FIFA eWorld Cup Cheat Sheet – Xbox Partcipants


Today is the first day of the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Finals and we thought why’d give you guys this handy cheat sheet of the Xbox participants at this years eWorld Cup. Something you can have to hand as the tournament gets underway to keep you right about all the players involved.

We’re going to profile everyone – giving you an overview of their playstyle, major achievements, odds and a bit of background so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the biggest event in the FIFA eSport calendar!

If you are looking for the Playstation players check out part two here.

All the odds are provided by Bet365.


The Format

FIFA 18 Tournament32 Players will be in London at this year’s eWorld Cup and they got there by booking their place in the Global Series Playoffs held in Amsterdam back in March.  Their final position in the playoffs determines their seeding for the group stages of the eWorld Cup. Each group contains 8 players and there are 2 groups for both PlayStation and Xbox. 4 Players will emerge from each group to reach the knockout stage.


The games will be played across three days starting on August 2nd for the group stages games. The 3rd will be for the knockout stages and Sunday the 4th will be set aside for the Final.

All games starting from the group stages will be two-legged. The final will be cross-platform with one leg being played on PlayStation and the other on Xbox.

Prize Money

$250,000 1st

$50,000 2nd

$10,000 3rd – 8th

$2,500 9th – 16th


FIFA eWorld Cup – Xbox Players

Group A

A strong group containing the number one seeded Xbox player Megabit. Expect fireworks with Kurt04011 and strong showings from Ajax’s Dani and eClub World Cup Finalist Aero.

Game to watch – MegaBit vs Kurt0411

Xbox Group A


Michael ‘MegaBit‘ Bittner

Fav. Formation: 4-1-2-1-2 (2) or 4-2-2-2

Strengths: The number one seeded player on Xbox. MegaBit is a clinical finisher with a clear gameplan. Regularly plays on both consoles which could give him the advantage if he makes it to the final.

Weakness: Will not deviate from his game plan. Expect a 4-2-2-2 or 4-1-2-1-2(2). A savvy opponent may suss him out.

Past Achievements: Winner – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018, Top 8 – FUT Champions Cup 2018  Manchester, Top 4 – FUT Champions 2018  Barcelona.

Representing: Germany and VFL Bochum

Odds To Win: 9/1

Final Words: A player that has matured as the season progresses and from what he has said pre-tournament he is utterly determined to win. Anything but an appearance in the final would be a poor showing from the Bochum man.

Dani ‘Ajax Dani’  Hagebeuk

Fav. Formation: 4-1-2-1-2(2)

Strengths: Like all Dutchmen, Dani loves to play possession football regularly lining up with a 3-4-3 giving him that extra man in midfield. Expect to see a lot of passing and switch balls in an effort to create space in the final third.

Weakness: He regularly pushes his CB up past the attacking player in an attempt to intercept the ball especially when he is behind. A high-risk high reward strategy.

Past Achievements: Top 4 – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018, 2x Champion – eLigue 1.

Representing: Netherlands and AFC Ajax

Odds To Win: 10/1

Final Words: A highly experienced player in his second grand finals in as many years. Don’t count him out.

Kurt ‘Kurt0411’ Fenech

Fav. Formation: 4-4-2

Strengths: Supreme Confidence in his own abilities. Fantastic attacker. Except to see his favorite player R9 on the scoresheet plenty. 

Weakness: Can be extremely rash and emotional. Kurt04011 is most famous for ragequitting during this years FeCWC seminal final match against Fustun.

Past Achievements: Top 4 – FIFA eClub World Cup 2018

Representing: Malta

Odds To Win: 25/1

Final Words: Anyone who follows the game knows Kurt04011 the self-proclaimed “Greatest Player in the World” he has reached Connor McGregor levels of trash talking in the lead up the tournament. He is utterly determined to win a big tournament and there would be no bigger than this years FIFA eWorld Cup but does he have the temperament to take it all the way?

Alexander ‘Alekzandur’ Betancourt 

Strengths: The only player representing the USA means he has the support of an entire country behind him. He is a strong performer back home in the eMLS and was only knocked out by eventual winner Megabit at this year’s Global Series Playoffs.

Weakness: Has yet to be tested at the highest levels of the game.

