FIFA 18 First Look: Ronaldo Stars, will the FIFA 18 eSports scene too?

The internet momentarily blew up yesterday as EA SPORTS dropped their near minute long teaser video. The montage featured Ronaldo in full flight dribbling thru defenders before being cynically taken out by a tackle. The subsequent 90th minute free kick could mean only one thing. Ronaldo’s celebration was quickly followed by what we were waiting for – the official game announcement. More about that, FIFA 18 ICONS (what are those???), and FIFA 18 eSports after the official video.

Confirmed is early access for special edition pre-orders, for ALL current generation platforms. The official release date is the 29th of September, with early access starting 3 days before. However, the biggest announcement came on the site, where it is confirmed that LEGENDS will now be called ICONS, and available also on ALL current generation platforms.



The first of the FIFA 18 ICONS confirmed is the original Ronaldo. The Brazilian’s arrival to the series has been a long awaited by many fans. While there has not been any official announcement about FIFA 18 ICONS, we can assume that all previous legends will make it into this iteration of the game. They will be joined by the new stars, of which some have been leaked. Rumours of Beckham, Henry and others will be proven true of false closer to when the game launches.

What about the FIFA 18 eSports scene

With the announcement that PS4 will also include FIFA 18 ICONS, where does this leave the professional players? Initial reaction on twitter has been that unless there is a major reason to leave XBOX, most will stay on that console. The deciding factor will be exactly how the FIFA 18 ICONS are integrated into the game. If ICONS simply replaces legends, and equally available on all platform – we can suspect that the pros will not be migrating en mass from XBOX.

Reasons range from the better controller grip and easier weekend league competition, to even being able to access the game an addition few days earlier with EA ACCESS. We have seen clearly this year that the best players are on XBOX, will this be the case for FIFA 18 eSports?

FIFA 17 provided arguably the best year ever for FIFA eSports, and looking forward to next year the FIFA 18 eSports scene looks to be even bigger.


Final Thoughts

There is much to be taken away from this announcement and website information. Legends, FIFA 18 ICONS, and more – but what can we do with it all? Well, basically nothing until more is revealed. EA PLAY occurs in a few days, and we can be sure that more info will be streaming out from that event. Stay tuned!