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FaZe Clan stage a comeback in Intel Extreme Masters - Esportsranks
FaZe Clan stage a comeback in Intel Extreme Masters

From the point when FaZe Clan assembled their new roster, it looked as if they were fated to dominate the CS:GO universe. With a string of lethal victories in which they decimated one top-tier team after another to reach the Finals of each event, then taking those Finals with a similarly easy victory. This happened at ESL One this year, and then again in the EPICENTER Closed Qualifier. They won the ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier with the same classic brutality, and took first place at the EPICENTER Wildcard.

They won forty five matches out of fifty seven played, losing just twelve matches. That gave this team a win-rate of an astonishing seventy nine percent, which was incredible by any standards. They were indeed a ‘super team‘.

EPICENTER Moscow was ‘kryptonite’ to this super team.

Actually, that’s putting it mildly. EPICENTER Moscow was a disaster for FaZe. It was utter humiliation and destruction in the group encounters themselves. In their first encounter there, FaZe were bested by Gambit Esports in the first of a best of three match. They hit back in Inferno, but Gambit hit back hard as well in the next match, Cache. The match went into overtime twice, and FaZe did ultimately win, but the match was a forerunner of things to come.


Image Credit: EPICENTER

The next day FaZe Clan faced SK Gaming, losing disastrously. Not only did they lose the first match, but in the next one, which was Overpass, FaZe Clan were able to win just two rounds. However, FaZe Clan’s losses for the day were not done. They then went up against mousesports in the fourth season of the ECS, and were crushed again. The next day Virtus.pro wandered in for their matches against FaZe, and seeing that it was ‘hit the superteam week,’ pushed FaZe right out of EPICENTER. The matches didn’t even go into overtime.

That was only the beginning of a losing streak for FaZe Clan

It goes without saying that EPICENTER was heartbreaking for FaZe. They left Moscow quietly immediately after the group matches, disregarding demands by the EPICENTER management that they stay for signing and photo sessions with fans. FaZe then moved on to play their matches in the fourth season of the ECS, taking on Team EnVyUS. They won one match, but lost the next one. That wasn’t the end. Three days later, FaZe had lost to Fnatic. In around nineteen days, FaZe had lost twelve out of twenty five matches played. Their over-all win-rate was down to seventy percent. FaZe were still a dominating team, but they were definitely under a cloud.

Intel Extreme Masters is FaZe’s chance for a comeback.

ESL One New York 2017

Image Credit: ESL

They’ve been doing their best, and the first team to fall before them were G2 Esports. G2 have proven themselves in the past to be the equals of FaZe, but FaZe were out for blood, and decimated them in their face-off. The next team to fall were OpTic Gaming, who were virtually steamrolled by FaZe. FaZe faced Renegades next. Renegades are certainly a team in the league of G2 Esports, and proved that here by going down into the dust before an enraged FaZe, just as they did earlier.

However, Gambit seem to be becoming the bane of FaZe Clan. FaZe’s fourth match was against Gambit, and the went down before them again. When they faced them in Mirage, FaZe were able to win just three rounds in the match. Gambit seems to have a counter for everything FaZe can throw at them. FaZe went on to face Team Liquid after this loss, and they won a decisive victory there. But their slew of losses against Gambit will hang over them until they finally and decisively defeat that team in CS:GO battle.

FaZe Clan have made it to the Semi Finals of Intel Extreme Masters, so they’re back, all right. In a manner of speaking. They’re back, but not in perfect form, just yet. On the other hand, if they actually win this event, they could certainly be said to be back in form. And if they face their nemesis Gambit in future, and win, they might even be thought undefeatable again, as people once thought them before.

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