would play 4th and 2nd would play 3rd. The winner of those two would then face off against each other to determine who would be the group winner.

Xbox group 1

PSG Daxe started off in fine form, beating Hashtag Tass 2:0. He then followed that up with another 2:0, against Tim Latka this time. A 2:2 draw versus Monaco Rayziaah and then a 1:0 win over Connor saw him top the group in the morning session. The FIWC Europe Qualifiers Day 1 – XBOX group 1 standings:

PSG Daxe – 10 points
Monaco Rayziaah – 5 points
S04 Tim Latka – 5 points
Hashtag Tass – 5 points
Connor – 1 point (Eliminated)

Semifinal 1

Game 1 : Hashtag Tass 2 – PSG Daxe 0

Game 2 : Hashtag Tass 0 – PSG Daxe 0

Hashtag Tass advances (2:0)

Semifinal 2

Game 1 : Monaco Rayziaah 0 – S04 Tim Latka 2

Game 2 : Monaco Rayziaah 2 – S04 Tim Latka 1

S04 Tim Latka advances (2:3)

Xbox Finals

Game 1 : Hashtag Tass 0 – S04 Tim Latka 1

Game 2 : Hashtag Tass 3 – S04 Tim Latka 1

Hashtag Tass wins the division title and a ticket to FIWC London (3:2)

PS4 group 1

The second group that took part in the day’s festivities was the first group in the PS4 division. This group boasted 3 big names, TONYKOKNL, Lasse Baekkelund, who recently signed for Team Liquid, and Paris regionals PS4 champion – S04 Cihan. Danny and Cihan both ended on the same number of Points, wins, and goals scored, so a coin toss determined who would be placed 3rd and who 4th.

TONYKOKNL – 7 points
Liquid’Baekkelund – 6 points
Danny Taylor – 5 points (By virtue of coin toss)
S04 Cihan – 5 points
Dani_Fink – 4 points (Eliminated)

Semifinal 1:

FIWC Europe qualifiers day 1


Game 1 : TONYKOKNL 4 – S04 CIHAN 2

Game 2 : TONYKOKNL 0 – S04 CIHAN 1

TONYKOKNL advances (4:3)

TONY came out of the blocks quickly in the first match of the semifinals taking an early 2-0 lead. From then on the game flowed openly and goals followed. The game ended 4-2 in favor of TONY.

The second match started as the first ended, Cihan with the momentum, and him picking up an important early first goal. Cihan was pushing the rest of the match but couldn’t find that all important second goal. Series goes to Tony.

Semifinal 2

Game 1 : Danny Taylor 2 – Liquid’Baekkelund 1

Game 2 : Danny Taylor 1 – Liquid’Baekkelund 2

Danny Taylor advances by Golden Goal (4:3)

PS4 Finals

Game 1 : TONYKOKNL 1 – Danny Taylor 1

Game 2 : TONYKOKNL 2 – Danny Taylor 1

TONYKOKNL wins the division title and a ticket to FIWC London (3:2)

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