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FaZe Clan Win ECS Grand Finals and 250000$ - Esportsranks
FaZe Clan Win ECS Grand Finals and 250000$

Season 4 of the Esports Championship Series ended with FaZe Clan predictably claiming the trophy. What wasn’t predictable, however, was how hard that final battle was for FaZe Clan. FaZe Clan may have walked away with a victory, but mousesports made their path to that victory such a tough battle that it was obvious to everyone that if fate and fortune had favored mousesports, they could easily have won the title, to the everlasting dishonor of the supposedly-redoubtable FaZe. All told, mousesports showed some very good gameplay here, and Oscar played quite as well as GuardiaN.

The initial bans and picks

It was a best of three match, and mousesports got the chance to ban first. They banned Overpass, which was a very wise choice. FaZe Clan didn’t take any chances, and banned Cobblestone, since that is just about their worst map. Mousesports then picked their best map, Nuke, and FaZe Clan picked Inferno. Mousesports then banned Cache. But FaZe then banned Train, and Mirage remained, which also happens to be a map that FaZe Clan excel at. In the end, FaZe Clan managed to get two maps in which they were considerably stronger than mousesports, those maps being Inferno and Mirage.

FaZe go Tactical

Image Credit: ECS

Mousesports went on to prove their invincibility in Nuke

FaZe Clan started out as terrorists and won the first pistol round. They also managed to win the next round by successfully detonating the bomb. They then won the third round, since mousesports were still short on cash and were saving for the next round. Round four was a game changer, however, as mousesports successfully defused the bomb, solving a good deal of their financial difficulties. In the next round, mousesports won again, by eliminating all FaZe Clan’s players. Mousesports were now playing in superb form, and gave FaZe no chance of staging a comeback in the next six rounds. The first half ended with mousesports winning eleven rounds, and FaZe Clan just four.

FaZe Clan came back hard in the second half

They once again won the first three rounds. With that, mousesports had won eleven rounds to FaZe Clan’s seven. At this point, FaZe really had a chance of turning the match around. Unfortunately for them, mousesports stopped them in round nineteen, and won the next three rounds in series. Now mousesports only needed two more rounds to win Nuke. But FaZe Clan were not ready to give up, and caught mousesports off guard to win round twenty, and the next two rounds as well. Mousesports managed to win a round in between, but they were shut down by FaZe Clan in the next round after that.

Karrigan and his team kept eliminating mousesports’ members, and took the match to round thirty. Here mousesports needed a single win to take Nuke, and FaZe Clan needed it to go into overtime. The round was very closely fought, but mousesports succeeded in taking it, and kept their dominance over Nuke. This actually wasn’t a bad showing for FaZe Clan, because they played very well despite Nuke being one of their weak maps. Oskar was the star of the match with quad and triple kills, and also became the most valued player for the match. Oskar never plays with sniper rifles in Nuke, and always plays much better than anybody else in this map. To be honest, Oskar plays brilliantly when he doesn’t go AWP, and mousesports are not using him at his full potential when they push him into an AWP role.

Mousesports in the ECS Finals

Image Credit: ECS

FaZe Clan then almost lost Inferno

In the first half in Inferno, mousesports started out as terrorists and not only won the round but won it by successfully detonating the bomb. This boosted their economy, and they decided to go for a buy in the second round. This pushed them into a series of wins until round five. But FaZe Clan built up their finances, hitting back hard in round six, defusing the bomb and further boosting their cash reserves. Faze won seven rounds in series after this before mousesports hit back to take the three remaining rounds. Mousesports had a lead of one round at the end of the first half.

In the second half, the pistol round was won by FaZe Clan, but they failed to capitalize on their advantage in the next two rounds. In round nineteen, FaZe Clan struck hard, and then began to push back at mousesports, winning three rounds in succession. But mousesports went on the defensive, and successfully defused the bomb. They managed to kill all FaZe Clan’s players in the next two rounds as well. The match was very close, and mousesports just needed three more rounds to win, while FaZe Clan needed five. FaZe Clan decided on a rush to take mousesports by surprise. It worked, and they went on to successfully plant the bomb three times.

Mousesports still needed three rounds to win

However, FaZe Clan now needed only two. Well aware of the situation, mousesports played a very close game, eliminating individual members of FaZe Clan and equalizing the score. Both the teams had enough cash at this point for a full equip, and FaZe Clan won the round by detonating the bomb. Had FaZe managed to win the last round they would have taken the match, but mousesports massacred them to take the match into overtime.

Overtime has no cash crunch, and both teams can go for a full equip. It seems both teams were equally matched, since each won three rounds out of six in overtime. This took the match into a second overtime, and this time FaZe dominated. They won all the rounds as counter terrorists in the first half, and won the first round as terrorists in the second half, so that mousesports never had a chance.  Oscar and suNny played very well, but rain and GuardiaN dominated them in the overtime rounds. Rain became the most valued player in the match.While FaZe did win the match, we really expected better of them, since Inferno is one of their best maps. FaZe didn’t seem to ‘play like FaZe’ until the second overtime.

FaZe Clan destroys mousesports in the ECS Finals

Image Credit: ECS

Mousesports made history in Mirage

Mousesports are supposed to be ill at ease in Mirage, while FaZe Clan is supposed to be almost unstoppable in this map. FaZe were off to a powerful start by winning the first three rounds as counter terrorists. But mousesports then took all the key positions on the map and killed off FaZe Clan one by one. This turned the tables, and mousesports then went on to win the next six rounds. FaZe Clan wisely decided on a tactical pause at this point. This really worked for them, and they defeated mousesports in round ten, and went on to win two more rounds. Well, mousesports adapted quickly, and took back their lead by winning round thirteen and fourteen. The first half ended, surprisingly enough, with mousesports leading once again by one round.

Things were looking bad once again for FaZe Clan, but they pushed into the lead in the second half by winning the first three rounds. Mousesports saved on cash to stage a comeback in round nineteen, and then went on to win the next five rounds in series. But FaZe Clan ultimately pushed back into the lead with five wins in succession. Now FaZe Clan required just one more round to win the league, while mousesports needed to win two rounds to push the match into overtime. FaZe once again failed to match their legend, and mousesports took the match into overtime.

Mousesports nearly kill the legendary FaZe Clan

Image Credit: ECS

No one really expected mousesports to stand up to FaZe Clan so decisively

Mousesports took the first two rounds as counter terrorists. But that was as far as they could go. It seems FaZe really get down to some serious domination in overtime, because they took the next three rounds as counter terrorists, putting down mousesports hard and winning the championship. However, all told, it was a most disappointing performance by FaZe, and is bound to impact their reputation. Mousesports, on the other hand, played brilliantly for a team going up against a team of FaZe Clan’s reputation.

FaZe did exceptionally well in overtime, else the result of this event could even have been ascribed to random chance. How well mousesports played can be seen by the fact that suNny was the most valued player in the last match. Mousesports have massively boosted their reputation, and ended the year on a fine note, despite a loss, and not many teams could say that. Rain was the most valued player in the combined matches, with oskar coming in second best, and olofmeister making third place. FaZe do end the year on a good note, and, as we predicted a little earlier, do take home the prize for this event.

FaZe Clan end the year with a Championship

Image Credit: ECS

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