FIFA 19 Season Heats Up With Msdossary Win in FUT Champions Cup 6: London

Mossad “Msdossary” Aldossary claimed his second FUT Champions Cup of the season and 3rd ever when he defeated MasetroSquad 5-1 in the cross-console final of FUT Champions Cup 6: London. It was a stellar weekend for the current FIFA World Cup holder, he defeated the player many have down as the most likely to take his crown, Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt, not once but twice over the weekend including in the console final.

Tekkz has been the standout player in the FIFA 19 season but he seems to have met his match in Msdossary a player. Both have legitimate claims to be the GOAT. Msdossary can point to his longevity with tournament wins going back to FIFA 17 and, of course, the FIFA eWorld Cup. Tekkz can point to a record-breaking season that can’t be matched.

This being the last FUT Champions Cup of the season and with just the eNations Cup, eChampions League and a couple of minor LQE’s to go before the FIFA eWorld Cup, Msdossary’s win here sets up an intriguing plot for the season’s end.

Tekkz did not take the defeat lying down, the jibes started in earnest in the aftermath of his defeat. He pointed out that he has “more points than the rest of @Rogue put together.” Rogue being the organization Msdossary represents.

And it is a welcome addition to the FIFA scene were outspoken characters are few and far between and, at times, been actively pushed out the game.

The rivalry forming between these two players, if it’s not at boiling point, has certainly been put on some high heat, and just in time.

And we don’t have to wait long the next time we will see this both in action is this weekends FIFA eNations Cup.

Msdossary won $50,000 and added 1,500 Global Series Points to his total putting him firmly in 2nd place on the Xbox Global Series Rankings.

FUT Champions Cup 6: London – Shellzz Returns

FUT Champions Cup 6: London Shellzz

Shellzz made his first major appearance at FUT Champions Cup 6: London.

It’s been a long time coming for one of the most popular players in the game this being only his first FUT Champions Cup appearance this season. Man City’s Shaun “Shellzz” Springette would tell you himself that he hasn’t really performed the way he wanted to this season but he turned up here and reminded us all why he is one of the most watchable players in the game.

He reached the Semi-final, beating out players such as Joksan Redonda, before being dumped out by eventual finalist MaestroSquad. It was a thrilling game that ended 13-12(1) and Shellzz can feel hard done by to have not gone further.

With this performance, he moves up to 23rd in the rankings and with just over 1200 Points he massively improves his chances of going to the Global Series Playoffs.

He’ll be hoping this can be a springboard to recapturing the form that saw him competing for major trophies in the past.