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FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup qualifying results - Esportsranks
FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup qualifying results

As the final weekend in November comes and goes, we open up this cyber Monday with the final results from the FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup first qualifying month. There are some big surprises on both consoles, with some big names missing out, and some “unknowns” making it in.


In this year’s revamped edition of the FIFA esports cup, a new format saw millions of competitors worldwide compete this month to try and qualify for 64 spots available on each console. The competition takes into global ranking this year, making it even harder for ROW candidates to make it to the grand stage.

VfL Megabit went absolute beastmode, not only being the only person to complete the month on Xbox undefeated at 160-0, but also finishing on the PS4 division at 158-2. That’s a combined 318-2 record for the month. Incredible! It is unsure if EA, organisers of the Cup event, will allow him to compete on both consoles. If so, he would probably pick the Xbox division, meaning that spot would go to the 65th qualified player.

FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup xbox division

Image courtesy futwiz.com

Always the bridesmaid never the bride?

Sticking to the Xbox division, reigning FIWC Champion, Gorilla Unilad, qualified for the FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup, albeit in 26th place. What is interesting, however, is that his coach and former teammate, Dragonn, qualified in 5th. While qualifying results aren’t a surefire way of predicting how someone will perform at the actual event, it does give insight into form of the player. With such a high qualifying spot, Dragonn, now with team Lightning Pandas, will hope to carry this form into the event in January.

Is the world ready?

This qualifying month saw FIFA’s bad boy Kurt qualify from the Xbox division in 10th place. While we only saw a glimpse of his ability last year at the FIWC qualifiers, we are hoping that having a full run in a FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup event will give him the running room needed to shine. That, or we are all just secretly hoping he will get some camera time again.

FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup ps4 division

Image courtesy futwiz.com

FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup – Servergate

Some readers might not know, but FIFA 18 FUT Champions matches are played on dedicated centralised servers. This year, it seems that EA has beefed up the Germany server farm and is running most (if not all) of the FUT Champions matches thru there. This is leading to some FIFA 18 personalities claiming it gives an unfair advantage. Until EA releases an official statement (don’t keep your hopes up), it’s all just conjecture. What is apparent, is that German players are dominating the scene at the moment. The country claimed the top 3 of the Xbox division, and 3 of the top 10 in the PS4 division.


  • Hashtag will be represented by new signing Hashtag Agge, and Hashtag Harry.
  • PSG esports will be represented by PSG Daxe, and unknown PSG Fiddle
  • FUTWIZ will be represented by FUTWIZ Honeybadger and FUTWIZ Dubzje
  • xShellz Unilad showed his form by qualifying first overall in the PS4 division.
  • FIWC 17 runner up Deto qualified in 40th place
  • There are only 5 ROW qualifiers from a possible 128 spots
  • Olympique Lyonnaise’s Rafsou finished just out, in the 65th spot, but may still qualify if people above him are dropped due to cheating, unavailability, or other reasons
  • The player formerly known as Hashtag Tass qualified in 30th place


Results are NOT final and may still change.