FIFA eClub World Cup 2019 Preview

The FIFA eClub World Cup 2019 is just around the corner, a tournament that is always one of the most highly anticipated of the year. It’s the one taste of FIFA, a video game based on the most popular team sport the world has ever known, to be played as a team. There is also an exciting change being made this year with each round of games containing a 3rd leg where the players will join together to compete 2v2. An interesting development for a pro scene that has essentially shunned team play.

Kicking off in London on the 9th of Saturday, and running throughout the weekend the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019 will see 16 teams of two, competing for a top prize of $40,000 (split between the team) and 1500 Global Series Points (per player) for the winners.

FIFA eClub World Cup 2019 – The Format

Brondby FIFA eClub World Cup

Fatih Ustin, representing Brøndby IF at last year’s FIFA eClub World Cup (Photo by Aurelien Meunier – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Saturday will begin with the 16 teams split into 4 groups of four.

Each team will play the other over 3 games. The PlayStation players will play each other, followed by the Xbox and then a pre-determined console will be used for the 2v2 match.

Teams are award 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a lost. Each game as part of the match up will be awarded points. Thus the maximum points you can earn from a series is 9 points for 3 wins.

The best two teams qualify of each group qualify for the knockouts to be held on Sunday. The knockout stages reverts the the traditional game mode of PlayStation and then Xbox playing against each other. If and only if they scores are tied does the game go to a 3rd match to be played 2v2.


Prize Money

(per team)

Global Series Points

(per player)

1st  $40,000 1500
2nd $20,000 850
3rd – 4th $10,000 625
5th – 8th $2,000 450
9th – 16th $1,500 275

Who Will Be There?

FIFA eClub World Cup 2019 group stages.

The groups for the FIFA eClub World Cup.

Sixteen teams will be making their way to London for the tournament. Whittled down from 150 from qualifying this is truly the best of the best. Reigning champions Brøndby IF will be there but without their star performer from last year Fatih “FIFA Ustun” Ustun, who has since left to join Mesut Ozil’s escort team – M10. The full list of participants has been put together nicely by the folk at 3PM.

Three teams that look great on paper are KiNG, Man City and Werder Bremen. Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt and Nicolas “Nicolas99FC’ Villalba of KiNG have been the two stand out players of the entire season and are a clear favourite. Shells and Ryan “Hashtag Ryan” Pelossa haven’t had the best of seasons but with a home advantage and a desire to do well could see them make a statement this weekend. The Werder Bremen duo will have been planning for this tournament since the start of the season. Both are regularly contracted to Werder unlike many of the players in this tournament so on paper they should be the most prepared. Michael “Megabit” Bittner and Mohammed “MoAuba” Harkouz both are known to go far in tournaments but fall at the last hurdle and both might see this as an opportunity to get their hands on a trophy.


The tournament can be watched live Twitch and YouTube from 12.00PM GMT Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th.


So who do you think of is the favourite for the tournament? What do you make of the 2v2 3rd match? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.