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FaZe Clan Vs SK Gaming, an Epic Finale in the EPL - Esportsranks
FaZe Clan Vs SK Gaming, an Epic Finale in the EPL

Well folks, here’s the match we’ve been waiting for all year, as two super-teams face off in the Finals of the ESL Pro League. Yes, it’s FaZe Clan Vs SK Gaming in an epic finale that should blow gaming history right out of the water, and start a new timeline in CS:GO. Who will win here? No one could possibly tell, because these two mega-rosters are utterly well matched, and are going to do their best to crush each other. It’s the ultimate battle of Titans.

SK Gaming have already won three Major leagues and five Premier leagues this year. Out of those, one Major and Premier league were won by the current team roster, which now includes ‘boltz’. On the other hand, FaZe Clan have won one Major and three Premier leagues, out of which two Premier Leagues were won by the current roster. While this is SK Gaming’s last event of the year, FaZe Clan will still be taking part in Season 4 of the ECS. Each team obviously has an extremely dominating roster. However, which of those rosters has the best chance to win these Grand Finals?

These teams’ performances in the EPL

Both FaZe Clan and SK Gaming excelled in their groups, winning four out of five matches, as well as defeating their opponents in the first two matches in the Semifinals. FaZe Clan have played Mirage thrice with no losses, which makes Mirage their best map. Overpass is their second best map, with two wins and no losses, followed by Train, with one win. Inferno is their worst map here, with one loss and no wins.

SK Gaming’s best map is Overpass with no losses in three matches played. Cache is their second best map, with two wins and no losses. Cobblestone is SK Gaming’s third best map, with one win, while Mirage is their worst map, with a loss. As the Final will be a best of five series, the team with the largest map pool has the advantage. Out of seven maps, in a best of five series, just two maps will be banned. The order of picks will also be crucial to this event, as a best of five can end in just three matches.

How each team is doing with their current roster

Both SK Gaming and FaZe Clan have won seventy percent of their LAN matches with their current rosters.  SK Gaming have a one hundred percent win rate in Cobblestone, as compared to FaZe Clan’s zero percent win rate. This makes Cobblestone FaZe Clan’s weakest map, and they would do well to use their single ban to eliminate it. The same goes for SK Gaming in Nuke, as they have never played Nuke with their new roster. However, FaZe themselves only have a thirty percent win rate in Nuke, which could hardly be called dominating the map.

FaZe Clan Vs SK Gaming - ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals

Both teams have a fifty percent chance to win in Cache when faced off against each other, which is pretty balanced. The same goes for Overpass, where FaZe have a fifty six percent chance against SK. FaZe Clan have the upper hand in Mirage and Inferno, with a sixty percent chance to win against SK Gaming. SK Gaming, on the other hand, dominate in Train, with a sixty nine percent chance of winning against FaZe.

Summing up the chances in FaZe Clan Vs SK Gaming

FaZe Clan have a better win rate in four maps, namely, Overpass, Mirage, Inferno and Nuke, while SK Gaming dominate in two maps, Cobblestone and Train. In Cache, both teams are equally matched. There is good chance that Cobblestone and Nuke will be banned. The odds favor FaZe Clan, but FaZe have lost against SK Gaming at such odds in previous events. For those who would wager on FaZe Clan’s winning this event, the odds are currently running at 0.9 on FaZe Clan. This match, between two super-teams, is very chancy, and it might be advisable to enjoy a battle between two top teams, rather than staking hard earned money on the outcome.

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