Past Achievements: Top 8 – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018, Top 4 – eMLS Cup 2018

Representing: United States and Sporting KC

Odds To Win: 35/1

Final Words: Americans will get behind their man and a top 8 finish would be a massive achievement.

Marvyn ‘Aero’ Roberts

Fav. Formation: 4-2-2-2

Strength: Has saved himself a number of times throughout the season to keep in the running for trophies which shows a certain determination.

Weakness: Hasn’t had the easiest of seasons especially bad was the performance against Ustun and Brondby in the FIFA eClub World Cup final. His teammate Eisvogel had won 4-1 in the first leg but that lead was squandered by AeroFIFA who conceded 6 goals to lose the tie 4-7.

Past Achievements: Runner-up – FIFA eClub World Cup 2018

Representing: France and Team Envy

Odds To Win: 45/1

Final Words: Aero will do well to get out the group.

Pedro ‘RESENDE7’ Resende  

Fav. Formation: 4-2-2-2

Strength: Like all Brazilians, he is known for attacking with flair and speed. An unknown quantity to many.

Weakness: Hasn’t been tested at the biggest competitions…yet.

Past Achievements: Winner ESWC Sao Paolo Xbox Champion 2018, Top 16 – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018.

Representing: Brazil and Ichor Gaming

Odds To Win: 35/1

Final Words: The pro scene in FIFA always throws up a few surprises could Resende7 continue that trend?

Fabio ‘FabioDenuzzo’ Denuzzo 

Fav. Formation: 4-2-3-1

Strength: Italy’s sole representative Fabio Denuzzo is an experienced player having qualified for every major tournament this year.

Weakness: While qualifying for every tournament his showings haven’t been strong.

Past Achievements:  Top 16 – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018

Representing: Italy

Odds To Win: 35/1

Final Words: FIFA incorporating drug testing on the eve of the tournament has made some players anxious with Fabio himself being diabetic he was worried he might not be able to take part but it’s been confirmed that he has the go ahead. Being relaxed and happy to be attending could put Fabio in the right frame of mind to improve on past performances.

Adam ‘dreamR’ Barton

Fav. Formation: 4-2-3-1

Strength: A top 8 performance in Barcelona this year put dreamR on the map and he was soon signed for Hashtag United. A player on the up.

Weakness: Only his first year as a pro will the expectation help or hinder him?

Past Achievements:  Top 8 – FUT Champions Cup Barcelona 2018, Top 16 – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018.

Representing: Wales and Hashtag United

Odds To Win: 35/1

Final Words: The last FUT league weekend record was 40-0. He’s feeling confident and is a smart pick for getting out of this group.

Group B

Group B Xbox

A who’s who of competitive FIFA. This group is STACKED. Rafsou, Gorilla, Msdossary, and Nsraeck any player who gets’s out this group will have already played some of the best in the competition putting them in prime position to go on and win it.

Games to watch? Pick one! Any combination of Rafsou, Gorilla, Msdossary and Nraseck will be a fantastic game.

Fouad ‘Rafsou’ Fares

Fav. Formation: 4-2-3-1

Strength: A player quickly making a name for himself. Relatively new having made an appearance at last years Grand Finals. He pushed on and has won the French domestic league and was bettered by Megabit in the finals of the Xbox One Global Series Playoff. Not bad for his first full year.

Weakness: Olimpic Lyon recently dropped him. Has a tendency to press hard when a goal down as seen in the Global Series final. Could it cost him again?

Past Achievements: Champion – eLigue 1 2018, Runner Up – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018.

Representing: Wales and Hashtag United

Odds To Win: 16/1

Final Words: The 2nd highest seed on Xbox and a winner at an early stage in his career. You can’t rule this man out.

Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing

Fav. Formation: 4-1-2-1-2(2)

Strength: Widely regarded as the best attacker in the game. Always seems to peak at just the right time and is keen to win back to back titles. The final is again in London which of course is like a home game for the Englishman.

Weakness: He has been vocal about the problems in FIFA 18 and may not be as match sharp as previous years.

Past Achievements:  Champion – FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Grand Final,  Top 4 – FUT Champions Cup Barcelona 2018, Top 16 – FUT Champions Cup Manchester 2018.

