Breaking : Brazilian players not making it to FIFA 17 Vancouver regionals due to paperwork mixup

Brazilian Players not going to Vancouver

Information making the rounds in online forums is that some Brazilian players, including Wendell Lira who is a former football player, Puskas award winner, and one of the top FIFA players in the world, will not join the upcoming FIFA 17 Vancouver regionals due to missing paperwork.

Apparently, EA has failed to send in invitation letters to the consulate in order for the travelers to be granted visas. Failing to send the paperwork is can be comically compared to Real Madrid failing to turn on their fax machine for the De Gea transfer last summer. It seems like EA SPORTS is not only simulating the gameplay, but also the cockery around it in real life.

For those who understand Portuguese, Wendell explains this in this video here.

This is another in a series of mess-ups done by EA sports. Another player, Kurt0411, legitimately qualified for the Madrid regionals, but due to his nationality was not able to enter. Kurt is from Malta, which is a fully-fledged country within the EU. Why Malta and it’s citizens are not eligible to qualify for regional tournaments is still unknown to this day. Even worse, if they are unable to qualify, why let them attempt to do so in the first place? Kurt has been very vocal about this mess-up, and rightly so.

Esports ready?

Those who watched the first regionals in Paris may also remember the power outage in the finals. Power outages, missing paperwork, legitimately qualifying players not being allowed to go, what’s next for EA SPORTS and their fledgling foray into esports?

The FIFA 17 Vancouver regionals are due to take place this weekend, starting on Friday the 21st with the rest of the world competition. This was originally published to be on April 8th in Singapore but without explanation was moved to Vancouver. The Americas regionals will take place the next day on Saturday the 22nd of April.


Will FIFA 17 ever be esports ready? Yes. When? Who knows.


Stay tuned for Esportsranks’s coverage of the regionals this weekend.