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FIWC 2017 Group Stage Recap - The Players Speak - Esportsranks
FIWC 2017 Group Stage Recap – The Players Speak

We continue our FIWC 2017 group stage recap with Hamish live at the event. For the action in the first half of the day, check out part 1. Follow us on Twitter for live updates straight from the venue. Don’t miss our exclusive player interviews below.

FIWC 2017 Group Stage Recap

Xbox Group 1

XBOX Group 1

FIWC 2017 Group Stage Recap Via Twitter – @FIWC

Gorilla survives some early scares to make it through in second place. Stackzz will definitely be gutted with the result but will look to come back stronger in FIFA18.

CodyDerFinisher and put in a very strong performance alongside tournament favourite Gorilla who started off slowly but finished the day on top form. The Americas representatives truly are the story of the day and both Aman and Janoz sent a message to other regions to stop underestimating them.

Xbox Group 2

XBOX Group 1

FIWC 2017 Group Stage Recap Via Twitter – @FIWC

Vitality Rockyy lived up to his pre tournament favourite tag by topping the group. Heartbreak for Hashtag Tass as he finishes last. Surprise underdog FILTHYP94 representing NA grabs second.

We asked FILTHYP94 how he felt at the end of the day:  “It feels amazing, I can’t believe I did that. Second in my group, coming into this group of death with Tass, Rafifa, Rockyy and Dani and qualifying shows that you can never underestimate the underdog. Everybody knew that Tass won Paris, that’s a fact and that he lost the Xbox division, that’s a fact.

Star commentator and streamer Chuboi also gave us his FIWC 2017 group stage recap on Tass’s early exit:

“I mean, there was a lot of pressure on him going into the tournament. A lot of the players saw him and Rockyy as the best players going into the tournament. Everyone had their eyes on him so imagine that. Maybe it was a bit of nerves as you’re not playing your best but everyone is expecting you to play your best. Too much expectation. The person who wins is normally the person that no one expects.”

PS4 Group 1

PS4 Group 1

FIWC 2017 Group Stage Recap Via Twitter – @FIWC

Iceprinsipe shows he is the alpha dog in the playstation division. xShellzz fairytale season ends as he fails to make it out of the group in his hometown.

Expectsporting will be disappointed with his performance today and is leaving the tournament after a string of poor performances. The ones to watch going into the knockout stages from this group are Iceprincipe and Nicholas99FCX. These two have been looking incredibly strong and neither would be surprising as overall winners of the competition.

PS4 Group 2

PS4 Group 2

FIWC 2017 Group Stage Recap Via Twitter – @FIWC

Playstation group 2 saw the only Australian in the tournament crash out after a heroic effort. Maniika, Lucasrep98 and Mo_Aubameyang made it through along with Timon, who scored a last minute winner living up to his name (Lucky_Timon). This led to perhaps the loudest shouts of the night from the passionate Russian player.

FIWC 2017 Group Stage Recap – Player Interviews

FilthyP94 is playing his first ever FIWC. He has also been in the pro scene for a very short amount of time. Here’s part of the exclusive interview we had with him.

“School and studies were getting in the way” he said when asked about his short time in the pro scene. As is very common with Esports players they are young and have to concentrate on other things. “But I took a year out to focus on FIFA.”

What do your parents think of this?

“They weren’t apprehensive, they are very supportive and I told the about the potential money that can be made in the game. I’ve played FIFA for ages and to play against some of the guys I used to look up to is a dream come true to me. To win $200,00, even the thought of it brings a smile to my face. I mean, imagine winning $200,000, that’s a life changing sum of money. Of course it’s important not to become too overconfident.”

“Rockyy is one of the best in the world. Playing against him will be exciting and he’s definitely the one I’m most apprehensive about playing against. I used to watch Rockyy and I built my style of play around him, that’s why it will be so interesting as both our styles of frustrating the opposing player are the same.”

“The game with Tass was tough. I scored 2 goals and was in the lead but threw my lead.”

Another interesting player is the only player ever to compete in the FIWC from Qatar, Ameghessib. He surprisingly has never lost a tournament in his home country. Unfortunately he didn’t qualify for the knockout round, but can certainly still feel proud of his accomplishments.

He was in the same group as FilthyP94 and they had to compete against some of the toughest competitors in the tournament. After leading against Thee_Bullock they ended up drawing the game. He followed that up with a strong draw against favourite Rockyy.


