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FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Power Rankings - Esportsranks
FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Power Rankings

With the culmination of the FIFA 17 season’s professional scene coming soon, we take a look at how the players fare off in our FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 power rankings.

With the event less than a week away, we wish all the competitors the best of luck. These rankings are calculated based on this year’s online FUT champions performance, pro circuit finishes, and other various factors.

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Power Rankings – The top 10

1 – Hashtag Tass

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Power Rankings Tass

Courtesy FIWC

Tassal Rushan – XBOX – EU – Hashtag United – Group 2

Hashtag United’s sole competitor in the competition – Tass takes our #1 spot by showing that his precise, measured style of play is the best way of winning this edition of FIFA. His win in Paris followed up by topping the group of death group in Munich proved that his placing in Berlin was just a blip. A second place finish in the FUT Champions XBOX EU Division in June shows that he is ready for the biggest stage of them all.

2 – Vitality RocKy

Vitality Rocky

Via Vitality Twitter

Chevrey Corentin – XBOX – EU – Team Vitality – Group 2

Vitality RocKy won the FUT Championship grand finals in Berlin and took home a whopping 160,000$ in prize money. Placing just behind Tass in the June rankings, we expect Vitality RocKy to be one of the strong favourites going into the tournament.

3 – Unilad Gorilla

unilad gorilla


Spencer Ealing – XBOX – EU – Unilad Esports – Group 1

While starting off slowly in this year’s pro scene, Unliad Gorilla, better known as AHugeGorilla, came back by winning his division in Madrid, and gaining automatic FIWC qualification in Berlin. A match featuring Gorilla’s aggressive playstyle and Tass’s defense would be one to behold. Since they are in separate groups, this could definitely be a reality in the later stages of the tournament.

4 – xShellzz


Shaun Springette – PS4 – EU – Unsigned – Group 1

xShellzz is by far the darling of the FIFA 17 pro scene this year. He came out of nowhere during the Paris regionals, and deservingly cemented his name among the elite with his 2nd place finish in Berlin. If it wasn’t for a heartbreaking last minute goal, he would’ve been first and higher on this list. Look for xShellzz to really impress in his homeland.

5 – Rafifa13

Rafael Fortes – XBOX – Americas – PSG Esports – Group 2

3 out of the top 5 of list will play in the same group. Rafifa13 is arguably the least known FIFA player from PSG Esports, but he will be the only one representing the team at the FIWC Grand Finals in London. Both Agge and Daxe failed to advance from the qualifying tournament in Munich. Rafifa13 will have a hard group stage, but his class should ensure him a strong finish.

6 – IcePrinsipe


Courtesy FIWC

Daniele Paolucci – PS4 – EU – Mkers – Group 1

Prinsipe during the professional season, it seems that he has added the moniker “ice” to his name. Now known as IcePrinsipe and signed up to new Italian Esports organisation called Mkers, he will be the lone Italian competing in London. IcePrinsipe’s players glide around the field like they are skating on ice, so the name change may very well be suitable.

7 – TonyKokNL


Courtesy FIWC

Tony Kok – PS4 – EU – Unsigned – Group 2

A big fan favourite, Tony makes his way to the FIWC Grand Finals by way of winning his group at the qualifiers in Munich. He would look to emulate his strong performance frm the stacked group Munich group in London.

8 – Thee Bullock

Thee Bullock

Courtesy FIWC

Christopher Bullock – XBOX – EU – Unsigned – Group 2

Much like xShellzz, Bullock literally smashed onto the scene in Paris with his strong playstyle and the patented “Bullock Special”. You can see why we like this player so much by watching the video. Nothing else need be said.

9 – TimoX


Via Twitter @TimoX08

Timo Siep – PS4 – EU – Vfl Wolfsburg – Group 1

Admittedly, it’s a bit strange that the first German in our FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 power rankings would come in at number nine, but there’s a good reason for that. While the German contingent boasts many strong players, none of the ones on this list have won a division in the FUT champions series in Paris, Madrid, or Berlin. The only German that DID win a division, was Cihan_04, who did not qualify for this event. TimoX placed very strongly in both Paris and Berlin and tops the list of German contenders.

10 – The StrxngeR


Via Twitter

Tim Katnawatos – PS4 – EU – FC Basel Esports – Group 2

The StrxngeR is no stranger to the competitive FIFA scene. While only being 18 years old, he placed well in Madrid and Berlin, and recently signed a professional Esports contract with FC Basel. Clearly one with amazing talent for the future, it would be wise to keep an eye on this player’s performance.

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Power Rankings – 10 -20

11 – Marlut

Marcel Lutz – XBOX – EU – Vfb Stuttgart – Group 1

3rd Place Paris, 3rd Place Berlin

12 – R Stackzz X

Ryan Pessoa – XBOX – EU – excel eSports – Group 1

1st Place Group 2 – Munich, Overall 5th in the world FUT Champions May, June, July

13 – S_O_N_Y_528

Chiu Hang – PS4 – ROW – Unsigned – Group 1

2nd Place Sydney, 4th Place Vancouver

14 – Maniika

Johann Simon – PS4 – EU – Millenium – Group 2

3rd Place Madrid, 3rd Place Berlin

15 – AFC Ajax Dani

Dani Hagebeuk – XBOX – EU – AFC AJAX – Group 2

1st Place Group 4 – Munich

16 – CodyDerFinisher

Florian Muller – XBOX – EU – FC Basel Esports – Group 1

6th Place Madrid, 1st Place Group 5 – Munich

17 – Deto

Kai Wollin – PS4 – EU – Unsigned – Group 1

1st Place Group 4 – Munich

18 – LucasRep_98

Lucas Da Costa – PS4 – Americas – Goias Esporte Clube – Group 2

1st Place Miami, 6th Place Berlin

19 – Mo_Aubameyang

Mohammed Harkous – PS4 – EU – Team expert – Group 2

1st Place Group 5 – Munich

20 – Timon

Andrei Gurev – PS4 – EU – Gambit Esports – Group 2

1st Place Group 2 – Munich

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Power Rankings – The Rest

21 – Rein10

22 – Nicolas99FC

23 – Janoz CFI

24 – Expectsporting

25 – Roma Aman

26 – Filthyp94

27 – Marcus_7170

28 – Epsilon Joey

29 – Rafsou

30 – Zezinho23XX

31 – Aameghassib

32 – NagaiFC

Special shoutout and mini-rankings for the confirmed commentators:

1 – The boi Chuboi

2 – The boys Brandon and Richard

The rest don’t matter. Mic Drop.