Representing: England and FaZe clan

Odds To Win: 8/1

Final Words: Gorilla is one of the biggest names in the sport. The reigning FIFA eWorld Cup Champion, he has spoken of his desire to win another title. He recently moved from Hashtag United to FaZe and will be looking to impress his new employers and with his form improving throughout and a wealth of experience expect to see him in or near the final.

Mossad ‘Msdossary’ Aldossary

Fav. Formation: 4-1-2-1-2(2)

Strength: One of the most well-rounded players in the game. He can play a range of tactics and style’s to counteract his opponent. He’s a great attacker and regarded as one of the best defenders in the games.

Weakness: Everyone knows’s and respects him which means players will be bringing their A-game.

Past Achievements: Champion – FUT Champions Cup Manchester 2018,     Top 8 – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018,  3rd – ESWC Paris Xbox.

Representing: Saudia Arabia and Team Rogue

Odds To Win: 8/1

Final Words: Regarded as a legend in the FIFA eSport scene. Dominant in FIFA 17 he has continued that onto FIFA 18. He has a massive fan base and no one will want to come up against him.

Niklas ‘Nraseck’ Raseck

Fav. Formation: 4-1-2-1-2

Strengths: Seen as underrated by many his showing in tournaments speak for themselves. Vastly experienced having played FIFA at a pro level since 2014.

Weakness: A serial runner-up could suggest an inability to see out the win.

Past Achievements: Runner-Up – FUT Champions Cup Barcelona 2018,  Runner Up – FUT Champions Cup Manchester 2018, Top 8 – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018, Champion – FIFA German Championship 2015.

Representing: Germany

Odds To Win: 10/1

Final Words: Two finals this year, and two defeats. He will be desperate to clinch a major international trophy. This year might just be his year.

Lukas ‘Sakul’ Vonderheide

Fav. Formation;  4-2-3-1

Strengths: A new player on the scene and has impressed so far. May take a few players by surprise.

Weakness: Has never played at an event this big.

Past Achievements: Top 8 – FUT Champions Cup Barcelona 2018, Top 16 – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018, Runner-up – ESWC Paris.

Representing: Germany and Team Bundled

Odds To Win: 25/1

Final Words: One of the German contingent making its way to London and one of the few playing on Xbox. He will want a strong showing to prove his worth.

Nawid ‘GoalMachine21’ Noorzai

Fav. Formation: 4-3-2-1

Strengths: Made a name for himself in the FUT weekend leagues by streaming “sniping” some of the biggest names in the game. He is clearly a confident player who fears no one. Had an amazing performance at the FUT Champions Cup where he came back from 3-0 down to knock out Gorilla.

Weakness: No big tournament win’s so far means winning the FIFA eWorld Cup would be a big ask.

Past Achievements: Top 4 – FUT Champions Cup Manchester 2018, Runner-up – Gfinity NA Spring Cup.

Representing: Canada and Team Bundled

Odds To Win:  35/1

Final Words: Another player on the up and Canada’s only representative he’ll want to do his country proud.

Josaci ‘Senna’ Sena

Fav. Formation: 4-2-3-1

Strengths: An unknown quantity to many, that as we know in the world of FIFA can work in your favor.

Weakness: Inexperienced at the highest level.

Past Achievements: Top 16 – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018.

Representing: Brazil

Odds To Win: 35/1

Final Words: Having squeezed into the competition through the Lsat Chance Qualifying Weekend he will be able to play pressure-free and make a name for himself.

Luke ‘Crafty’ Craft 

Fav. Formation: 4-2-2-2

Strengths: Has shown adaptability by changing his formation mid-tournament at the Global Series that improved results.

Weakness: Didn’t have to play the final qualifier due to his opponent falling ill.

Past Achievements: Top 16 – Global Series XB1 Playoff 2018
Representing: England

Odds To Win: 50/1

Final Words: Would do well to get out of the group but with a change in formation we might be looking at a different player. Could be underpriced at 50/1.


Now for the PlayStation

So that is the Xbox players that have made their way to London for the FIFA eWorld Cup. Check out the all the PlayStation players here. Remember EsportsRanks will be at the tournament providing you with all the latest news so check back with us regularly throughout the event to stay informed!

Who is exciting you the most heading into the tournament? Did we miss anything out in this guide? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.