FaZe Clan to Loan Karrigan to EnVy CSGO for Americas Minor

FaZe Clan have formally agreed to loan their former IGL, Finn ‘karrigan‘ Anderson, to complete the new EnVy CSGO roster for the Americas Minor.

Team Envy confirmed the news just as the calendar year turned from 2018 to 2019. The move will signal the end of the four-month long tenure of stand-in Matt ‘Pollo‘ Wilson for the EnVy CSGO roster.

karrigan, who has spent the better part of the past two years with FaZe Clan, was benched by the organization earlier this month. This comes after the organization decided to switch things up and hand over the leadership reigns to Nikola ‘NiKo‘ Kovač, a move that saw them post impressive wins, including a championship run at EPICENTER 2018 over Natus Vincere.

With karrigan now officially on loan, the onus is on FaZe Clan to announce his replacement. So far, the team has yet to make an official announce. However, rumor has it that the team is eyeing Dauren ‘AdreN‘ Kystaubayev to join the active roster and replace NiKo as the team’s in-game leader.

What Does Karrigan’s Arrival Mean for EnVy CSGO?


With an IGL like karrigan on the roster, Team Envy’s AWPer, Josh “jdm64” Marzano, could do even better at the Americas Minor. (Team Envy)

FaZe Clan’s earlier benching of karrigan put the entire CS:GO scene on notice; very few roster spots was safe so long as karrigan effectively remained a free agent. However, the expected premium placed on buying out karrigan’s contract with FaZe Clan may have forced a lot of interested teams to think twice about whether or not picking him up made financial sense.

karrigan joining the EnVy CSGO roster, even if only for the Americas Minor, is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

For karrigan, it’s a low-risk move that allows him to prove himself as an in-game leader. The low expectations could allow him and his new team to turn a lot of heads come the Minor. Meanwhile, for FaZe Clan, it prevents them from losing karrigan to an actual rival. Finally, for Team EnVy, having karrigan on board is a huge improvement to their previous roster. At the same time, having someone like karrigan on board also allows them to plan out their moves for the future.

karrigan’s leadership skills and strategies helped transform FaZe Clan into a solid top-five team throughout his tenure. Though temporary, he will look to try and replicate that formula with Team Envy at the Americans Minor as they try to qualify for the Major.

Is joining the EnVy CSGO roster the right move for karrigan? Do you think he could’ve done better? Who do you think FaZe Clan will bring in to replace their former leader? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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