GUASTELLA wins title in the FIFA 17 Americas Regionals

Meet your FIFA 17 Americas Regionals Overall Champion – XGUASTELLAX

Clear fan favourite GUASTELLA has been crowned the FIFA 17 Americas Regionals champion after a tense final battle. The two finalists, even tho fan and pundit favourites, had a laboured path to the finals. GUASTELLA almost didn’t make it out of the Xbox group stages, going into the third game of the group stage with one win and one draw. He desperately needed to win the final game of the group stage to continue, which he thankfully did.

On the other side of the coin, PS4 player and pundit favourite NYC_CHRIS made it to the final through a more laborious route. CHRIS lost his third match in the knockout rounds, but due to the format of the tournament, it meant that he went into the loser bracket and had a second chance. He eventually made it to the finals, being the first person ever in the series to make it from the loser bracket to the finals.

The day was punctuated by the lack of the Brazilian competitors, who were unable to travel due to a paperwork mixup. You can read about that in our coverage here.

Game 1

FIFA 17 Americas Regionals

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GUASTELLA showed what he’s made of by quickly taking the lead in the 11th minute of the first game. Being played on his home console, Xbox, GUASTELLA knew taking an early lead would put him in a commanding position for the whole finals. 7 minutes later GUASTELLA again scores with Messi smashing his kick expertly in the top corner. His 2-0 lead was short lived however, with CHRIS coming back in the 23rd minute with Ronaldo tapping the ball in from short range following a corner. Grabbing an away goal was important for CHRIS to stay relevant in the tie. CHRIS would’ve hoped to keep the match at 2-1 going into halftime but GUASTELLA scored a scrappy goal towards the end of the half to make it 3-1 at the break.

GUASTELLA starts the second half in complete control, but unfortunately could not break the deadlock early on. Scoring one more would be the deathblow against CHRIS. The Xbox champion continued to bang on the door coming close a few times but the game ended 3-1.

Game 2

NYC_CHRIS only needed to win this game 2-0 in order to be crowned FIFA 17 Americas regionals champion and both competitors knew this. CHRIS had a good chance to achieve this as the game was played on his home console – the PS4.

The game started without any legends, but with a clear kit clash. NYC_CHRIS was in his team’s light blue jersey and GUASTELLA in a darker shade of blue. Somehow, in the first few minutes of the game, GUASTELLA’s kit instantly changed into his normal USA team jersey. Could it have been a glitch or proof of EA meddling in active games?

The kit controversy didn’t stop CHRIS from his objective of scoring two goals, and in the 6th minute he had a spectacular Suarez volley blocked. CHRIS kept up with his resolute defending and had a few chances, some coming from Lewandowski who hasn’t features much in this championship series. The half ended 0-0 but with CHRIS clearly on the front foot.

The second half kicked off with some attacking changed made by CHRIS who was looking for that all important first goal. Ronaldo hit the woodwork on the 57th minute and CHRIS kept up his relentless pressure. A few corners right after leads to CHRIS’s Ramos heading over the bar. CHRIS’s pressure was rewarded with a goal in the 88th minute. GUASTELLA immediately switches his tactic to ultra defensive. While the crowd wanted an exciting finish to the match, GUASTELLA was having none of it and calmly kept control of the ball until the final whistle. The match ended 1-0 to NYC_CHRIS, 3-2 on aggregate to champion XGUASTELLAX.

FIFA 17 Americas Regionals takeaway

FIFA 17 Americas Regionals

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While PS4 FIFA 17 pros always have a strong showing, its clear that the better players are on Xbox, with all 5 regionals champions so far coming from that console. “The Godfather” of FIFA, GUASTELLA, overcame a shaky group stage to claim the overall championship and cement his spot in Berlin.

The next stop in the tour is in Madrid for the FIFA 17 EU Regionals on the 6th of May. Esportsranks will cover that event live as it happens.

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