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FIFA rankings heading into FIWC 2017 - Esportsranks
FIFA rankings heading into FIWC 2017

With the biggest event of the FIFA scene coming at us soon, we want to take a look at some of the players competing for the event in our FIWC 2017 FIFA rankings. All eyes are currently on the FIWC EU qualifiers which will happen in Munich tomorrow. These FIFA rankings are the sole opinion of Esportsranks based on recent performance and tea-leaf readings.

FIFA rankings – Top 8

Vitality Rocky

Chevrey Corentin
Claiming the throne at the top of our FIFA rankings is the overall winner of the FUT Champions. The event which recent concluded in Berlin gave a chance for Vitality Rocky, to show that his second place finish in the inaugural regionals in Paris was not a fluke. While the method of the win was a bit heartbreaking, Rocky left Berlin 160,000$ richer and with undoubtedly a huge smile on his face. Expect Vitality Rocky to perform strong in London.


Shaun Springette
Virtually unknown before this year’s FUT Champions tournament, xShellz stunned viewers by claiming a strong finish in the PS4 division at the Paris regionals. He then one upped himself by actually winning the PS4 division in Berlin. Opponents will now not take him lightly and surely he will find the going tougher as he is no longer an unknown but one that is to be taken seriously. Still officially unsponsored, we expect he will be sitting high on the shoulders of a big name soon. Esportsranks xShellzz? Has a ring to it …

Gorilla Unilad

Spencer Ealing

Via Youtube – Unilad

Spencer Ealing
While many wrote of then HugeGorilla as being a “has been” after a very poor performance in Paris, we here at Esportsranks predicted correctly that he would have a strong showing in Madrid. He repaid the faithful by taking the XBOX division in convincing fashion. Another strong showing in Berlin gave Gorilla Unilad the 3rd spot in our FIFA rankings.



Via Twitter

Timo Siep
VFL-Wolfsburg sponsored Timo is one of the strongest competitors on FIFA 17 right now. 2nd place division finishes in both Paris and Berlin has cemented his name on the minds of many competitors. Timo must put aside the thoughts of the heartbreaking loss to xShellzz in Berlin on penalties in order to perform strongly at FIWC 2017 in London. We believe he will be able to do so and perform well.



Via Twitter

Marcel Lutz
Following successive 3rd place finishes, in Paris and Berlin, Marcel from Germany puts a very strong resume ahead of him. He took out some big names on the way to the XBOX semifinals, where he lost by a heartbreaking score of 0:1 to Gorilla Unilad. Look for him to perform strongly in London once again.



Rafael Fortes
Having recently signed for PSG eSports, Rafifa13 is enjoying his much deserved time in the limelight. Rafifa13 is the only regionals overall champion to make it thru Berlin with a guaranteed spot in London. His showing in Miami was a masterclass and he will be looking to bring a little bit of samba to the English capital.



Via Twitter

Johann Simon
Another delegate from France, Maniika is a name well known to viewers who have been following the FIFA 17 scene. A fan favourite and all around good guy, Johann will be going to the FIWC 2017 championships riding high.



Tim Katnawatos
One of the youngest competitors in this FIFA rankings, coming in at 18 years old, Tim shows that age is nothing but a number. A 2nd place division finish in Madrid was followed up by a strong 4th place showing in Berlin. Look for TheStrxngeR to be competing deep into the FIWC 2017 knockout rounds.

FIFA Rankings – Munich hopefuls – The Bottom 8

Hashtag Tass

Hashtag Tass

Tassal Rushan
The first regionals champions has not been a stranger to controversy. His playstyle in Paris was mocked by being called “Tassing it out” by some of his peers in public, but in private some have wished their desire to be able to play, and win, in that way. Hashtag Tass was expected to do well in Berlin but unfortunately dropped out of the winner’s bracket to eventual champion Rocky. The subsequent match saw him lose against Marlut. Tassal’s group in Munich is undoubtedly the group of death with 4 extremely strong names. Look for him to shine in this tough group which will give him the momentum throughout the tournament. He takes first place for the “best among the rest” in our FIFA rankings.




Daniele Paolucci
Another relative unknown in the FIFA 17 scene, Prinsipe stunned the world when he beat Gorilla Unilad at the Madrid regionals. His first two knockout round matches saw him score 10 goals and we knew his attacking playstyle compared to Gorilla’s was surely going to be a treat. Sure enough, the finals saw 10 goals in 2 games as Prinsipe came out the victor. While he failed to make it to the knockout rounds in Berlin, we expect Daniele to come back strong the second time around in Germany.

S04 Tim Latka

tim latka

Via Twitter

Tim Schwartmann
Another strong German competitor and professional football team sponsored competitor, Tim showed that his improvement from Paris to Madrid means that there’s much more to come. Based on the massive improvement shown, his position in this FIFA rankings shows our faith in his ability to perform well in Munich.

PSG Daxee

psg daxee

Lucas Cuillerier
Big name for a big game. Daxee arguably is in the shadow of his more famous, more well known teammate in the form of Agge. However, his performance so far in FIFA 17 has been much better and this is why we place him in a higher position. Daxee’s strong showing in Madrid and Berlin will help to give him momentum, and we expect him to place strongly this time around.



Via Twitter

Benedikt Saltzer
Another VFL-Wolfsburg sponsored player, Salzor is helped by a relatively easy group in Munich. His performance in the recent FUT Champions event was not as expected, and he will be looking to place better this time around. His talent is clear for all to see, so he and Agge should be clear of their group easily.



Via Twitter

Cihan Yasarlar
Paris PS4 champion Cihan will be looking forward to playing again in his home country. While he went far in the recently concluded FUT Champions event, many felt that he should’ve gone farther, or even win it all. Armed with a fiery temper, we expect Cihan to entertain and bang in them goals. His sponsor, FC Shalke 04 would definitely him to perform well in Germany.

Monaco Rayziaah


Via Twitter

Florian Maridat
While Monaco might lose Kylian Mbappe during the summer transfer window, they can be assured at least one superstar in the form of FIFA 17 player Rayziaah. Florian constantly places in single digits, online or in regionals. Expect him to put in a good showing at these regionals to qualify for the FIWC 2017 finals in London.

A HugeDragon X

a hugedragon x

Sean Allen
Once teammate of Gorilla Unilad, Sean has gone out on his own after they both left WUHFC. Their match at the Madrid regionals was one of the most anticipated ones at the event, with Gorilla Unilad taking the W and the spot at the Berlin finals. Sean will undoubtedly look at the FIWC Munich regionals as a chance to prove to all his ability.

FIWC 2017 Munich – Ones to watch

Xbox – Kurt0411

Kurt Fenech
“The Best FIFA Player in the World” reads his twitter bio. Kurt boast an impressive online record, with multiple top 10 finishes in FUT weekend league competitions. While unable to compete at the recent FUT Championship series, he is able to do so for the FIWC 2017 championship and his first top level competition for this year is coming up tomorrow. Can he live up to the hype which got him to this FIFA rankings list? We shall see soon.

PS4 – PSG Agge

PSG Agge

Via Twitter

Agge Rosenmeier
Our “One to watch” for the PS4 is FIFA eSports stalwart, Agge. While being outshined by his PSG teammate this year, Agge still has much to show the FIFA viewers in Munich. Look for him to come out strong in group stage and force his way thru the knockout rounds to the late stages.