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MSDOSSARY7 claims the FIFA 17 ROW Regionals Overall Champion Title! - Esportsranks
MSDOSSARY7 claims the FIFA 17 ROW Regionals Overall Champion Title!

The FIFA 17 ROW Regionals Overall Champion


MSDOSSARY7 started the day in Vancouver as the heavy favourite and made sure everyone who bet on him were rewarded by taking the overall FIFA 17 ROW Regionals title. He absolutely smashed all his competition, without dropping a single game all day. His opponent in the grand finale was FIFANTOMCR from Japan, who is the PS4 champion of the day.

The first game of two was played on the Xbox console as MSDOSSARY7 won the coin toss and wanted to play at home first. He opened the scoring with an expertly done Ronaldo fake shot after the ball was passed around the box and to him from a corner. The second goal of the game was almost identical, but instead of coming from a corner came from the center of the pitch. A few passes led up to Ronaldo getting it in the box and burying it.

After the half MSDOSSARY7 caught out FIFANTOMCR with a few counterattacks. The first one saw Messi 1-on-1 with the keep who pulled out a miraculous save. The next counterattack though was put away by Ronaldo, who claimed his hat trick. The game at this point is 3-0 and looks like all is lost. FIFANTOMCR had other plans, as he pulled one back right away with a Ronaldo goal to bring the match to 3-1. In the end that is how the first match ended.

Game 2

In the second match, on the PS4, FIFANTOMCR knew he had a slim chance to take the title. He needed to win by at least 2-0 to take the title, due to his away goal. MSDOSSARY7 poked and prodded all throughout the first half, forcing some very good saves from De Gea. FIFANTOMCR’s counterattacks all fell apart in the final 3rd. Halftime came at 0-0 and FIFANTOMCR knew he had to change his tactics and be more attacking.

After the break FIFANTOMCR came out with 3 in the back – clearly chasing those goals he desperately needs. Although he started brightly, FIFANTOMCR was undone by a Marcelo goal midway through the second half. With that goal went all realistic chance for FIFANTOMCR to come back, and cemented the title firmly in MSDOSSARY7’s hands.

Xbox Champion



MSDOSSARY7 took the FIFA 17 ROW regionals Xbox champion title by beating JETMRKEN 3-0 in the Finals. JETMRKEN started off brightly and had a shot blocked in the first few minutes, and continued to pile on the pressure. MSDOSSARY7 started to wrestle control back and was rewarded in the 25th minute when Suarez placed his shot superbly in the corner of the goal. The control was firmly with MSDOSSARY7 until half-time.

After the half again MSDOSSARY7 kept the ball and continued to work it towards the box. In minute 54 his Ronaldo smashed the ball into the back of the net from outside the box. The match was over in the 80th when Messi scored with his magnificent left foot with a shot that went across goal and into the back of the net. MSDOSSARY7 claimed the FIFA 17 ROW regionals xbox title without dropping a single game and scoring a massive amount of goals.

PS4 Champion



FIFANTOMCR laboured to a win in the PS4 finals in Vancouver. Coming into the match as the favourite, FIFANTOMCR was expect to make short work of SAMER96_. The match however was not as straightforward as most people expected.

FIFANTOMCR hit the floor running and hit the post in the 7th minute with Ronaldo. The first half was a back and forth affair, with SAMER smashing a shot straight to the keeper with Marcelo just before half time. After the break both players brought on Suarez to their teams.

The deadlock was broken in the 65th minute when FIFANTOMCR scored with Griezmann after a mad scramble in the box. SAMER tried to equalise in the 78th minute with a direct FK, which was saved. The rest of the match was uneventful as FIFANTOMCR expertly held off his opponent to claim the FIFA 17 ROW regionals PS4 title.

FIFA 17 Americas Regionals

The FIFA 17 Americas regionals will take place tomorrow, April 22, at 17.45 CEST. You can watch it live on EA’s Twitch. If you are looking for the Brazilians however, they are not attending as there was a major cockup with the documents they needed in order to travel. Read about what happened in this article.

A tournament without Brazilians? What a shame.

Check back tomorrow for our coverage of the Americas regionals.