After his game with Rockyy, Ameghessib seemed annoyed with his luck.

“He’s [Rockyy] the best player in the world, he won the Ultimate Tournament Champion series, I count him as the 31st of the players. I played better to be honest, I dominated him for 90 minutes. Sometimes, you know, [in] FIFA the luck isn’t with you. In these 4 games I had a lot of chances to win but you know. I hope for the next 3 games I win at least 2 of them.”

“To be honest, I felt at the level of the rest of the players, people from rest of the world or the Americans can’t compete, but [on] the other side Europe are the best. Playing against Rockyy, the last 2 weeks I’ve watched him on Youtube and now I dominated his game and I was better. I’m a football player, I’m a midfielder. I know that passing is important. I know how passing can influence the game. I had the best possession in all my games, it’s a good sign up I’m not qualified yet. Now when players play Aameghessib they will know they won’t have a lot of possession. Rockyy is known as a possession player but I had 60% possession so I just hope to qualify into the next round.”

There seems a growing annoyance with the fact that FIFA is so controlled by AI or by randomness. FilthyP94 echoed Aameghessib’s frustrations at the end of his game Vs Rafifa.

“It’s the second time I’ve been 2-0 up and my keeper just lets goals in. It’s annoying.”

Knockout Round matches to watch

From the Xbox groups the game to watch tomorrow will definitely be Dani vs CodyDerFinisher. These are top players and although Dani didn’t play as well as he probably hoped, he’s made it through to the next round.

CodyDerFinisher looked incredibly strong today and therefore it is a game between someone in top form and someone who should be able to perform very well.

Another important game will be the North American region derby between FilthyP94 and Aman. Both players are looking to represent a region that hasn’t had much success in the past and it will therefore be a tough and competitive match.

From the Playstation groups the main game to watch is Iceprinsipe Vs Timon. Iceprinsipe looked incredibly strong today but Timon played some good FIFA and although he’s definitely the underdog in this game, stranger things have happened today.

FIWC 2017 Group Stage Recap – Select Matches

Rockyy – 4 vs. Rafifa – 3

Rockyy built up a dominant lead early in the match, scoring 2 goals within 20 minutes. Rafifa clawed one back to make it 2-1 soon after. Rockyy then showed why he’s one of the favourites by scoring another goal almost instantly after.

Rockyy smashed another in as he looked to imprint his dominance on this group. Rafifa continued the drama and scored 2 in a row to make it 3-3, before Rockyy scored the winning goal and saw out the match. The game ended 4-3 in favour of the Frenchman.

Hashtag_Tass – 1 vs. AFC Ajax Dani – 0

This match took place in the so called group of death and any points that players can pick up in this group are crucial. Whoever wins this game will be incredibly happy especially considering the friendly rivalry which emerged between the two players at the media conference.

In a cheeky move, Dani asked Tass during the press Q&A if he was feeling the pressure. That was exactly what Dani brought to Tass in this game with the hopes of pushing Hashtag_Tass over the edge.

Hashtag_Tass opened with a goal to pull into the lead just before Ajax Dani had a goal disallowed for offside. Dani continued to press throughout in order to find the equaliser but Tass managed to hold on and win his first game of the tournament beating one of the better-looking players. Ajax Dani looked down and disappointed after the match.

Gorilla -1 Vs CodyDerFinisher – 1

Gorilla had a tough game previously vs Ajax Dani, but managed to beat him. In this game he scored early versus CodyDerFinisher. Later on in the match, CodyDerFinisher slotted a penalty in vs Gorilla to tie up the match.

The game finished 1-1 after no goals being scored for a long part of the game.

Janoz – 1 Vs Rafsou – 1

Janoz, surprise group leader, head into this game with a perfect record. Two wins and 0 losses is no easy feat in one of the toughest FIFA competitions in the world. If he won this one he’d have been almost guaranteed to go through to the next round, and could suddenly become a favourite for the cup and the grand prize.

Janoz almost instantly scored a goal and began to look dominant. Rafsou was pulled one back just before the half and that’s how it ended.

The game finished 1-1 and Janoz remained at the top of the group at the time.

Today has been a day of surprises. As is common with Esports, a lot of young unknown players can come out of nowhere to smash some of the best players in the world. Some of the players who were tipped for glory have flopped to some extent. Stay tuned for all the knockout round action as we bring it to you LIVE on twitter and on the site.