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FIFA 19 Pro Season: Points System, Schedule, Global Series Information and much more - Esportsranks
FIFA 19 Pro Season: Points System, Schedule, Global Series Information and much more

The FIFA 19 Pro season has kicked off and with it a raft of changes. The new season could be considered FIFA esports v2 such are the changes to the league.

There is now a Global Leaderboard where players from both consoles are ranked according to their performance throughout the year.

The way it will work is players will accrue points through the Weekend League, Live events like FUT Champions and from the now integrated Domestic Leagues including the brand new ePremier League.

It is going to be an exciting time for fans and players alike with more live events, greater opportunities to participate and the best players making it to the FIFA eWorld Cup, the pinnacle of the sport.

How To Get Involved

If you want to compete in the FIFA 19 Global Series there is a couple of things you’re going to have to do. You must register on FUTChampions.com by October 31st 2018, and register for the FIFA Global Series. The next task is to become FUT Champions Verified which will make you eligible to earn Global Series points. To become FUT Champions verified you must win 27 games during the online Weekend League.  This can be done at any time during the season but take note: players are already earning points and attempting to qualify for tournaments so you will want to get started as soon as possible.

Now your FUT champions verified your goal is to earn as many points as you can. They can be earned through the Weekend League, or at live events like the FUT Champions Cup or a number of licensed qualifiers run throughout the year but more about that later.

The Point System

Global Series Playoffs FUT Champions Cup Licensed Qualifying Events and Official Partner Leagues Other Licensed Leagues


FUT Champions (Wins/Weekend) Points
1st 1800
1st 1500
2nd 1080
2nd 1st 850
3rd-4th 720
3rd-4th 625
5th-8th 540
5-8th 2nd 450
9-16th 350
3rd-4th 315
17-32nd 9th-16th 275
33rd-64th 1st 200
17th-32nd 5th-8th 150
9th-16th 2nd 110
33rd+ 17th-32nd 3rd-4th 80
33rd+ 5th-8th 40
9th-16th 20
27+ wins 10

So here is the points system in all its glory. 

What is most striking about the new point based system is how heavily weighted the live events are. It would be impossible to find yourself invited to the Global Series playoffs if you only played the Weekend League. This is good for the sport, players who perform well at live events should be rewarded. With these changes, the idea of FIFA being an invite esport will be consigned to the bin.

It will also be good to see players who perform well in their domestic seasons be recognized. The top players have been quietly winning their domestic leagues with little fanfare. By incorporating them into the Series these achievements won’t go unnoticed. The leagues represented will be the Bundesliga, Eredivisie, LaLiga, Ligue 1, MLS, and the recently announced ePremier League.

In June the top 60 players from Xbox and Playstaion leaderboards will be invited to the Global Series Playoffs. Of those 60, 16 from each console will take their place at the FIFA eWorld Cup. Take note though, it is not a direction qualification it is ultimately the leaderboard that will decide who goes to the FeWC. If that seems confusing take this example. A player is 1st in the Playstation leaderboard going into the Global Series, but at the event, he performs horribly and finishes dead last. He could still go to the FeWC if his total points put him at least 16th on the leaderboard.

The Schedule

FIFA 19 Pro Season

The number of live events has increased massively this year.

The first thing you will notice is just how many events there is this year.

From two FUT Champions Cups last year to six. The FUT Champions Cup are the Major’s of FIFA and are the foundations of the FIFA esport calender. Starting in November we will have one a month which will really build up the momentum throughout the season. Stories will emerge and individual events won’t feel like one-offs but part of a bigger story.

We of course also have the FIFA eClub World Cup where players compete as a pair over two legs and the introduction of a brand new FIFA eNations Cup. No information has been released so far. But it could be cool to see the no.1 player from each country representing their homeland? It’s certainly at an interesting time in the season. Points gained for these tournaments hasn’t been released yet but expect them to be similar to licensed qualifiers.

Licensed qualifiers will be run by ESL and Gfinity with the first one confirmed to be the ESL Playstation Continental Cup on Oct 26-28. It’s good to see these tournaments being incorporated into the official calendar as this will give more players the chance to show their talent.

There is also more Playstaion events than Xbox this year with as yet unannounced ‘Playstaion only’ event still to be scheduled.

FIFA Online 4 which mainly serves the Asian market is also involved with two separate qualifiers – dubbed the Champions Cup. Could the winner possibly be announced in time for the eNations Cup? We’ll keep you posted.

Most of these tournaments have an online qualification aspect if you wish to get involved more information can be found here.

The Domestic Leagues

FIFA 19 Pro Season

Newly incorporated leagues are going to bring fresh eyes to the sport.

A number of Domestic Leagues have been brought into the FIFA esport eco-system. More leagues are being added all the time with the most recent being the Danish eSuperLiga and the Saudi Arabian League. These will join the Bundesliga, Eredivisie, LaLiga, Ligue 1, MLS, and the brand new ePremier League.

All of these leagues will earn players points in the Global Series so the attention on them will be markedly different from previous years. A lot of these leagues also have the backing of broadcasters in their home countries. For instance, the ePremier League finals will be shown live on Sky Sports and similar deals are in the offing for the eSuperLiga and Bundesliga.

This is good news for the sport for two reasons. Firstly, many more players will be signed to organizations and they will be mainly traditional football clubs. This will give massive exposure to players and bring in a lot more fans to the sport. Now you will be able to follow Liverpool F.C and the player representing them throughout an entire season. Something that should excite anyone involved in the sport.

Things To Look Out For

msdossary fifa eworld cup champion

What console players play on could have a big effect on earnings.

The first FUT Champions Cup will be when the fun really begins. Online qualification takes place on the 20th and 21st of October so expect it to be mid-late November.

How qualification works for the eClub World Cup becomes interesting as players who aren’t signed to clubs won’t have a chance to compete. Unless there is a qualification and then draft system but this doesn’t seem feasible. And with points now given to domestic leagues could we see players moving to play for top clubs in say the Bundesliga? A serious player won’t want to miss out on points by not participating in a national league.

We could also see more top players migrate to Playstation. For the simple reason that there are more tournaments set for that console. With an as yet unscheduled one having one of the biggest prizes of the year with 1st place taking home $100,000.

Whatever happens be sure to check in with Esportranks for all the latest news on the FIFA Pro scene.

So what do you think of the new season? Will the increased calendar bring in new audiences? What about the ePremier League? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.