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FIFA 17 - Esportsranks

FIFA 17 Latest News

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What is FIFA 17?

FIFA 17 is the latest installment in the all-time favorite football game FIFA. From the early 2000’s FIFA has become a staple for sports games and to this has one the strongest online and offline followings. FIFA 17 is no exception and lives up to the standards of its predecessors by delivering a truly unique eSport gaming experience.FIFA 17 introduces new offline game features such as story driven narrative that mimics the life of a Football player which is grounded in reality rather well. Considering it’s one of the most popular eSport games, the online features have seen many changes as well. FIFA 17 features multiple new formations, attacking techniques, and a smarter AI to give you the challenge you want. FIFA 17 also brings Women’s Football into the game along with new licenses and graphics to reinvent the game by building on what made the previous installments so great.

FIFA 17 Tournaments & Events

Considering FIFA 17 is played by millions of players throughout the world, there are countless tournaments and competitions always underway. There’s a high chance that there’s soon going to be an online tournament in the region you live for FIFA 17. Out of the countless FIFA 17 Tournaments the most prominent and influential FIFA 17 tournament is The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC17) which is held every year.Qualifications for the FIWC17 start from November 2016 and last till April 2017 throughout the world, where people have a chance to compete in their own regions. After gaining qualifications through playing regional matches it’s off to the Road to London Qualification Tournament.

Road to London

After passing through online qualifications, players will be required to go against each other in regional tournaments to compete for one of the 32 seats. The main purpose of this tournament is for players to qualify for the FIWC17 Grand Final in London which can done by winning in either of these:

  • Ultimate Team Championship Series
  • FIWC Regional Final EUROPE
  • FIWC Regional Final AMERICAS
  • FIWC Regional Final ROW
  • FIFA Interactive Club World Cup

FIWC Regionals

Players that have maintained their ranking in the accumulated regional leaderboard between February to April get a chance to play in the FIWC Regional in their area. These players will face off in a knockout style tournament to determine the few that will take part in the FIWC17 Grand Final in London.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship

This is a brand new competition feature which include two two-month long seasons to qualify for the finals through the game. The eight best players (4 Xbox and & 4 PS4) will automatically qualify for the FIWC17 Grand Final in London.

FIFA Interactive Club World Cup

Another new competition features which has actual Football players from real Football clubs. The best Football Clubs will face off against each other on the virtual pitch and the winners of each division (PS4 & Xbox) will get the chance to play in the grand finals!

The FIWC17 Grand Final

32 Finalist that have been qualified through the above tournaments and in-game qualifications will be playing in the FIWC17 Grand Final. These 32 players will be divided in to two divisions 16 for Xbox and 16 for PS4. The event FIFA 17 Grand Final Features a massive sum as Prize Money which has not been disclosed as of now but going by last year’s prize pool, we can expect it to be a mind-blowing sum.